15 JANUARY 1937

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A CERTAIN relaxation of tension marks the Spanish situation in both the military and the diplomatic spheres. The battle for Madrid, unsurpassed hitherto in this campaign for...

But the question of foreign intervention in Spain remains dominant.

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If the influx of German, Italian, French and Russian volunteers can be stopped, the internal fire will in time burn itself out and sooner or later mediation will become...

Mr. Roosevelt's Spring Cleaning President Roosevelt's attempt at an administrative

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organisation which will make—or may make—it possible for a President to do the work that a President has to do, will be viewed with sympathy everywhere outside the Capitol,...

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The Democracies of Europe

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Very considerable importance attaches to the statement made by the Dutch Prime Minister, Dr. Colijn, to the Seandinavian papers of last Saturday on closer union between the...

The Indian Elections

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The preparationS for the elections in India have gone largely unnoticed in this country, but the actual polling —in which an electorate of 30,000,000 will tote- for some 5,000...

The Arabs' Demands The Grand Mufti might be expected to

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put the Arab ease to the Royal Commission on Palestine at its highest, but the case which he actually did put is little calculated to advance the Arab cause. The official claim...

Labour Undiluted The National. Executive Committee of the Labour Party

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has taken the expected, it might almost be said the inevitable, decision regarding various " United Front and " Popular Front " proposals emanating from quarters to the Left and...

The Alexandretta Dispute The Franco-Turkish dispute over the Sanjak of

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Alexan- dretta has shown itself to be full of dangers ; but Turkey's excellent record in the conduct of international relations is an assurance that she will not try to solve...

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The Police and the Motorist

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- The decision of the Metropolitan Police to constitute itself officially the motorist's friend, even though it be a critieal and candid friend, has been welcomed by the...

Professor Henry Tonks

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A correspondent writes : The death last Friday of Professor Henry Tonks followed all too soon upon the exhibition of his work at the Tate Gallery last October. His loss will be...

America Today

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The programme announced by President Roosevelt as the Seventy-fifth Congress in the United States opens, lends peculiar importance to the internal and external policies of that...

Labour and the Depressed Areas

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• Since the end of November, when it began its work, the Labour Party's Special Areas Commission has visited South Wales, 1 the North-Eastern Area,- and Lancashire, and this...

Ships and Men

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The difficulties which face the British shipping industry in competition with subsidised foreign fleets 'have long provoked protests from British shipowners and others, and Mr....

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T HE Foreign Secretary on Tuesday delivered before the Foreign Press Association in London —most appropriate of audiences—a speech charged with an admirable clarity of purpose...

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N December of last year the Milk Reorganisation I ComMission, appointed to enquire into the working of the Milk Marketing schemes, published ComMission, appointed to enquire...

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S OME surprise may have been caused to readers of The Times by a message from Prague in that paper on Tuesday stating that a deep impression had been created in Czechoslovakia...

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By GEOFFREY CROWTHER The Balance of Payments is still a stranger to the lay- man. With the Balance of Trade, on the other hand, we are all perfectly familiar. It consists of...

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? By R. F. IIARROD TN my judgement the time for action has already come. Or rather,. since there is no magic formula which will call into the world a new stream of babies, I...

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By THE DEAN OF ST. PAUL'S T HE. Rationalist Press Association " aims at estab- lishing a system of philosophy and ethics verifiable by experience and independent of all...

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By JAMES CURTIS C LASSIFICATION, so the experts tell us, will solve the intricate problem of how to reform our prisc'•ns and, incidentally, our prisoners. Sex, naturally, must...

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By FRANK C. BOWEN A T the present time there is a campaign against the Continental coasting vessels, especially the little motor-driven ships under the Dutch flag, plying in...

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By JOHN SHAND N OT far from the Oval, about the length of a good drive by Holmes, stands for a few weeks longer a small tavern called ' The Carpenters Arms.' When the English...

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H.M.S. Hero

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PALE grey, her guns hooded, decks clear of all impediment, Easily, between the swart tugs, she glides in the pale October sunshine : It is Saturday afternoon, and the men are...

Earth and Heaven

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WHAT harmonies of earth are heard in heaven If heaven there be, it is not strange nor far ; Much nearer is it than the morning star, And human as our hearts which die...


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. . ply E. L. WOODWARD ISS EDGEWORTH once told Toni Moore t he story of sonic one condemned by Fate to search the world until he found the shirt of a happy man. This -searcher...

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Commonwealth and Foreign By GUENTHER STEIN • Tokyo, December 23rd. 'EVER has Japan's Parliament been faced with a more critical situation than the one which it will have to...

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The Cinema

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" Ramona " and "Fifteen Maiden Lane." At the Tivoli- - "They Met in a Taxi." At the Regal IT is Ramona in technicolour which is meant to attract passers-by into the Tivoli this...


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The Theatre "Night Sky." By L. Du Garde Peach. At the Savoy Tars folay Combines an argument and a story, and the story imperfectly illustrates the argument. As a sequel to some...

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The English Home " IF my wife asked me to live in a house like that,. I'd divorce her. It isn't really a home at all, is it ? " This remark over- heard in front of exhibit No....

Trop de Supplements

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[D'un correspondent parkien] LE couvEnNEmErrr annonee que la premiere partie de son programme legisktif est achevee et qu'il va maintenant en presenter in seconde. Ii semble...

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New Year Bloonis It seems to be a growing habit among gardeners to make a census of plants flowering in the first week of the New Year. Here are two little lists, the first...

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. [Correspondents are requested to keep their letters as brief as is reasonably possible. The most suitaYe length is that of one of our " News of the Week"...


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[To the Editor of THE Scneawr0n.1 SIR,—Mr.ioad will not mind if his rhetorical questions evoke at leaA one unrhetoritalinsWer . . He asks what.the objection is to the...


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Norman Haire's letter raises some important points, especially in relation to current misconceptions of the population problem. I should like to say, first of all, that I rather...

[To the Editor of Tun SPECTATOR."' ' Sin,—If men had

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to suffer the risk to life and the agony that women do in childbirth, - the months of discomfort and frequent ill-health beforehand; often with irreparable damage to their...

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SIR,—I enclose a letter from a friend of mine in

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Spain, which may be of interest to you. I do not wholly associate myself with all Mr. Bonet's views, but he is someone I have known personally for 15 years past, and is a man of...


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Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR, --Readers of that famous Sunday newspaper, the News of the World, find themselves nowadays instructed at intervals in the law by no less...


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with great interest the article in your last week's issue on " Education Today " giving impressions of the annual Conference of Educational Associations, part of which I...

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[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—It is a pity that Mr. Noyes, having taken such great trouble to make himself acquaintedwith the life of D'Alembert, was not able to gain a...


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[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] - • SIR,—In 'your issue of December 25th you publishedan inte- resting article on " Doctors by Contract." • Surely it is tithe that the...

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A Misguided Prophet

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BOOKS OF THE DAY By R. F. HARROD THE " first "• morality of Mr. Heard's trinity* vras that based on anthropomorphic cosmologies of the kind of which the Christian theology is...

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Early Christianity

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WHEN Ellicott was made Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, Dale of Birmingham said that it was easier to find a dozen good prelates than such a commentator ; and the same feeling...

Ought Liberals to be Communists ?

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THE attraction of this book is its sincerity. Mr. Spender tells us in the preface that, his purpose is to " put as frankly as I could my own point of view," to " portray an...

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A New . Critic of Swift THE number of books about

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Swift seems likely to increase in direct proportion to the spread of popular psychology. Certainly there has been no lack of them in the last few years. Little more than a year...

Popular Science

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Prelude to Chemistry. By John Read. (Bell. 12s. 64.1.) Chemistry Today. By Arnold Allcott and H. S. Bolton. (Oxford University Press. 3s. 6d.) The World of Science. By F....

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Dignity and Impudence

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A Short History of Music. By Alfred Einstein. (Cassell. 6s.) From Monteverdi to Sibelius. By Basil Viney. (Allenson. 3s. 6d.) SoArE half-dozen years ago Dr. Alfred Einstein, at...

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Lost Faith

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Fear Came on Europe is a record of the disillusion which has overcome millions of men and women at the failure of the League. Mr. Whitaker came to Europe as Geneva correspondent...

Portrait of an Era as Drawn by C. D. Gibson.

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A Biography by Fairfax Downey. (Scribner's. I2s. (id.) The Gibson Girl Jr will be remembered that the Gin-and-Ginger-Ale once pointed out to the habitues of the Anglers' Rest...

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TILE merit of coloured reproductions varies, according to one Standard, directly with their scale. Dr. Gliick's new volume of plates after Bruegel has therefore a very serious...

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John Reed

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&nix HERD was a brilliant young man at. Harvard, as a journalist, as a figure in pre-War Greenwich Village, in Mexico. He died in Moscow, where he had gone as a repre-...

The Other Half ; John Worby's Life. (Dent. 8s. 6d.)

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Love Among the Lice IN writing his autobiography Mr. John Worby has employed the technique of the magic lantern. His purpose is to tell library-subscribers how the other half...

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, Fiction

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By WILLIAM PLOMER Famine. By Liam O'Flaherty. (Collancz. 8s. ed.) The Bast Wind of Love. By Compton Mackenzie. (Rich and Cowan. 8s. 6d.) We the Miring. By Ayn Rand. (Cassell....

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WINTER SPORTS IN SWEDEN THERE are three routes to the Swedish Sports Centres : a thirty-five hour voyage from Tilbury by the direct sea route to Gothenborg ; the ibrty-eight...

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HAD it not been for the counter-attraction of a spectacular business recovery in the United States, attractively mirrored in the steeply rising curve of common stock quotations...

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o rris and Rolls-Royce L 2 5 o to L 2

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5 oo—M Motoring THE two ears I have for review today will probably be regarded by the majority of motorists as among the most interesting of the new models. They are the new •...

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Financial Notes

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B.A.T. PaoFrrs. In a great industrial undertaking such as the British American Tobacco Company, where the business is of an international character, it always has to be...

Banking Profits

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Finance As anticipated, the profit statements which have now been issued by the leading banking institutions show that there has been a very, general increase in profits during...

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The winner of Crossword No. 224 is N. F. Rogers, 209 Morrell Avenue, Oxford.

"The Spectator" Crossword No. 225 BY ZEN°.

The Spectator

[A prize of one guinea will be given to the sender of the first - correct solution of this week's crossword puzzle to be opened. Envelopes should be marked " Crossword Puzzle,"...