16 OCTOBER 1830

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BELGIUM still continues to occupy a large share of public attention ; but rather for what has been effected, and what is in contempla- tion, than for what is doing. The next...

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The councils of the French continue to exhibit a military

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if not a warlike character. A law has been submitted to the Chamber of Deputies, which provides for the organization of a large force, to consist of the elite of the National...

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Little has been added to the intelligence respecting Spain. The

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Liberals are so tardy in their movements, as almost to lend a colour to the insinuation that they are tools in the hands of a parcel of stockjobbers. The prospect of 'a...

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The letters from Brunswickgive the following as the answer of

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Prince WILLI &A 'Ile address of the States. " I thank the I. "aq )f the Duchy of Brunswick and the Principality of Blankenburg for toe assurances they have given me of their...

The Magistrates of Berne lately prohibited the "New Gazette of

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Zurich," because of an article in which some seditious hand- bills, posted up and down the town, were insinuated to be the work of the Government itself. The ordinance...

It would appear that the spirit of reform is not

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entirely dead in Italy. Some time ago, a band of persons, to the horror and astonishment of the Magnates, carried a tri-coloured flag through the principal streets of Florence...

The Gazette of Darmstadt mentions, that the Diet had, at

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its sitting of the 1st instant, resolved to stifle the insurrection in the country of Haman and the electorate of Hesse ; and for that purpose, had invited the Governments of...

We have not had occasion for a long time to

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advert to the state of Ireland. Perhaps we should not have been called on for some months to come, had not Parliament been summoned for business in October instead of February....

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Customs E xcise .......... . ....... . . . ..... P ost Office .... . ...... . . ....... ..... . Taxes Mi scellaneous ....... ..... ........... . ........ Tontine Money Cash...

• THE kING AND His COURT. - The King continues to enjoy

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himsel as a popular monarch and a worthy gentlenian may be supposed to do, in a neighbourhood where his high office is duly honoured and his per- sonal character sincerely...

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It is rumoured among the legal circles that the whole

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of the new Judges will not be appointed immediately : and that the experiment will be first tried in the Court of King's Bench, where alone the press of business calls for...

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REPRESENTATION or LIYERPOOL.—Sir Robert Peel as well as Mr. Grant

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declines the representation of Liverpool. In his letter, Sir Robert says, that the pressure of his public ditties, as a Minister of the Crown, would render it impossible for him...

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BARGES AND STEAM. BOATS;--YesIerday, at the Mansionhouse, a man named

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Moakes complained to the Lord Mayor that his barge had been swamped by the Eclipse steam-vessel. He described the steamer as proceeding at a much more rapid, rate than was...

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FATAL ACCIDENTS--A few days ago a young man engaged in

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fork- ing hay to form a rick, in Denzille Street, Dublin, was mortally wounded by the fork of the person on the rick dropping on his head. Mr. Graham, a butcher, near West...

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PRIVY Puns. or GEORGE THE FOUTIL—HiS late Majesty was infinitely

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more attentive to his money transactions and his banking. book than the world gave him credit for. Until nearly the close of his life, one of the partners in the eminent...

The address in the House of Commons will be moved

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by Lord Grimston, member for St..Alban's, and seconded by Mr. Robert Adam Dundas, member for Ipswian—Times. Tun Rovan SOCIETY.—Mr. Gilbert has written to the Society, that as...

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DRURY LANE. Saturday — The Merry Wives of Windsor—Le P.omantic Amoureux (Divertisement) —Love, Law, and Physic—Overtures to Der Freischutz, and Le Siege de Corinthe....

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This meeting is falling off; indeed, unless from the exertions of Mr. Maberly, it would not perhaps have taken place, and there is great reason for expecting that it will not...


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THE LATE EVENTS IN FRANCE. QUARTERLY REVIEW—Beset as the exiled house was, from the hour of its restoration, with jealousies bitterly conflicting, and perpetually threatening...

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At a Court of Directors held at the India House on Wednesday, the following re- ealar ships were thus stationed for the ensuing season : viz. Buckinghamshire, Capt. - Glasspoole...


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Sroca Ex cm-txcs, FRIDAY Evs:rrirc.—The settlement of the October account, which took place yesterday, was effected with less difficulty than was expected, and discovered an...

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TH* UNIVERSITIES. CAMBRIDGE, Oct. 15.—On Sunday, the 10th inst. (being

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the first day of term) the following gentlemen were elected University Officers for the year ensuing :— Proctors.—J. a Bernard, Esq. M.A. King's College; and Rev. C. IL Gooch,...


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LAW OF DUELLING. WE have repeatedly remarked in this print, that a frequent cause of the failure of justice, is the blindness of the law to the state of the public mind and the...


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The Venerable Henry Law, M.A. Archdeacon of Wells, and late Fellow of St. John's College; has been presented by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, to the Rectdry of Yeovilton,...


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WAR OFFICE, Oct. 12, 1830.-4th Regt. of Light Dragoons. To be Lieuts. by purchase : Cornet T. Lloyd, vice Ramsbottom, promoted ; Cornet J. L. Paxton, vice Harvey, promoted—To he...


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. BIRTHS. In Portman Square, the.Lady of Major Moos orr, of a son. In Park Street, Westminster, Lady MILMAN, of aeon. On the 12th inst. the Lady of S. R. WORMS, Esq. at...

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THE thing least understood, as indeed it is least studied, is the heart of man ; we make laws, and shape moral rules, in careless ign orance of the main-spring of the actions to...


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A CORRESPONDENT in the Morning Herald computes, that dur- ing the disturbances in Kent, one hundred thrashing-machines have been destroyed. It appears that threatenin g letters...


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the farcical conclusion of this affair a considerable time ago, when it was first brought under the notice of the public by a paragraph in a contemporary : Last week the same...


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MILMAN'S HISTORY OF THE JEWS.° THE time is gone by for any detailed criticism of these three volumes. A work which in the course of a few months passes into a second edition is...

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Tins is a romance of the true circulating library temperature—SO degrees of Fahrenheit in the shade. All is hot—love and war— scene of bustle succeeds scene ; and when affairs...

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" My bleFiing on that same man who first invented sleep ; for it wraps one all round as with a cloak." SANCHO PANZA. Meexisx wrote a book entitled the "Anatomy of Drunken-...

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Landscape Illustrations of the Waverley Novels. Part VI. We gladly turn from the blundering inefficiency of the Historical to the beautiful neatness of the Landscape...

A Scene on the River Brent. Engraved by CHARLES TURNER,

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from a drawing by W. COLLINS, R. A. A very pleasing, Gainsborough-like bit of genuine English scenery, drawn with great truth and simplicity. Such sweetly picturesque spots, as...


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THE LITERARY SOUVENIR. THIS annual has ever held the highest place among its compeers, not excepting the Keepsake, which, though it unquestionably takes the lead in the beauty...

A Specimen of Ink Lithography, from R. MARTIN'S, 124, High

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Holborn. Mr. MARTIN sends us a most elaborate specimen of pen and ink draw- ing on stone ; consisting of a sort of pasticcio, composed of a group of lithographic stones with...

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Spa,—Are you clear that you have yet stated the real evils in these sad "Illustrations" of _stupidity and bad taste ? In my opinion the fault lies in adopting illustrations of...