16 OCTOBER 1942

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T is a good rule never to take German statements at their face value. When it is announced in Berlin that, "in consequence of the deterioration of the weather," Germany will...

The Chaining Outrage

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The situation created by the German decision to chain British Prisoners •has not been' cleared up as we write, but there is still some hope that, as a result of the protest and...

Some Indian Considerations

The Spectator

The letter from Sir George Schuster in Wednesday's Times on the Indian situation raises several points of importance, though not all of them are new. Nothing could be more...

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The Small Retailer

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The measures for the protection of the small retail trader announced by Mr. Dalton• in the House of Commorjs on Tuesday go as fan. as it seems possible to go towards the...

Candidates for Slavery

The Spectator

We are facing a tragedy," said M. Chasseigne, Vichy's Director of Propaganda, in an appeal to workers in unoccupied France to submit themselves to the demands of Germany before...

Replanning London

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The Royal Academy plans for the reconstruction of London, now on public exhibition, represent great conceptions. The appearance of an ambitious, complete and comprehensive plan...

Politics and the Red Army

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M. Stalin's decree abolishing the posts of the political commissars in the Red Army is one more sign, if any were needed, of the intense unity which reigns among the citizens...

China and the Powers

The Spectator

Some years before the present war it was already apparent that the extra-territorial rights which Great Britain, the United States, and many other western Pc.wers still...

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WO German leaders and two Allied leaders have been telling ring's words are not open to the public gaze, but the obability is that the listeners were no less satisfied with...

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T HE arrival of General Smuts (it is difficult to get accustomed to calling him Field-Marshal) in this country is matter for great satisfaction on a number of grounds. In the...

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By STRATEGICUS G ERMAN spokesmen have recently been garrulous about their position and their plans. It is always well to take note of their statements, since it is certain that...

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By PIERRE MAILLAUD B ETWEEN the lines of Goering's recent speech a great deal that is instructive can be read. Most notable is the attempt to place responsibility for...

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By J. L. HODSON 91 HE bay is Biscay, those thousands of square miles of stormy Jt waters. The battle is being fought on and beneath the sea and in the skies, a battle between...

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By J. R. GLORNEY BOLTON In the 'sixties of the last century Miroslav Tyrs founded the Sokol movement for two dominant reasons. He was a patriot who hated the Hapsburg rule over...

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By ONE OF THEM Through introspection and intense thought came first a new sense of values and of proportion, a gradual renewal of health of mind, of poise and of balance, under...

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By HAROLD NICOLSON T HE Prime Minister's statement on Tuesday satisfied the House of Commons that the delicate problem of prisoners of war was being dealt with on humane and...

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"Tortilla Flat." At the Empire.

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THE CINEMA Tiffs screen is a strait-laced medium and does not take kindly to the picaresque. When John Steinbeck wrote Tortilla Flat in 1935 he contrived that his hero should...


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The Leicester Galleries IF Michael Ayrton would persuade himself that painting is not all a matter of self-expression, and that humility is as important a quality in a painter...


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"The Duke in Darkness." At the St. James's.— " House of Regrets." At the Arts Theatre Club. Film place must be given this week to Patrick Hamilton's truly remarkable play, The...

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Reinholz, in his interesting analysis of Laval's political intrigues (in last week's issue), suggests that the plan to merge the two parties of Deat and...


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SIR, —Professor Allison Peers's "Spanish Commentary "in your number of September 25th reminds me of a remark by Ortega y Gasset, perhaps the greatest living Spanish writer and a...

SIR,—" Observer," in his letter published in The Spectator of

The Spectator

Octo- ber 9th, very rightly stresses the need for more playing space for our children. But I venture to suggest that were the children given all the commons in the country it...


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Siu,—As one of the generation "that has so manifestly failed us," I should like to say how much I appreciate Guy Simmons's letter. For years I worked in one of the voluntary...

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SIR,—As so much interest has been aroused by the Conservative

The Spectator

Party's Compulsory Youth Scheme, I thought your readers might be interested in a few facts which I have discovered whilst interviewing girls of 16 and 17 years of age under the...

SIR,—Canon Adam Fox's article on "Hymns and Charles Wesley" will

The Spectator

be welcomed by all interested in hymnology. Yet one wonders if his appreciation of Wesley as "the greatest of English hymn-writers" may not tend to a depreciation of others who...


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S1R,—I write in protest against the unwarranted assumption that the present war is being fought so that "Christian principles must be made to permeate public opinion." That is...


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SIR, —Hymn-lovers will be grateful to Canon Adam Fox for his article on "Hymns and Charles Wesley," and most will go with him in his recognition of Wesley as the greatest of...


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SIR,—It will not be in a fit of hot-blooded rage that the German High Command have put into effect their threat to manacle British prisoners, but as the result of a coldly...

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Snt,—I gather, with regret, that a reference of mine to' a voice as sug- gesting a Free Church mission meeting has been taken by some readers as depreciatory This was the last...


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Sut,—Surely the Dean of Chichester will agiee that a reviewer is not responsible for the content of the book he reviews. I therefore fail to see why, in your issue of October...


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SIR,—It is evident that the writer of the article on "The Lot of the Disabled" which appeared in your issue of September 25th last has a fine understanding of the psychology of...


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SOME while ago I was credibly informed by a good naturalist, speaking from personal observation, that an addition to the birds breeding in Britain could now be claimed: the...


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Snt,—May I correct an error which appears in my article on "Ethiopia Today" published in your issue of September t8th? I had assumed that General Cunningham was present when the...

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Beleaguered City MISS LEECH had a good idea, to tell the story of the Civil War from the point of view of Washington. The story of the Civil War has been told so often that a...

A Paris Street

The Spectator

A Narrow Street. By Elliot Paul. (The Cresset Press. los. 6d.) THERE are some Americans who, lightly throw off books revealing the "inside" of whole continents. Others, like...

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The Problem of Italy

The Spectator

MR. PAOLO TREVES is the son of a famous leader of Italian Socialism, and in a previous book gave us a vivid account of the tribulations Mussolini inflicted on his former comrade...

News from Libya

The Spectator

War in the Sun. By J. L. Hodson. (Gollancz. its. 6d.) "WAR IN THE SUN" is a good example of its kind. It is in the main a record of Mr. Hodson's experiences as correspondent in...

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The House of Mrs. Caroline. By C. M. Framer°. (Hodder and Stoughton. 8s. 6d.) A Time for Silence. By Andre Maurois. (Hodder and Stoughton. 6s. ) IT is now generally known that...

Wise Words on India

The Spectator

Pundits and Elephants. By The Earl of Lytton. (Peter Davies. 15s.) LORD LrrroN has a remarkably complete acquaintance with the Indian governmental machine. After being E. S....

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By CUSTOS AFTER the recent rise it is not surprising that the stock markets should show signs of tiredness. In some groups yields have now been levered up into reasonably...

Shorter Notice

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Life Among the English. By Rose Macaulay. (Collins. 4s. 6d.) BRILLIANT, entertaining, instructive—such adjectives present them- selves in advance in the case of a book by Miss...

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[A Book Token for one guinea will be awarded to

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the sender of the first correct solution of this week's crossword to be opened after noon on Tuesday week. Envelopes should be received not later than first post that day and...


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winner of Crossword No. 186 is the Rev. Dr. STEVENSON, Eildon- side, Melrose, N.B.