17 FEBRUARY 1839

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PREfixEn to the Report, is the Queen's Commission, addressed to John George, Earl of Durham, dated the 31st March 1838. Narrating, that by five several Commissions under the...

The Report opens with a statement of the separate duties

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of the High Commissioner ; for the performance of Which Lord Durham was invested " not only with the title, but with the actual functions, of Governor- General of all the North...

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The information respecting the state of the Upper Province, not having been acquired by actual administration of the government, was not so ample and detailed as that...

A considerable part of the Report is devoted to the

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important subject of time DISPOSAL OF PUBLIC LANDS. The remarkable success of the new method of disposing of public land in the Australian Colonies, induced Lord Durham to...

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Tice pith Commissioner comes to the conclusion that the existing state of things cannot continue ; that the disorders of Lower C anad a admit of no longer delay ; and that those...

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THE following Despatches, selected from a folio volume of 400 pages, relate entirely to the discussions which led to Lord Durham's Resigna- tion. The first communicates his...