17 MARCH 1961

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A ,,,, two days of wrangling by the Commonwealth Prime Ministers over South Africa, the final outcome came as an anti-climax, almost an irrelevance. The case for her con- tinued...

Demolition Job

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THERE they stand,' Enoch Powell said last I week, in a moment of unexpected elo- isolated, majestic, imperious, brooded over by the gigantic water-tower and chimney com- bined,...

Portrait of the Week —

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AFTER ER MUCH WRANGLING in conference, the Union of South Africa left the Commonwealth, and the Commonwealth became a sweeter and a cleaner community. Dr. Verwoerd saw his...

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The Spectator

No. 6925 Established 1828 FRIDAY, MARCH 17, 1961

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Chalk from Cheese

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By BERNARD LEVIN QUI I IONS are to be asked next week, in both Houses of Par- liament, about a decision of the Minister of Housing and Local Government to override the...

Next Week SPRING NUMBER Articles and Reviews by : John

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Coleman, Donald Davie, Ernest Davies, MP, William Golding, Jo Grimond, MP, Dan Jacobson, Frank Kermode, Simon Raven, Mordecai Richter, Richard Wollheim and Evelyn Waugh.

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A small committee has been formed to raise funds which will make it possible for the Bahraini prisoners on St. Helena to engage in further legal proceedings, if they wish, to...

U.S. and U.N.

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From RICHARD H. ROVERE NEW YORK F ROM an American point of view, things seem to be looking up on East 42nd Street. Our once reluctant ambassador, Adlai Stevenson, has been...

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Care or Cant?

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By RICHARD M. TITMUSS TT has been one of the more interesting ',characteristics of the English in recent years to employ idealistic terms to describe certain branches of public...

We are grateful to the National Association for Mental Health

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for permission to re- print this paper, which was read by Pro- fessor Titmuss last week at the Association's annual conference, and will in due course be published in its...

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El Indo-Americano

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.By ERSKINE B. CHILDERS T HE news that Haya de la Torre has returned to Peru made no headlines in this hemi- sphere. But the word will have flashed by now all along the...

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The Blood Report

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By CHRISTOPHER HOLLIS rr HERE is so much trouble in the world today I that no one can be anxious to prophesy failure where a success is possible; if the recom- mendations of...

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The Churches

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In the Vernacular? By MONICA FURLONG Turn to the New English Bible and, however valiant for change one may be, one is inevitably slightly chilled. It has not the elegance of...

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CAPITAL PUNISHMENT SIR,—The National Campaign for the Abolition of Capital

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Punishment is holding a great rally at the Albert Hall on Tuesday, April 18, at 7,30 p.m. The fine array of speakers represents all three politi- cal parties and many aspects of...


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SIR, — The establishment by President Kennedy of an 'experimental peace force' to work in the under- developed countries has already met with a great response. It recalls to...

Milton Boris Ford. J. C. Maxwell

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Capital Punishment Gerald Gardiner, QC, and Victor Gollancz Picture Post Kenneth Allsop Peace Forces Olwen Battershy, Col. T. L. Laister (Reid.) R.P.M. N. F. T. Saunders Sir...

SM. - - Mr. Butler's reference in the House of Com-

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mons to the assistance rendered by the Government to voluntary bodies giving useful service overseas it) the past prompts me to draw your readers' atten- tion to the work of...

Sot.—Professor Kermode did not imply any refer- ence to Dr.

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Leavis—so be it. But Dr. Leavis's ques- tion remains unanswered. Who, twenty years ago, did savagely exclude Milton and the Victorians from the permitted reading of the young?...


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SIR.-111 my article on Picture Post in the Spectator for November 25 last I said that it was 'started in October, 1938, when Sir Edward Hulton was melt- ing down the magazine...

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SIR, —In your issue of March 10 it is stated by Leslie Adrian that my company has relaxed price control on current models. This is most definitely not the case. My company is...

SIR,—May I make one point about Mr. Hodgart's review of

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my English for Maturity and Iron, Honey. Gold, to demonstrate if I can that I am not quite the narrow puritan he makes me outto be. Mr; Hodgart quotes me as saying that 1...


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SIR,---1 have lived for six months with a butterfly. Is this unusual? 1 spotted it last October with its wings folded together adhering to the wall of a Cots- wold cottage. The...

SIR THOMAS BEECHAM SIR,—In case your music critic's opinion that

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BeechaM took second place to Toscanini should be taken as a sort of universal truth rather than an expression of his own view (to which he is perfectly entitled), I should like...


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SIR, - --Although I agree with Mrs. Quigly, she is nevertheless only putting one side of the question. My eight-year-old son - was, some while ago, in hospital for several...

SIR, I don't know why Janet Macpherson thinks I assume

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nurses have the power to admit mothers to hospital or keep them out. When I wrote, 'One nurse, thinking otherwise, can keep you out,' I was of course referring to a particular...

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Genial Spirit By DAVID CAIRNS 'Tim greatest conductor' is an idea both void of meaning and preposter- ous, and to apply it to Sir Thomas would be to invite, even from his...

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Water and the Word GASCOIGNE By BAMBER The Miracle Worker. (Royalty.) I r happened. It actually happened. This is the most crucial element in the success of The Miracle...

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With the Demon By CLIVE BARNES ,2 rn Ry . pr y THINKING about Luisillo and his Spanish Dance Theatre, currently at the Coliseum, has set me wondering about the general nature...

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Holy Muzak By PETER FORSTER CONNOISSEURS of the awful must on no account miss ABC's Sunday quarter-hour Journey of a Lifetime— and it must be seen to be believed, because no...


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Late Night Extra By ISABEL QUIC1.1' The Hidden Fortress. (Academy.) — Caged. (Cameo-Poly.) HAVE you ever, about 10 or 10.30 at night in Lon- don, been asked by visit- ing...

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Dull Dog Ily SIMON HODGSON APRIL weather in the Ile de France,. Henri Rousseau, 'le Douanier,' at Charpentier's -- big- currency pictures lent by museums and the rich, tigers...

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Designed to be Read as the Bible M ANY of us have on our shelves a handsome pre-war volume called The Bible Designed to be Read as Literature: a title which raises (or begs) a...

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The Bitterness of Le Corbusier

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WHY has Le Corbusier taken time off from architecture to compile this rather desultory book? The publisher's blurb says that every page of My Work 'was written and designed by...

Lucid Disillusion

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Introduction to the Philosophy of History. By Raymond Aron. Translated by George Irwin. (Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 36s.) M. ARON'S book has had a place prepared for it in recent...

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Upper-Class Nations

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Topical Comment. By Roy Harrod. (Macmillan, Beyond the Welfare State. By Gunnar Myrdal. (Duckworth, 21s.) THESE two books might be read together for the appealing contrast...

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Richard Pares

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The Historian's Business. By Richard Pares. (O.U.P., 25s.) THE death of Richard Pares in 1958 was the most grievous blow that British historical studies had suffered since the...

Tell Me About Yourself

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The Promised Land: Memoirs of Shmuel Dayan. Edited by Yael Dayan. Translated by Sidney Lightman. (Routledge, 25s.) Land of the Black Buffalo. By Paul Smiles. (Faber, 16s.) .1...

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So Wild

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Laughter in the Dark. By Vladimir Nabokov. (Weidenfeld and Nicolson, I5s.) The Coral Barrier. By Pierre Gascar. Translated by Merloyd Lawrence. (Deutsch, 10s. 6d.) The Journey...

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Wider Share Ownership

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By NICHOLAS DAVENPORT IF the ingenious endowment as- surance-unit trust schemes which I have described help the finan- cially-minded members of the middle classes to enlarge...

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The Opportunity State

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By STANLEY HYMAN T RADITIONALLY, reforms in this country have been brought about by political agitation, through Parliament. As a result the assumption has grown that pro-...

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Investment Notes

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By CUSTOS HE Budget has not yet cast any shadow on I the stock markets. Nor is there any reason why it should. In view of the surplus capacity which exists in many industries...

Company Notes LAST October the Save and Prosper Group LAST

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the Crosby Income Trust, with a view to offering a higher than usual stable in- come estimated at 5 per cent. By the end of the year about two-thirds of the fund was in- vested...

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Mind and Body

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Mind, y'know It's all in the LYDG ATE By JOHN VIGOROUSLY t utored by the 'posh' press, the educated lay public have come to think of the average doctor as a psy- chiatric...

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Consuming Interest

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Irish Week By LESLIE ADRIAN These Irish exporters—like the Scottish—seem to have the knack of avoiding the export of goods of doubtful looks or taste (the kind of benevolent...

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Postscript . . •

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MISS VIVIEN LEIGH wouldn't have had to flounce out of a press conference on my ac- count, as she did in New York the other day, be- cause a reporter ques- tioning her hadn't...