18 AUGUST 1849

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Like a bell tolling in the dead of night, a

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boding sound, is the meeting at Drury Lane Theatre, which breaks the quiet of the recess with the clang of "Parliamentary Reform." The Man- chester and Liverpool agitators, in...


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Roverric counts among its privileges that of su t ,o.gesting im- mense exaggerations as to the effect of all connected with it ; but in spite of the legal maxim, " nullum tempus...

In spite of grave assurances that there is no cause

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for fear, the aspect of affairs in France grows more and were unsettled ; and the country is so depressed, materially and morally, that the very efforts to restore her threaten...

The old influence which France has been instrumental in re-

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storing at Rome proves too stupidly bigoted to fall in with the counsels of its patron. While the Pope remains in abeyance at Gaeta, the three Commissioners whom he has...

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gbz Queen.

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The Queen graced the last day of her stay in Dublin, Friday, with a personal compliment to "Ireland's only Duke "; paying a visit to the Dune of Leinster at his residence of...

Canada ferments with the Annexation movement, in spite of the

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lax presumptions to the contrary. A metropolitan contem- porary has drawn the hasty inference that bad feeling had sub- sided because only twenty persons had met at the...

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Zbe ifittropolts.

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The Parliamentary and Financial Reform Association held the first of a series of aggregate meetings, in Drury Lane Theatre, on Monday evening. The theatre was crammed to...

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'be Vrobintes.

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The electors of Kidderminster now have three candidates to choose from' —Mr. Best, the Protectionist named last week; Mr. Crawshay Bailey, son of Mr. Bailey, Member for...

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Concurrently with the semi-official statement which has been going the r ounds of the papers to the effect that her Majesty will repeat her visit to Ireland on the first...

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The Corporation of Edinburgh has voted the freedom of that city to Sir -James Duke, the Lord Mayor of London, who has been paying a visit to Scotland; and Wednesday last was...

joretgn anti 421olonial.

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FRANCE.—President Louis Napoleon has made a second provincial tour, and met with incidents of even less encouraging character than on the last occasion; though in a general way...

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We much regret to state that the health of the Earl of Lincoln is far from being in a satisfactory state, his Lordship having recently had repeated at- tacks of the gout, which...

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On the 28th July, at Madeira, the Viscountess Northland, of a son anti heir. On the itth August, in Clarges Street, Lady Mary Phipps, of a daughter. On the 11th, in Dorset...

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A murder was discovered in Bermondsey yesterday, which appears to

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have been planned and executed with a treachery singularly base and cold-blooded. The victim is Mr. Patrick O'Connor, a Customhouse-officer, who lived at No. 21 Greenwood Strad,...


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SATURDAY. The Lord-Lieutenant Of Ireland has received a letter from Sir George Grey, written by command of the Queen, to express her heartfelt satisfac- tion at her reception...

The "Molitor du Soir contradicts a statement made by the

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three lead- ing Legitimist journals, that an appeal to the people was about to be made by the Napoleon party, and that the Councils-General are about to demand an immediate...

Last night's Gazette contains notice of the raising of the

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Danish blockade of the harbours of Pillau, Dantzic, Cammin, Swinemunde, Wolgast, Griefs- walde, Stralsund, and Rostock; also that of the rivers of Elbe, Weser, and Jahde, the...

The best report that we have yet seen from the

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moors, is the followings transmitted by a correspondent at Penritb. "By break of day on Monday last, the 13th instant, the 12th falling on Sun- day, hundreds of bold British...

The Board of Health has published its fifth notification on

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the subject of Cholera. It states, that notwithstanding the representations addressed by it to local bodies, in many places preventive measures have not been commenced until...

We have several letters on the subject of Communism and

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the mode of discussing It, all able, but all inclining to one side—adverse to the side taken by our friendly censor "W.S." The subject is not of transitory interest, and...

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Le Norm di Figaro, as it has been performed this week at Her Majesty's Theatre, is perhaps the most delightful entertainment that the whole opera stage is capable of affording....

We have now reached the very dullest point in the

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English theatrical season. The Adelphi company continue their performances at the Hay- market Theatre, but of course no novelty is attempted there. The New Strand enjoys a...


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Bridge for railway traffic across the Menai Strait does not yet hang in mid air, there has been no real delay in the process of raising it. On the contrary, while the process...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY Arricarroosr. The settlement of the Cousol Account occurred on Tuesday; when the pressure of Stock upon the market occasioned a demand for money. The "...

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IMPORTANT results may attend the opening of the new Reform Association in Drury Lane Theatre, however different those re- sults may be from what the original founders of the...


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HER MOST GRACIOUS MAJESTY. VICTORIA is a sovereign who gains upon the esteem of her coun- trymen as the knowledge of her increases. She unites the hearti- ness of her father's...


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TO TIIE EDITOR OF TUE SPECTATOR. Cape of Good Hope, let June 1849. Sm—Your paper of March 3, wherein the Colonial Office receives a hearty cas- tigation, has been very...

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Exonsions debt is an admitted part of "the system" at Ox- ford ; and while it is justified by some, the censure for it is so va- riously placed that the blame may be said to lie...

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MiLre is to be sold after all, and M. de Lamartine is to part with his natal estate. The loss is the more to be regretted since the Revolutionary leader has laid so much stress...


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WOULD that it were possible to write current history without wounding our sensitive contemporary the Examiner; for indeed it raises compunction to witness the emotion excited by...

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DOWNING'S LANDSCAPE GARDENING.* Wrrnotie travelling with Bacon to Paradise for the origin of gardens, we find them at least coeval with history. The hanging gardens of Babylon,...

A House of Commons return shows that the total number

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of military de- positors in savings banks on the 31st March 1848 amounted to 6,365; and the deposits received daring the year ended on that day, to the sum of 45,885/ The amount...

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,IIELL'Ai WAYSIDE rIcrtrans.* AT various times in his Continental tripe,

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Mr. Bell has quitted the beaten tracks of tourists, and the capitals where such birds of passage chiefly congregate, for the old provincial towns of Normandy, Brittany, and...

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BEFORE AHD AFTER. * THERE are two classes of novel descriptive

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of comrhon life. In the one, story predominates ; the characters and even the incidents being subordi- nate to a continued narrative which should almost rise to the completeness...


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Boom. Benjamin Franklin; his Biography.; with a Narrative of his Public Life and Services. By Reverend H. Hastings Weld. With numerous Designs, by J. G. Chapman. Minutes of the...

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VOCAL. "When Chloris weeps"; Round for three Voices, with Pianoforte Accompani- ment. By Jos. APMurdie, Miss. Bac. Oxon. Mr. M`Munlie is justly esteemed as a composer of the...

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Tuesday, August 14. PARTNEASHIPS DISSOLVED. F. R. and W. A. Beckhuson, Oxford, gunmakers-Fleming jun. and Co. Manchester, eorn-merchants - Weedon and Co. Cumberland Place,...


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ADMMSLIT, Aug. 10-Corps of Royal Marines-First Lieut. E. P. H. 'Crasher to be cot. vice Lee, placed on half-pay. Aug. 11-See. Lieut. 0. F. C. Fraser to be First Lieut. vice...


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BRITISH FUND S. (Closing Prices.) &turd. Monday. , Thesdur. Wednes. S pec Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced 118 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per...