18 MARCH 1865

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J'j R. FITZGERALD, member for Horsham, raised a debate on Monday on the defences of Canada and the relations between this country and America. It is analyzed elsewhere, but we...

The political news from America is important. On the 4th

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inst., the day of inaugurating his second term. President Lincoln read a short State paper, which for political weight, moral dignity, and unaffected solemnity has had no equal...

The Series of Papers called the GREAT GOVERNING FAMILIES of

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ENGLAND which originally appeared in this journal, have been republished in two large Octavo Volumes by " Messrs. W. BLACK WOOD and SONS, and are now ready.

Nothing further has transpired about the Edmunds scandal, nothing at

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least which seems worthy of credit. Rumour says that Mr. Edmunds's solicitor, Mr. Leman, is prepared to assert that the Lord Chancellor did give him a distinct understanding...

Lord Amberley appeared again in the Leeds Music Hall on

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Wednesday to meet the electors, and explained away all his former professions in a speech which may be summed up in the single sentence, "I am very young." He not only whittled...

The Times has been guilty of the mistake of vindicating

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its own consistency. In the debate on Canadian defences Mr. W. E. Forster, the member for Bradford, said, "A few days since there was a leader in the most influential organ of...

Mr. G. W. Hastings, the Secretary of the Social Science

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Association, of which Lord Brougham is President, has announced that a categorical denial of the charge brought against the latter in relation to the Patent-Office scandal will...

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A great private bank, Messrs. Attwood, Spooner, Marshall, and Co.,

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of Birmingham, suspended payment last Friday, to the con- sternation of the district, which believed it as safe as the Bank of England. It appears from a statement made by Mr....

The Scotch Lords of Session have refused to compel Major

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Yelverton to deny or affirm his marriage upon oath, and have declared the case at an end. Miss Longworth. therefore is Mrs. Yelverton in Ireland only, a point which, as the...

The Bhootan war is not all over. Everybody in India

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thought it was, but there is a person in Bhootan called the Penlow, or hereditary war minister, who seems to think he has a moral right to drive out invaders if he can. It is a...

The war news to the 8th inst. is not very

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definite. General Sherman has gone in again like the sun on a November day, and no one seems to know when or where he will come out. One account makes him near the coast at...

The Times publishes a remarkable statement as to the success

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of the Ecclesiastical Commission. That body, having jobbed its jobs, got rid of Mr. Murray, rebuilt bishops' palaces, and provided for fattening Deans, has turned its attention...

Sr. Sella produced the Italian budget on the 14th inst.

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It is a very-unfavourable one, showing that the deficit for 1865 is 8,200,000/., and that for 1866 will be 4,000,000/. The total floating debt, which M. Reuter's agents persist,...

The Marquis of Hartington brought forward the Army Estimates on

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Thursday night. He showed that the real demand for the year was 12,645,0071., a reduction of 874,6391., and less than the amount spent before the Italian war. The number of men...

Tennessee has decided by popular vote in favour of the

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constitu- tion abolishing slavery in that State, and is henceforth therefore one of the Free States.

Dr. Cumming, beemaster, student of the Apocalypse, and stump theologian

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generally, will have it that Roman Catholicism increases in England. He has written a long letter to the Tinges to prove that assertion, relying chiefly on an increase of...

We publish elsewhere an account of the great iron lock-out

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by one who has studied strikes for years Up to Friday afternoon no good news on the subject was current, the latest fact being that the Scottish masters had joined the English...

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A meeting was held at Radley's Hotel, Blackfriars, on Saturday,

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to arrange some basis on which middle-class and working re- formers could agree. The meeting, which was attended by Mr. Bright, Mr. S. Morley, and several working-men, agreed to...

. The Duke de Moray was buried in state on

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Monday, and M. Rouher uttered his funeral oration, declaring that the Duke had 1114 ,` asked the Archbishop of Paris to crown his life by a Christian's death," and praised him...

The House of Commons has again—this time by a vote

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of the whole House—condemned the inhabitants of half-a-dozen coun- ties and all East London to pay a coal-tax of half-a-crown a ton in order that the Great Northern shareholders...

The relaxation which takes place in the moral principles of

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the House of Commons when it is not asked for money to carry its present principles into effect is quite refreshing to behold. Last session, when we were asked to pay for ten...

The stock of bullion in the Bank of France Icontinues

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to increase, the amount now held by that establishment being 16,999,250/. The stock held by the Bank of England is 14,882,2581. In the value of money very little change has...

Servants evil not eat jerked beef. It does not cost

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enough for them. Neither does it for the Lord Mayor. On Wednesday last that functionary made a speech almost touching in its gastronomic simplicity. Some bad meat, said to be...

On Saturday last, owing to the failure of Messrs. Attwood,

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Spooner, and Co's. bank, the market for home securities was very dull, Consols having marked 8814 for money, and 884 4 for account. During the present week, however, there has...

Mr. Hugh M'Cullooh, who on the 4th inst. succeeded Mr.

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Fes- senden as Secretary to the Treasury, is shown by the Times cor- respondent at New York to hold sound views enough on currency matters, and to have recently expressed the...

The leading Foreign Securities left off at the following prices

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yesterday and on Friday week :- Friday, March 10. Friday, Mu ii 17 .. 201 .. 211 .. _ Do. Coupons Mexican • • Spanish Passive • • .. .. .. 26 32 Do. Certificates le...

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A. GREAT change has passed over the tone of the House of Commons upon American affairs. Last year every Minister and almost every friend of peace dreaded an Ameri- can debate,...

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liV AS M. Rouland, ex-Minister of Justice and Public Worship, and now Governor of the Bank of France, Bonapartist, Catholic, and statesman, perchance the author of Le Maudit? It...

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Air, R. DISRAELI says in one of his novels of the failure of ill the Duke of Wellington as a statesman, that he had every capacity for politics except that "strength which lies...

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W HILST London clubs are speculating on the capacity of the Palmerston Cabinet to weather the Edmunds' scandal, a contest between labour and capital, the most serious that this...

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V ISCOUNT AMBERLEY has swallowed himself whole. That is rather a brutal remark to make about the poor lad, who after all is trying to do as well as he can, but it really is the...

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W HAT is a job? Was it necessarily a job for Lord Westbury to give the Clerkship of the Patents to his son-in-law Mr. Caner, and the Clerkships of the House of Lords to his son?...

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T HE quarrel between the Theatres and the Music Halls which has amused London for some weeks past, which compelled three magistrates and some dozen barristers to try...

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T HE Earl of Bute, after his surrender of power, devoted much time to scientific pursuits during his retirement, which he spent chiefly at his seat of Luton, in Bedfordshire,...

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LFROM OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT.] New York, March 4, 1865. No news from General Sherman, no movement in Virginia, where the country has been made impracticable by the rain and...

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To THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR." the month of January of this year the Bishop of Cape- town delivered a charge to the clergy of his diocese. I have not seen it noticed in your...

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"SPECTATOR." London, March 15, 1865. Sin,—Circumstances have prevented our taking earlier notice of your article on the edition of Original Poems for Infant Minds which we have...


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THE GREEK ANTHOLOGY.* "Think not that 'tis some common Mercury; No, my good friend, 'tis Scopas' work you see." Tars epigram, translated by Wellesley in his Anthologia, and...

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Mae PnEscorr is a clever writer, but she belongs to—perhaps we ought to say she leads—the school of what we may be called purple transcendentalism in American fiction—purple...

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THESE books on the American War come within the category of contributions to history, but in different degrees. Colonel Fletcher, having resided Some time in America, having...

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CARRY'S CONFESSION.* IT is not perhaps possible to write an

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interesting novel in. three volumes upon the single quality of firmness,- but the author of Carry's Confession has tried very hard, and has attained what under the circumstances...

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The Wasps of the Ocean. By William Dalton. (E. Marlborough

The Spectator

and (lo.)—From Mr. Dalton English boys are sure to get a stirring, adven- turous story, such as they like, and his plan of making each of his tales illustrate the scenery and...

The Victoria History ef England. By Arthur Bailey Thompson. (Routledge,

The Spectator

Warne, and Routledge.)--This work can only be corn- ended as an elementary school-book. The narrative itself is meagre, then at the conclusion of each reign follow a series of...

German Rationalism. By Dr. K. R. Hagenbaeh, Professor of Theology

The Spectator

in the University of Basle. Translated by Rev. W. L. Gage and Rev. J. H. W. Stackenburg. (T. and T. Clark.)—This is an abridgment of the original work, which we have not seen,...

The English Gentlewoman. Third Edition. (James Hogg and Sons.)— "

The Spectator

A practical manual for young ladies on their entrance into society," which reaches a third edition, is sure to have good sense in it, albeit rather priggishly expressed, after...


The Spectator

Practical Observations on the Hygiene of the Army in India. With a chapter on prison management. By Stewart Clark Inspector-General .of Prisons, North-West Provinces. (Smith,...

Lectures on Man, his Place in Creation and in the

The Spectator

History of the Earth. By Dr. C. Vogt. Edited by Dr. J. Hunt. (Longman and Co.)—Two of a trade never agree, and it is not to be expected that the President of the An-...

The Mysore Reversion. By Major Evans Bell: (Thinner and CC.)—

The Spectator

Major Bell is strongly opposed to the annexation policy, and favours the maintenance of the native princes with more stringent British superin- tendence if we understand him...

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The Queen of the Seas. Three vols. By C. F.

The Spectator

Armstrong. (T. C. Newby.)—A novel full of stirring incidents by sea and land, well and sensibly told, though we do not pretend to understand exactly how they are brought to...

Memorials of the Late Francis 0. Fisch. With selections from

The Spectator

his writings. (Longman and Co.)—Mr. Finch was well known as a most accompliithed man, a good landscape-painter, a good teacher, and a good friend. We cannot therefore wonder...


The Spectator

Homann-Died, at his reiddeoce, Broom Lod g e, Shef- field, on the 7th intr., Alderman G. C. Holland, M.D., in the 66th year of his age, deeply regretted by a large circle of...

Brief Notes on the Greek of the New Testament. By

The Spectator

Rev. Francis Trench. (Macmillan and Co.)—A very useful work, enabling the un- learned reader to see at once the places in which our translation is - not quite literal or...


The Spectator

E. Maxon and Co.-A. Dream of Idle- ness, by W. C. Moukhouse ; Atalanta in Calydon, by A. C. Swinburne. Longman and Co.-Polyahronicon Ranulphi Higdent ; Heat Considered as a Mode...