18 MARCH 1882

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The Irish Members got up one of the many little

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scenes in which they indulge the House on Friday week, when Mr. Healy moved the adjournment of the House, to complain of the arrest of Mr. Rorke, of Dublin, under the Protection...

On Monday, Mr. Gladstone declined to accede to the request

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made by Sir John Lubbock, and a few other Liberal Members, that the closure of a debate shall only be imposed by a two- thirds majority. We have given our reasons elsewhere for...

But the great scene of the first sitting of the

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week was at about three on Tuesday morning, after Mr. Childers had made his statement on the Army Estimates and upon the votes for the number of men and for the payment of the...


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/THE Queen, who has arrived in safety at Menton , published, 1 before her departure, an address thanking her people for the display of loyalty evoked by the recent atrocious...

On Monday night,—one of the monster sittings,—there were at least

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two scenes of heated personality. In one of them, Mr. Healy accused England of wishing to see Ireland sunk for twenty- four hours beneath the ocean, described in very strong...


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It is our intention occasionally to issue gratis with the SPECTATOR Special Literary Supplements, the outside pages of which will be denoted to Advertisements. The Second of...

It is stated that serious difficulties have arisen in the

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new French Cabinet. M. Leon Say adheres to his demand that there shall be no issue of Rentes, and as such an issue is neces- sary to go on with the network of subordinate...

*** The Editors cannot undertake to return Manuscript in any

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Mr. Lamson, the person accused of poisoning his brother-in- law,

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Percy John, at Mr. Bedbrook's school at Wimbledon, on December 3rd last, by a dose of aconitine, administered in a capsule, which the poor boy was induced to swallow under the...

Outside Parliament the Government is working steadily towards the end

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so often neglected, that of strengthening the Fighting Services. Mr. Childers' exhaustive speech of Monday night showed that he has consistently pursued his object of keeping a...

The presentment of the jury that greater restrictions should be

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placed on the sale of poisons is very sensible, but the difficulty is to know in what direction any effective restriction can be made. As far as we can see, licensed...

ti "A Conservative M.P.," who attained the honours of large

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type in the Times of Wednesday and Friday, attempted to prove that Mr. Gladstone was entirely wrong in the statement he made as to the necessity of reporting the Votes for the...

It is rumoured that the Austrian Government has finally decided

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upon the incorporation of Bosnia-Herzegovina, that Germany has assented, and that the Sultan will yield. The Russian Government, however, maintains that a European Conference...

In a lengthier report upon the Indian Budget, forwarded to

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the Times, a noteworthy fact comes out. All the native meir hers of the Legislative Council, except one, resisted the redu tion of the salt duties, upon the ground that nobody...

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Arabi Bey has been created a Pasha, and seventeen of

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the officers who supported him have been promoted to Colonelcies, and the Bedouins who were on his side have been confirmed in their privileges. The military government in Egypt...

The Land Leaguers made a violent attempt on Thursday night

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to discredit Mr. Forster's speech at Tullamore, by suggest- ing that Mr. Forster had a large number of policemen, sub- inspectors, &c., on the spot to protect him ; that these...

If philanthropists are in want of a scheme by which

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they may relieve misery and earn ten per cent., there is one ready to their hands. Let them establish a Bank, lending money at that rate on bills of sale. The present system is...

The management of the Navy proceeds on the same lines.

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Mr. Trevelyan, in moving the Estimates on Thursday, after showing how the Admiralty had improved the position both of the marines and of the engineers until the Navy has "the...

An amicable discussion was raised in the Lords on Monday

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by Lord Lamington upon the question of the Charter granted to the North Borneo Company. We have commented on Lord 'Granville's speech, which we cannot think satisfactory, else-...

The elevation of Mr. Robartes to the Peerage through the

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death of his father leaves vacant a - seat for East Cornwall, which the Conservatives are going to contest, and Mr. Tremayne has been chosen by them for this purpose. On the...

The French Government is certainly " Radical " enough upon

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the question of religion. Its new educational law provides that no religions teaching, even of the most undogmatic kind, shall be given within the school buildings, but that an...

Consols were on Friday 101- 1 1- to 1011.

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A BIRDSEYE VIEW OF THE SITUATION. I F a second Mon talembert could now visit England, and give us the same sort of view of our present political situation which the great...


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A SINGULAR revolution has taken place in the relation of the great Parties to Coercion. The Liberals were at first doubtful about that measure, many voted against it, and many...

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T HAT the Prime Minister has replied with a courteous negative to the Liberal memorialists who wish to con- dition for a two-thirds majority whenever the closure of debate is in...

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I T is accidentally somewhat dif fi cult for us to discuss the conduct of the Government in regard to the North Borneo Company. The debate in the Commons began too late for the...

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M R. MOUNTAGUE BERNARD has published a letter to Mr. Gladstone which will convey to a great number of persons the first definite information they have had of the work done by...

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9r7 audacity displayed by Mr. Lamson, in the frightful crime f which he has been found guilty, has hardly been enough insisted on. The counsel for the defence did, indeed,...

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T HE necessity which Sovereigns plead for recreation is not unreal, though it is not often produced by the causes which the public suppose. We very much doubt if any Sove- reign...

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M IDNIGHT Tea is not tea taken on the very stroke of twelve,—it is tea taken in the dead waste and middle of the night, that is to say, our modern night; somewhere early in the...

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THE BISHOP OF MANCHESTER AND MR. GREEN. [TO THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR. "] Sra,—I have done something—I do not exactly know what—to draw down upon myself the hot and...

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THE RUSSIAN JEWS. [To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPICTATOB."] SIR, — Since you have not thought it necessary to defend your- self against the Guardian's accusation of "characteristic...

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THE EDITOR OF THE " $PECTATOR.1 8113, — As the Spectator has the merit of always regarding the morality of a public question, may I ask you to permit a brief statement of the...


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[To THE EDITOR OP THE " SPECTATOR. " ] Sllt,—In his letter of March 11th, Dr. Hoggan makes several statements regarding me which, I trust, you will allow me space to answer as...

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THE DUDLEY GALLERY.* -AFTER all the reports as to its moribund condition, the exhibi- tion of Water-colour pictures known to the Art world as the Dudley Gallery, has opened its...

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"THE FIXED PERIOD." * The Fixed Period is a humorous sketch of life towards the end of the twentieth century, as it might be affected by an attempt to reconstruct the...

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THIS book is a picturesque and attractive exposition of the views which the author (whose identity with the writer of the article " Gospels," in the Encyclopaedia Britannica, is...

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WHATEVER may be the ultimate fate of Greek and Latin in Britain, the present Professors of those languages in our Uni- versities are doing their duty manfully. From them, we owe...

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IT is very exceptional to find a person whose life will make up into a good novel, if told by himself from beginning to end with all events recorded just as they occurred, even...

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opinion of the British Constitution. It is cumbrous, it is unwieldy, it does very little, and even that little it does ill. The most complimentary thing he can say about it is...

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[FIRST NOTICE.] TuE great American struggle of the Civil War of 1861-1865 possesses one feature peculiar to itself. A. nation, organised for peace, and not for war, suddenly...

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THE renaissance of literature that is now taking place in the Greek people is a remarkable phenomenon, to which we can hardly find a parallel in the history of literature. And...

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Recollections of the Last Half-Century. By Count Orsi. (Long- mans

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and Co.)—Count Orsi's " Reoolleetions " are chiefly concerned with the early days of Napoleon III. He went to America on a mission to extract from the ex-King Joseph funds which...

The Hebrew Utopia : a Study of Messianic Prophecy. By

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W. F. Adeney. (Hodder and Stoughton.)—The subject of this book is the development of the " Christ-idea." The prophecies of the Old Tes- tament are considered, not from the...


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The Imperial Dictionary. New Edition. By Charles Annandale, M.A. Vol. II., Dep—Kyt. (Blackie and Son.)—Of the second volume of the new edition of this great dictionary, which...

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TALES. — Pity 'Tis, 'Tis True : a Tale of Monaco. By

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" Zitto." (Remington.)—We need hardly say that the chief subject of "A Tale of Monaco" is the gaming-table, its fascinations and its perils. " Zitto " combines with this another...

PoEraY. — The Prophecy of St. Oran, and other Poems. By Mathilde

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Blind. (Newman and Co.)—Oran (whom we can hardly suppose to have been canonised) was one of the companions of St. Columba, and overpowered by the charms of a beautiful heathen...