18 MAY 1833

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THE Ministerial plan for the extinction of Slavery in the Co- lonies, the outlines of which we published last week, was de- veloped by Mr. STANLEY on Tuesday, in a very long...

The Dutchess DE BERM, to the infinite rage and mortification

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of the Carlists, was safely delivered of a daughter on the 10th of May. The official documents relative to this event were received in Paris on Sunday last, and copies of them...

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Manta? attb' Womb - Mal in parliament.

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1. EMANCIPATION OF THE NEGRO SLAVES. On Tuesday, the order of the day having been read for the House going into Committee, Mr. STANLEY rose. He had no doubt the Committee would...

Reports have been in circulation in Paris during the week,

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that IR conspiracy had been discovered in Turin, to overthrow the Pied- inontese Government. Some arrests have taken place there, and also in Genoa, of persons connected with...

King LEOPOLD is making a royal progress through his domi-

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, cions, and is everywhere well received. The Earl of DURRAM arrived at Bruges, with a splendid retinue, during the King's sojourn there; and it was said, would accompany him to...

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Ely Court.

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TIIEIR Majesties arrived in town on Thursday, from Windsor.. In the afternoon, the King held a Levee ; which was intended by the Dukes of Orli- ans, Brunswick, Portland,...

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Last week, placards were extensively . posted in the Metropolis, ad- dressed to the members of Pelitical Unions, and signed by a man named Russell, cai ii tug upon them mm to...

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. A meeting of the ,inhabitants of Southwark was held

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at. the Town- hall on Monday, for the purpose of considering, the, conduct ofMr. William Brougham in voting against Sir' John Keys motion ; and of petitioning Parliament for the...

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Lord Teynham, and a man named Double, a tailor by trade, were tried in the Court of King's Bench on: Saturday hot, on an' indictment for a conspiracy to defraud the...

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CO Country.

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Mr. Thomas Attwood has left town to attend the great meeting of the Birmingham Political Union, which is fixed for Monday next. There are said to be twenty other Political...

• Lieutenant-Colonel Patrick Vans Agnew was elected, on Tuesday, a

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-Director of the East India Company, in the room of the late Colonel Baillie, The Charing Cross Hospital, situate at the corner of King William Street, West Strand, was thrown...


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Sergeant Shaw and nine of the Police have been reprimanded by the Magistrates of Kilkenny, for collecting tithes due to Dr. Butler of Burnchureh, by means of the Coercive Act....


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Rear-Admiral Gage has left town for Deal, to assume the command of the combined squadron in the Downs, in the room of Vice-Admiral Sir l'ulteney Malcolm, who proceeds forthwith...


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A review in the last Number of Taies Edinburgh Magazine, on the Spy system, has awakened the wrath of Mr. Kirkman Finlay of Glas- gow, whose connexion with that notorious...

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Mr. BONSIAM CARTER is generally spoken of as the intended

The Spectator

Secre- tary for Ireland. He is said to be sure of his reelection; which is his chief qualification for the office. Five persons have declined it, front a conviction that they...


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A file of papers has been received from the new settlement on the Swan River, to the 19th of January last, and letters to the 3d of February. The accounts thus received of the...


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Wnr .r an actor qii:ta the stage, he in a manner leaves the world. Km-:AN has left the stage and the world at once. The great tragedian died at Richmond on Wednesday, after...


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SATURDAY. Some of the West India merchants having despatched a fast-sailing vessel to Jamaica, in anticipation of the Government accounts, orders have been given for the...

It is pretended that a split is likely to take

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place between Earl GREY and his brother-in-law, Mr. ELLICE, on account of the reforms which the latter proposes to effect in the expenditure of the Army. This is not very...


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Arrived—At Deal, May 16th, IL C. Ships Lord Lowther, Fowler; and William Vairlie. !flair, front China : Lord Hunger-ford, Farquharson ; and Duke of North- umberland. rope, from...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY Eigsrovo. During the early part of the week, most descriptions of Stock continued at the prices of last week ; but intelligence having 1, een received...

An application was made at the office of the Chancellor

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of the Ex- chequer to. day, for the purpose of ascertaining whether his Lmaiship had again changed his mind about the reduction of tim Stamp and Ad- vertisement-duty, already...


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BIRTHS. On the 14th inst., at Harrington House, Whitehall, the Countess of HAnnixoroN of a 'tau Ater. On the Sill inst., in Arlington Street. the Hon. Lady LEGARD, of a son...

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THAT there is something exceedingly alarming in the present state of public affairs, is a fact admitted by all except the swein Ministerial partisans. It is not that we are...


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THE "NATIONAL - CONVENTIONS" PEOPLE AND • THE POLICE. THE right of the people of this country, whatever may be their station in life, to meet for the purpose of discussing real...

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THE Ministerial plan for putting an end to slavery, is at length fairly before the public ; and if we are to believe the West Indian proprietor on the one side, and the ardent...

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AN ingenious and laborious Spaniard has published a plan for discharging the National Debt—at least so much of it as he con- siders decidedly injurious to the industry of the...


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ONE should think that this hot weather Would have kept people away from the theatres, and that laughing atJome Reeve might be too warm work for such sultry nights as these. But...