19 OCTOBER 1844

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Arms his brief unceremonious visit, the King of the French has regained his dominions ; not without unforeseen accidents to ob- struct his departure. The intention was, that he...

A dinner recently held at Bingley forms a step towards

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carrying into the agricultural districts the right spirit of intercourse between the several classes of scciety. Bingley is a manufacturing town in a rural site ; if we mistake...

A meeting has been held at the Mansionhouse, and an

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association has been formed to establish baths and wash-houses for the poor of London ; with the Bishop of LONDON for President, a Lord Mayor and a ROTHSCHILD among the...

Mr. O'CONNELL has explicitly declared that at present he feels

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"a preference for the Federative plan ; " and avows his reason to be, that "the Federalists" appear to him "to require more for Ireland than the simple Repealers do," since,...

Mr. DAVID Sammoss, who, many years ago, was prevented from

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entering the Court of Aldermen after he had been elected to it, by the refusal to take a declaration prescribed for Christians, he being a Jew, has again been ousted on the same...

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Queen ISABELLA of Spain has celebrated her fourteenth birthday by

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opening the Cortes. The notable point in her speech is the announcement of some measure of " constitutional reform" con- templated by her Ministers ; and construed by others to...

Sir CHARLES METCALFE has dissolved the Canadian Parliament. Whether that

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step will solve the difficulties that beset him person- ally, time will show; but at all events it is a short and appropriate move towards solving the general question of the...

Vie (Tourt.

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KING Lours PHILIPPE has gone again ; but there remain some incidents to be related of his memorable visit to England. On Saturday, the Lord Mayor and a deputation from the...

Lord ELLENBOROUGH has come back, has received the usual courtesy

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of an invitation to Windsor Castle, and has furthermore been made an Earl. Certain party journals are wroth at his pro- motion; pointing to it as a proof that Government reward...

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Zbe iftetropolis.

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A Court of Aldermen was held on Tuesday ; and Mr. David Salo- mons, recently elected to the vacancy in the Court, was required to take the usual oath and declaration. He asked...

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The public fetes at Portsmouth, in honour of the French officers, closed with a dinner at the Queen's Rooms in Portsea, on Saturday. During the day the church-bells rang...

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Professor Liebig was entertained at dinner, in Glasgow Trades Hall, on Friday, by about two hundred and seventy gentlemen. The Earl of Eglinton presided ; and was supported by...


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— At the usual meeting of the Repeal Association, on „Monday, a "mon- ster" letter was read from Mr. O'Connell on the present position of Fede- ralism and Repeal ; making a...

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fforeign ant Colonial.

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FitexcE.—The King having sent word to the Chateau d'Eu, that he should return from England on Tuesday, he was anxiously ex- pected. A tent was erected, over night, at the...

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iftiscella Iwo us.

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A deputation from the French Benevolent Association, of which King Louis Philippe is patron, presented an address to his Majesty on Saturday ; when he expressed the warmest...

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In reference to rumours of the Whig movement which is

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said to be "in operation" in Ireland, the Chronicle this morning has a long paper, neither affirming nor disaffirming the report; but saying—" We au., nounce our strong...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. There is really something astir respecting a treaty with Brazil ; to which the Times this morning devotes its opening " leader." Acting under Anti - Slavery...

BANK OF ENGLAND.—An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and

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8th Vic- toria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Saturday the 12th day of October 1844. ISSUE DEPARTMENT. Notes issued £27,838,085 Government Debt... , ....... £11,015,100...


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ARNIVED. — At Gravesend, 14th Oct. Northumberland. Collier. from Bombay; and Zemiuda. King. from Calcutta; 1411, Nereid. 111•Fee, from Batavia; and Morning Star, Harmon, from...

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At Derby Sessions, on Thursday, Alphonsns William Henry Rose, a

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clergyman of the Church of England, aged thirty-two, was sentenced to twelve months ' imprisonment, on a charge of attempting to corrupt a little girl eleven years old.

Last night ' s Gazette contains a notification from the Bank of

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England Directors, that on Monday the 28th instant, (the day for opening the Royal Exchange,) the offices for the transfer of Stock and the issue of Dividend-warrants will be...

Mr. Hutt, the Member for Gateshead, was entertained at dinner

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on Tuesday, by about one hundred of his constituents and other gentlemen. He was "cordially thanked for the zealous manner in which he dis- charges his duties. " Lord Howick,...

In consequence of the fine open weather which has just

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set in, suc - ceeding the late heavy rains, her Majesty has determined upon re- niaMing in the Isle of Wight until Monday next. A messenger arrived at Windsor yesterday morning...

The Morning Herald demolishes " one of the facts " upon which

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these rumours rest ; authoritatively contradicting a report that Lord Monteagle had had &Jong interview with Mr. O ' Connell— " The noble Lord has not had any species of...


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SINCE Don Ccesar de Bazan has overrun the London stage, invested half the theatres about town, iulisted some of the best actors in his service, and made a complete conquest of...

The adventures of Telemachus have been turned to the purpose

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of a burlesque at the Adelphi ; WRIGHT figuring as the goddess Calypso, PAUL BEDFORD as Mentor, and Miss WOOLGAR as Telemachus. But, grotesque as is the idea, there is so little...


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STOCK EXCITAKOK, FRIDAY AFTCRWorm. The English Funds experienced a deeline of nearly! per cent subsequently to our last report; Consols for Money having been as low as 991: the...

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Another version of The Syren was produced at Drury Lane

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on Thursday ; Miss RAINFORTH taking the place of Mademoiselle Neu, and STRETTON, HARRISON, and KING, the parts of LEFFLER, ALLEN, and young Holm With regard to the orchestral...

AUBER'S new opera of The Syren was produced at the

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Princess's Theatre on Monday, in a very effective style. The great attraction of the piece was unquestionably Mademoiselle Neu; who came out in far greater force than we had...


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PERVERSE DISTRIBUTION OF FORTUNE'S FAVOURS. THAT unaccountable old lady Fortune is bent upon being capricious to the last. In our days, as in those of our forefathers, she...

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Ir you would civilize man or boy, you must begin by teaching him to wash his face. The next step is to teach him to keep his clothes clean ; and the third is to show him how to...


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SINGS were wont to be accompanied by their wise man, or spruck- sprecher, to give them counsel, and their jester, to amuse them. At the late regal visit to Windsor, the jesters...

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Ir the Irish are to be judged by their journalists,, no nation is more Swayed by trivialities. Their newspapers teem perpetually with solemnities and " toozy-moozy " amounting...


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Boyne Cottage, 16th October 1844. MR. SPECTATOR—The following sonnet, suggested by the formation, some, months back, of a Literary Society and Mechanics Institute in our.little...


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A CURRENT and not incredible report in Paris, just now, attributes. to M. TRIERS an avowal or boast, which does not reflect a very favourable light on his character as a...

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BIOGRAPET, Life aud Times of Louis Philippe, King of the French. By the Rev. G. N. Wright, MA., Author of the 'Life and Reign of William the Fourth." &c. Sec. TRAVELS, Fisher...

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Tins Persian fiction of Mr. FRASER is perhaps the completest ful- filment that can be conceived of an historical romance ; where the history and historical persons of a given...

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BEYOND the geographical knowledge, and the account of the Per- .eian empire it enabled XENOPHON to exhibit to the ancient world, the expedition of CYRUS differed but little from...

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Tuesday, Oct. 15. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Lee and Co. Manchester, machine-makers — Scott and Watts, Grange Road. Bermondsey, tailors—Hird and Beak. Commercial Rom' East,...

PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED, From October 11th to October 17th.

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BooKS. The Life of the Reverend Andrew Bell, D.D., 4c., Prebendary of Westminster, and Master of Sherburn Hospital, Durham. Corn- the History of the Rise and Progress of the...


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BIRTHS. On the 20th May. at the Waimate, Bay of Islands, New Zealand, the Wife of the BiAsop of New ZEALAND, of a son. On the 5di October, at the Vicarage, Oranborough,...

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BRITISH FUN DS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday -- 31 onday. Tuesday. Wednes. Thurs. Friday. 1001 991 1001 100a 100} 3 per Cent. Consols 1001 Ditto for Account 1001 1001 991 1004...