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- Portrait of the Week - PRES/VENT DE GAULLE. spent the

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weekend with Mr. Macmillan, and they had 'friendly, pleasant and intimate talks, Dr. Adenauer had already spent three days with President Kennedy, and reached 'a substantial...

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No. 696_ Established FRIDAY, DECEMBER I, 1828 1961


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-T itE only use of recriminating about the past,' said Sir Winston Churchill, 'is to enforce effec- tive action in the present.' And that maxim was never more true than today....

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T liE publication of the full text of Mr. Heath's Paris speech to the Six makes it clear that last week's fuss was unjustified. So far from taking advantage of the darkness of...

Vigilance Eternal

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A GLANCE down the list of the members of he Press Council, whose names and employers are printed at the beginning of its Annual Report, is instructive. The Times, the Telegraph,...

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O N Monday evening both the Prime Minister (in Sheffield) and the Chancellor (on t j anorcona) were doing their valiant best to prove that the Government's determination to...

Truth in Cold Weather

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From DARS1E G1LLIE PARIS T keep 3,000 officers and NCOs waiting for two hours out of doors on a cold November day, and then td address them, solemn and slow, for half an hour...

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Turning Point

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From FRANCISCO SUAREZ MADRID H AVING asked the ritual question of whether he liked Spain, journalists assembled for a press conference last week in Barcelona were taken aback...

Westminster Commentary

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Principles of Conservatism By JULIAN CRITCHLEY, MP THERE cannot be a Young 'Conservative I branch in the country that has not, at one time or another, asked for a speaker from...

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Faraway Country Revisited

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By BRIAN INGLIS " 1 ' NEVILLE CHAMBEALAIN. By lain Macleod. (Muller, .30s.) It succeeds in proving that Chamberlain has been almost as undervalued since 1940 as he was...

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Hemp to Egypt

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From DESMOND STEWART CA1110 T tlose who have just stumbled from The Connection must be disabused: my title has "thing to do with the export of Indian hemp (or hashish) to the...

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Top Religion at New Delhi

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From CECIL FT HIS is an era of top religion; at Rhodes recently for the Orthodox, next year at Rome for the Romans and here at New Delhi for that odd amalgam of Protestants,...

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Letter of the Law

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Out of Court CLINE By R. A. M ANY cases in court by the complexity of their facts excite little public comment When decided in spite of the importance of the Principles which...


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Readers who wish to change the address to which THE SPECTATOR is posted during the Christmas period must notify the Sales Department not later than Monday, December 4. We...

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SIR, — ln your issue of November 17 your correspon- dent attacked the Air Ministry and claimed that it is misleading potential aircrew recruits. In support of this charge he...

There wos on Englishman

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an Irishman and a Scotchman. `Arrah and begorrah,' said the Irishman, 'and the top of the morning to you, begob, at all, all, Yeats and the Post Office, hejasus.' To which the...

Douglas W. Franklin. Victor Gordon

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Firearms Michael Vyvyan Per Ardua Ad ... ? Jahn Eden, MP First Term Richard Cobb, R. G. Collier Share My Chalice Canon W. H. Murray Walton, W. H. lloperaft, Rev. Norman A....

SIR, — One and a half million tourists a year seems about

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right for Britain. The places which tourists throng to in France and Italy become each year less trench and less Italian, less worth visiting, more like each other, and nastier...


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SIR, — May I draw attention to the recent discussion in the House of Lords on privately owned small arms which was notable for the 'admission on behalf of the Home Office that...

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Suss-Public schools are 'supposed to 'produce leaders for the country;

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yet at the same time indi- viduality is almost completely Suppressed. Privacy is non-esistent. This may be all very well for junior boys, but it is ridiculous if a boy of...

SIR,—As a simple-minded and Obviously non- theological seeker after truth,

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I would be glad to know where in the account of the Last Supper, or elsewhere in the New Testament, there is authority for the idea that Holy Communion may be administered only...

SIR,—May I, a minister in the Church of Scotland, whose

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sympathies are as much with the Thirty-two Theologians as with the Thirty-nine Articles, say how much I appreciate Monica Furlong's article? Some years ago, an Anglican priest...


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StR,—I don't think Shrewsbury was quite so awful as Brian Inglis makes it appear, nor were the boy- imposed taboos and tyrannies quite so rigidly main- tained. There was...


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SIR; — According to Mr Conquest, in reviewing his book about the Pasternak affair 1 suggested that no admirer of Pasternak's writing could he interested in his last days, urged...


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SIR,—Mr. Laurens Otter toys with a vain hope when he so patronisingly speaks of easing the return of dissenters to the Anglican Communion after it has obtained communion with...


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always read Monica Furlong's articles on the Church with interest, often with amusement, and not infrequently with disagreement, But when she said in the correspondence column...

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,. 11 1,—If 1 am ever privileged to dine with Cyril - may l shall be distressed to find the Margaux diluted with Algerian, but I shall have no right to be surprised. After all,...


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SIR, -- -On my return yesterday from Kmlzysknygrmk thy attention was drawn to the correspondence con- cerning your Pre-Christmas Quiz. John March and Your publicity manager may...

S , IR,—Litcrary references to the Spectator are doubt- less innumerable,

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but two notable omissions from Your modest self-appraisal occur to me. Readers of 1( lPling may recall in 'The Village that Voted the tarth was Flat' that to the general press...

DON' o Li 1St AY YOUR INCOME Suc—Altnough Derek Barton

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did not specify Whether the revised rents now demanded of the tenants at King's Court and Alexandria Mansions included rates or not, it seems safe to deduce that the latter are,...

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Farewell, Farewell, Eugene By BAMBER GASCOIGNE Mourning Becomes Elec- tra. (Old Vic.)—The Keep. (Royal Court.) EUGENE O'NEn.L.'s genius Was for naturalistic drama....


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The Trojans at the Opera By DAVID CAIRNS hon. : between Royer and %e a To Berlioz the Paris Opera was 'musically speaking a house of ill fame. And, last Saturday, confronting...

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Sitchcom By PETER FORSTER • In this respect the future looks bleak. Time has just reported that the three major American networks are about to achieve 'the diffieult feat of...


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From Feet to Feet By CLIVE BARNES 'AFTER my death the public will say what nonsense Fokine staged!' Choreographers are much obsessed with death; their art is fragile,...

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By Artificial Light By ISABEL QU1GLY Too Late Blues. (Plaza.) A DAZZLING initial success must be enough to make the stoutest artistic knees quake for what happens next:...

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Voice from a Cloud B Y CONSTANT NE FITZGIBBON 'E NGLAND,, a Times leader announced some L,half a dozen years ago 'has always been well served by her octogenarians.' One of the...

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Gray Eminence

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T he Prof. in Two Worlds. By the Earl of Birkenhead. (Collins, 45s.) .Axt pleased that I, never sat on a committee 1111 Cherwell. I am delighted that he was never a member of...

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Sahib, Cantab, Failed

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SirrriNo in his house at the foot of the Sussex Downs. among his books and flowers and ani- mals, an old man remembers. He remembers leaving England in 1904 as a cadet in the...

I the Novelist . . .

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The Art of George Eliot. By W. J. Harvey. (Chatto and Windus, 21s.) ANYONE who has read Mrs. Barbara Hardy's excellent study, The Novels of George Eliot, might be excused for...

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The Giant's Children

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THE children of the great are not much to be envied. Like heiresses afraid of being married for their money, they must always struggle for recognition in their own right; and...

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Egos and Otherness

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There were these four gulls on the side of the roof across the street. And they kept up a con- tinual noise. Sometimes they just opened their beaks and whined and took a few...

Enfants Terribles

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Wonderful Clouds. By Frangoise Sagan. Trans- I 6s.) Stories from the New Yorker, 1950 - 1960. (Ciollancz, 25s.) ROUND about Thanksgiving (an Un-English festival) the...

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The Economics of the Pay Pause

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By NICHOLAS DAVENPORT THE letter which Mr. Selwyn S Lloyd wrote to the general - secretary of the TUC last F • First, the economic facts. Fhe TUC argue that unless the...

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Waiting to Get to Grips

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From JOHN LAMBERT r"r HE first round has ended without any points being scored. Indeed, were there not eight protagonists involved (Britain, the Six and the EEC Commission),...

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Investment Notes

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By CUSTOS A LEADING firm of brokers describes the equity share market as tending to be manic- depressive. It certainly alternates between the ex- tremes of optimism and...

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Company Notes

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O N November 7 Mr. G. W. Harriman toa over from Sir Leonard Lord the duties of chairman of the British Motor Corporation, sir Leonard, after forty years valuable service to the...

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Season to Taste By KATHARINE WHITEHORN Whatever the cause, there is no doubt that St. Valentine is now riding high; and seeing all the cards displayed gave one a clear idea of...

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Consuming Interest

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Visiting Firemen By LESLIE ADRIAN The organisation is divided into two parts. Mrs. Wynne Pierson, an American mother of two young children, takes care of all services relating...

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Postscript . .

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Dear Sir, You may not remember me, well I , am Robin and I have asked Daddy to buy me a space-suit. He did not appear to be very in- terested as only yesterday I broke the...