1 JULY 1848

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A concurrence of reports from various quarters, and in different

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forms, corroborates the former belief that England is to mediate between Sardinia and Austria, to settle the question of the Lom- bardo-Venetian kingdom. A contemporary, usually...

The Ministerial crisis winch was taikeu of at the end

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of last week has passed over without any revolution in Downing Street : the House of Commons has resolved by 260 to 245 to go into Committee on the Ministerial proposition for...


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THE great thunder-cloud of war which had been hanging so long over Paris burst at last: the storm is over, for the time ; and Pa- ris, shattered, bloodstained, disgraced—its...

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THE WEST INDIA DEBATE. In the House of Commons, on Monday, before the renewal of the ad- journed debate, Mr. HAWES went into explanations on the charges made against himself...

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THE Queen held a Privy Council and Court on Tuesday afternoon, at Buckingham Palace. The Council was attended by Prince Albert and most of the Cabinet Ministers. The Earl of...

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A Court of Common Council was held on Thursdry, for the despatch of' business. A letter from the patronesses of the Spitaitields ball was read: it declined the offer of the...

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The project-for the union of parties moves slowly, though it still makes some progress. It is said that Mr. John O'Connell again hesitates, and is not quite sure about acting on...

be firobintes.- Th6 candidates - for - the representation of - TiorshaM - were tioniinatedons

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Wednesday; the Honourable Edward Howard being the new candidate , proposed. The shoveof hands was in favour 'of Mr. Fitzgerald, and a poll was demanded. The election was...

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Face.—The revolt in Paris, of which the beginning was merely an- nounced in our first edition last week, and was very briefly reported in a latereditionrassamed the character of...

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Tuesday!s. GazetteAnnouneed that Lord Palmerston had-received from Mr. Belford Wilson, her Majesty's Charge d'Affaires at Caraccas, a de- ,spatoh, dated the 19th of May...

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The times are serious. The Italian people are not wanting

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in their day; but if, after abandoning the Venetian provinces to the execrable Austrian army, the Italians feel themselves unequal to cope with their task, they will not...


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SATURDAY. In the House of Commons, last night, the Government resolution for the amendment of the Sugar-duties was further considered in Committee, with another West Indian...

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A correspondent, writing under the date of Dudley, Friday evening,

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says—" For the second time within the short space of three weeks, we have to record one of those appalling accidents which have of late been of such frequent occurrence in this...

Paris was tranquil yesterday morning; but rumours abound that all

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is not yet quite safe. There are, however, 110,000 troops of the Line and 200,000 National Guards now under arms. The incrimination of high conspirators is becoming more...


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8eocx EMURA3131, FRIDAY API/SNOOK. Business has been a little brisker during the past week; and though not extensive, the operations in the English Funds have been mom...

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The Philharmonic concert of Monday was the eighth and last of the season. The Queen and Prince Albert were present; and, consequently, a number of persons of rank were in the...


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The regular season of theatrical inactivity begins about this period of the year, and the dulness is still heightened by the unsettled state of affairs in Europe. Mr. Webster,...

Besides the Philharmonic, there have been two concerts of note

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this week,—Mr. BenedicCs, and M. Berlioz's. The former was on Monday morning, in the Opera concert-room; and was a gathering of all the avail- able vocal and instrumental talent...

Had it not been for some very fine acting by

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M. Boutin, as Caderousse in the murder-scene, the second soirée of Monte Cristo would have gone off without causing a sensation. However, this representation of abject misery...

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Somalia aside as entirely answered-the personal charge in the matter of the .Tamaica.despatch,—regarding Mr. Hawes as having vindicated his honesty at the expense of his...


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SPECULATIN FOR THE FALL. ?hut Whig Ministers cultivate the art of sinking in the public estimation-with a devotion that occasions just annoyance to their 'friends. It is...

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- THE Russell and the Grey assert a very novel privilege of aris- tocratic officials—immunity from charges of serious misconduct. Lord John Russell, angrily announces, that...


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TEE condition of Germany is at present extremely anomalotte: it is not easy to discover the presence of any efficient government, and still more difficult to conjecture whence...

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As wasps fly back to the nest that has been blown up, uncon- scious of the danger, so human beings have rebuilt a Catania or a Lima, and so the curious Parisians pour forth into...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. 6 Tfarerstock Terrace, Hampstead, 28th June 1848. SIR-I regret to occupy more of your valuable space with the dispute respect- ing my invention...

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Memoir of William Ellery Channing. With Extracts from his Correspondence and Blanuscripts. In three volumes Chapman. The Romance of the Peerage; or Curiosities of Family...

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Timobject of Mi. Craik - in this work is to give. biographical notices of the most remarkable persons in the British Peerage, when their lives partake of the character of...

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Life in Russia; or the Discipline of Despotism. By Edward , P, Thompson, Esq., Author of " The Note-book - 4sta Naturalise' An Inquiry into the Philosophy and -Religion...

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On the 21st June, at Ham House, surrey, the Honourable Mrs. Frederick Tollemache, Of a daughter. On the 21st, at Cushendeen, Antrim, the Wife of Captain Edward Holland, R.N.,...


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wAi-osm, June 30.-2d Rest. of Life Guards-Cornet and Sub-Lieut. E. F. Wing- field to be Lieut, by purchase, vice King, who retires; Cornet and Sub-Lieut. A. C. D. Hawksley to be...


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rAssavxn - At Gravesend, 25th June, Stains Castle, Dawson ; and Merope, Harding, from Australia; }taboo, Baker; and Carib, Heaton, from China ; and Zion, Lash, from Calcutta ;...


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Tuesday, June 27. PARTNEBSHLPS DISSOLVED. Barnett and Kimptou junior, Gracechurch Street, ship-agents-Pitt and Gibbon, the Square, Kensington, schoolmistresses-Walker and...

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FOREIGN FUNDS. Austrian (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) 5 p. Cl. — Massachusetts (Sterling) ..5 p Ct. Be u lg to ian 59 Mexican . . . 6 -...