20 JANUARY 1844

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The French Legitimists have been called to account in the

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Chamber of Deputies, and M. BERRTER has spoken; but he made out a poor vindication. His party, he says, have a right to their opinion ; they have a right to testify respect for...


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but no— , ere more delays. First, Mr. O'Cosnletr., who e iu riding in the Lord mayor's - coach, took tewint- . tit just on his wig; which implies a good deal of time spent at...

The agricultural agitation against the Anti-Corn-law League appears to make

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way, so far as extent of territory and multiplica- tion of local societies go ; but we miss some of the most imposing signs of prosperous activity. The meetings are not attended...

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he itletropolis.

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A Court of Aldermen was held on Tuesday, for the despatch of busi- ness. The presentments of the Ward-inquests were delivered, and were ordered to be referred to a Committee of...

Zbe Zourt.

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A NOTHER quiet week has been varied by going back to Windsor Castle. The Queen and Prince Albert left Claremont, on Tuesday; the Princess Royal riding in the same carriage : the...

Zbe Ifirobinces.

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The Anti-League movement in the agricultural districts continues. A meeting of owners and occupiers of land was held at Reigate, on Tuesday ; Mr. Neale, the banker, in the...

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Attempts to delay the State trials were kept up to the last. In the Court of Queen's Bench, on Friday, Mr. Moore, one of the traverser? counsel, moved that the panel of Special...

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The Anti-Corn-law Deputation had a meeting, in the new Musk Hall, the largest room in Edinburgh, on the 11th instant. The Lord Provost occupied the chair : there were present...

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joreign an Colonial.

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FRANCE.—In the Chamber of Deputies, on Friday, was read the draft of an address in answer to the King's speech, of which it was nearly an echo. The most important variations...


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A paragraph going the round of the papers reports that the Queen's "domestic ties" are about to be "multiplied "—that "the family circle next year at Claremont will be more...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. It was rumoured in Dublin on Wednesday evening, that the Attor- ney-General would move in the Court of Queen's Bench to prevent the publication of the evidence...

The usual monthly meeting of the Anti-Corn-law League was held

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in Manchester Free-trade Hall, on Thursday evening. It was reported that, since the last meeting, the deputations of the League had held twenty-five meetings, and that the new...

Yesterday afternoon, just as the Bow Street Police Court was

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about to close, William James Kellman or Kilburn was brought under a charge of being found in Buckingham Palace. He was evidently mad. Mrs. Brettell, a housekeeper in the...

Last night's Gazette makes known the ip that the still

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absent Lieutenant Munro has been superseded by the uthorities at the Horse Guards.

- Catholic meetings to protest against the omissions in the

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Jury-list and the exclusion from the Jury have been held at Galway and Lime- rick. At Galway, the titular Bishop Browne threatfully insinuated that if Government continued to...

The increasing value of Bank Stock is accounted for by

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our City correspondent ; but the Globe last night accounted for it differently ; mentioning, as a "great secret," that the Bank charter is to be renewed- " The present Ministry...

The Whig leading journal has been trying to be impartial,

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and can't manage it. The Morning Chronicle yesterday proposed an abstinence from comments during the Irish trials, now fairly entered upon ; and straight followed up its counsel...

According to present arrangements, say the papers, her Majesty (who

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will open the coming session of Parliament in person on the 1st of February) will take her departure from Windsor Castle, for Buckingham Palace, on Tuesday or Wednesday the 30th...

Letters from Goritz of the 8th instant describe the Duke

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of Angou- leme's health as not worse than it was. The Prince, on the contrary, had been able to present himself in the drawing-room It was even said that his physicians had...


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STOCK EXCHANGE. FRIDAY ATTE RHOON. The only noticeable event in the operations of the week has been an im- provement of 3 per cent in Bank Stock ; not arising from any...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. BIR—ITI RICARDO'S Chapter upon Foreign Trade, the following passage oc- curs: " The same rule which regulates the relative value of commodities...


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NOTHING shows more strongly the impoverished state of the stage than the temptations offered to old favourites to return to the scenes of former triumph when their powers are on...


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ARRIVED-At Gravesend, 19th instant, Earl of Durham, Crouch ; and Thomas Met- calfe. Yorston, Crum Calcutta. Off Falmouth, 17th, Fleetwood, Richardson, from Mauritius. At...

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jSceptical as we are on this subject, we have no hesitation in printing, without comment, the following case ; which proceeds from a gentleman well knewn to ns for habits of...

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THE advocates and opponents of Corn-law Repeal are in the habit of bandying taunts about the state of the poorer classes in the agricultural and the manufacturing districts. The...


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REGULATION OF THE CURRENCY. IN what is called "the City article" of one of the morning papers, two or three days ago, the writer expatiated upon the influx of Currency...

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O'CoNateLL, Rebecca, and the Free Church, are not to be allowed a monopoly of revolutionary movements : there is another agitator in the field. The revolution of the Sun, that...


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A REALLY important move in correctional discipline has been effected at Birmingham, by Mr. MATTHEW HILL, according to a plan which he learned from some benevolent Magistrates at...

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HISTORICAL DISQUISITIoN, Memoirs of Mary Stuart. Queen of Scotland. By L. Stanhope F. Buckiogham. In two volumes. Bentky. MISCHIJANYOUS LITERATURE. Life in the Sick-Room....


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A - MODERNIZED " Twelfth Night," in which the Duke of BOR.. DRAUX is introduced as a substitute for Malvolio, has had a great run in the French newspapers : the author, however,...

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Tins volume is a series of essays written by a confirmed invalid, whose life is passed in the confinement of the house, whose bodily wellbeing is cessation of pain, and whose...

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of the series of Swedish novels by FREDRIKA BREMER consists of two tales,—" A Diary," translated from sheets forwarded by the authoress to her friend ; and " Strife and Peace. "...


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NOT only fails to support the promise of the author ' s previous work, The Scottish Heiress, but falls below it, as well in the powers displayed by the writer as in their...

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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED From January 12th to January 181h.

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Booas. Modern Egypt and Thebes; being a Description of Egypt, including the information required for travellers in that country. By Sir GARDNER Witatirrsox, F.R.S., &c., Author...

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HEBREW MELODIES. SEVERAL of the principal vocalists of the Great Theatres, now dis- banded and gentlemen at large, are giving themselves engagements in the shape of...

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BIRTHS. On the 21st June, at Wellington, the Wife of I. E. FEATHERSTON, Esq.. M.D., of a daughter. On the 9th January, at the Manor House, 1Vhitstone, Devon, the Lady of W....


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Tuesday, Tan. 16. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. J. and C. Calton, Rotherham, grocers-Ogden and Carruthers, Radcliffe Hall, Lan- cashire, ginglram-manufaeturers-W. and M. Forde,...


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WAR-OFFICE, Jan. 19.-2d Re g t. Life Guards-H. W. Montgomery, Gent, to be Cornet and Sub Lieut. by purchase, vice Viscount Drundatirig, who retires. let Drag. Guards- Lieut....

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