20 MARCH 1830

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THE House of Commons had the Budget before them on Monday; and on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday were engaged with the ques- tion of Public Distress. In the House of Lords the...

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The House of Commons sat on Monday, till past twelve;

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on Tuesday till nearly one; on Thursday till past one; and on Friday till three. The House of Lords sat on Thursday till half-past two ; on no other day later than six. Earl...

Since our last publication, the Address of the French Chamber

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of Deputies has come to hand ; and it is by no means so moderate as, from the address of the Peers, we were inclined to anticipate. The distrust of the intentions of Prince...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, SATURDAY MORNING.—Notwithstanding the publication of our Budget, and the importance of the news from Paris, with the proba- bility of a material change in the...

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THE KING.—His Majesty is in perfect health, and takes exercise

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daily in the environs of the Castle at Windsor. The Duke of Cumberland entertained Prince and Princess Lieven and a distinguished party at Kew on Sunday. Prince Leopold has had...

A fire broke out on Saturday in the premises of

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Mr. Moore, builder, at Rotherhithe. Eight houses adjoining were consumed, and an immense amount of property destroyed. A fire broke out last week in Woodaway Lane Chudleigh, and...

EAST INDIA MONOPOLY.—We have received a long letter from Mr.

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Buckingham, in refutation of a very absurd rumour, that he had been bought off by the East India Company. Mr. Buckingham is giving, daily, the best sort of negative to this...

BANK OF ENGLAND—The half-yearly meeting of the proprietors of Bank

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Stock took place on Thursday, and a half-yearly dividend of 4 per cent. agreed to. Mr. Young made his usual objections, founded chiefly on the want of publicity that marked the...

MR. DOUGLAS Krwsratnn,-The Hon. Douglas Kinnaird, whose death was announced

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in this journal on Saturday last, was sufficiently known to the public to excuse the following notice of him. He was born about the year 1786, and received the early part of his...

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' FREAKS OF JUSTICE.— A man was tried by Mr, Justice

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Garroiv at Not- thighain, OR the lath; and tWO men Were tried at Dotchester by Sir. Jus- tice Besanquet oil the Saine day; ivlioSe sentehtes present one, of thOse cases that So...

THE AT meat oss t P. — Keint played Richard the Third

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on Motulay, and was Welcomed as ih days of yore. On the fall of the certain he was called for he cane fiirWatd; end spoke of the future—the past he wished to forget. Yeurig...

INUNDATION AT VIENNA--The Winter in Austria has been ,very severe

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; and at the breaking of the ice, the Danube rose at Vienna and did incalculable mischief. The suburbs under water were so extensive as to contain 50,000 inhabitants, in...


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ens majesty's Stag Hounds meet an Monday, at Farnham common ; and Friday, at Salt Hill—at half-past ten. Lord Kintore's Hounds meet on Monday, at Stanford Village; and Friday...

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A SOCIETY for thepurpose of promoting Colonization, on the princi- ples unfolded in the Letter from Sydney, is, we are happy to under- stand, about to be established. No one...


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THE BUDGET. THE Chancellor of the Exchequer has very agreeably disappointed us ; he has done more than we supposed he could or would do. We owe the umende in some measure both...


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LORD BYRON once declared, that of all the women he had ever asso- ciated with, the women of high rank in England were the most profli- gate. We are not sure how far BYRON 15 to...

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" Down,•--ild the front I—Hats off I" Language of the Pittites. Language of the Pittites. " The Gold Cup at Ascot Heath Race has closed, with an entry of ten horses only,...

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THE second concert was on Monday last ; and this was the scheme. ACT!. Sinfonia Pastorale.. . . . Beethoven. Duetto, Mr. Begrez and Mr. Seguin, "Claud i o ritor . n . ;," " E...


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MUSICAL critics appear to acknowledge no shades of merit, and to be susceptible of no degrees of enjoyment. The comparative is can- celled in their judgments, and there is no...

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RIiNE CAILLIL'S TRAVELS.* M. RENE CAILLIE won the prize proposed by the Geographical So- ciety of Paris to the traveller who should first reach Timbuctoo by the Senegal route....

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This is a book for cutting tip, and we shall use it for that purpose. It is amusing, gossipy, and ill-written. Many of the anecdotes are not new. Some of them, we suspect, are...

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PEEPS AT THE PRINT-SHOPS. THB attractions of the print - shops at this seasim are so manifold, that, comprehensive as our glances are, we can scarcely take in all the novelties...

U S I C.

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A Collection of Peninsular Melodies. The English words by Mrs. HEHANS, Mrs. NORTON, Dr. BOWR1NG, &C. The airs compiled and selected by G. L. HODGES. No. 1. "THE music of Spain...

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Mn. WEsT.stAcoTT's fifth lecture on Sculpture was devoted to the consi- deration of Composition. The principles of composition, the Professor re- marked, were the mune in MI the...