20 MAY 1848

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THE Ministers have at last propounded their measure on the Na- vigation-laws; and if they carry it as it is introduced—which is perhaps rather a wide supposition—it will be one...

The news from the three great regions of movement on

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the Continent is important, but of a nature to awaken rather than satisfy solicitude. France has witnessed another scene like those familiar to the old Revolution, but with a...

Thus far the Crown prosecutions in Dublin have had the

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issue that was to be anticipated according to precedent—the Juries have disagreed. The being arraigned has only served to promote the arch-agitators of the day to the pinnacle...

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Debates anti! Wrottellings hi Varliatnent.

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THE NAVIGATION-LAWS. In the House of Commons, on Monday, the first order of the day was the Committee of the whole House on "Navigation and Regulation of Ships and Seamen." On...

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yxr an d Mr. Murvrz; supported by Mr. LABOUDEIERE and Mr.

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AGLIONBY. p n a division, the amendment was carried, by 100 to 38; and thus the bill is lost. yxr an d Mr. Murvrz; supported by Mr. LABOUDEIERE and Mr. AGLIONBY. p n a division,...

Sbr eourt.

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Tun fourth daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert was christened o n Saturday, in the private chapel of Buckingham Palace. The Arch- bishop of Canterbury officiated as...

'Opt „Metropolis.

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Sir De Lacy Evans has given a haughty rebuff to certain of his consti- tuents in Westminster, who lately memorialized him as a political back- slider. He addresses his objectors...

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abe Viobirats.

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Mr. George Cornwall Legh has come forward in opposition to Mr. Ast. ley as a candidate for North Cheshire. He states in his address, that he will support religious...


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The state trials at Dublin commenced on Monday, with the case of Mr Smith O'Brien. Mr. O'Brien's friends assembled in strength, and marched in orderly procession with him to the...

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foreign anti Colonial.

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FnAncs.—The interest of the news from Paris centres in an attempt made on Monday, by the extreme faction, with open violence to upset the present order of things and establish a...

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Lord Besborough has been appointed to the Mastership of the Buck- hounds, vacant by Lord Granville's acceptance of the Vice-Presidency of the Board of Trade. _— The Committee...


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Aitawan—At Gravesend, 11th May. Hebrides. Melville, from China ; 12th, Renown, Murray, from Port Phillip ; and Eliza Moore, Ashbridge, from China; and 14th, Cano- pus,...

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The Gazette of yesterday announces that the Queen has conferred

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knighth oo d on John Romilly, Esq., M.P., Solicitor-General; John Liddell, Esq., M.D., lev ee _ tor of Fleets and Hospitals ; Captain William Bellairs, Senior Exon of the Que...

A very full special meeting of the Westminster Reform Society

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met yes- terday to consider the letter which General Evans lately addressed to " the fourteenth part " of its members. A warm discussion arose, some members proposing a...

The accounts from Berlin reach to the 16th. A great

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excitement has arisen in regard to an order lately issued by the Government, that file Prince of Prussia should return to Berlin. Meetings were held and deputa- tions crowded to...

Paris was quite tranquil up to five o'clock yesterday afternoon.

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The Moniteur of yesterday contains the long-expected projet de loi for the Puisisasse of the Railways by the State. In the Nam...4 Assembly, the ballot for the nomination of...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The heaviness of the English Stock Market noticed last week was materially increased by the intelligence received from Paris on Tuesday...


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SATURDAY. The House of Commons last night resumed in Committee the considera- tion of the Public Health Bill. Clause 3d was adopted, with a further concession by Government,...

The Nouvelliste de Marseilles reports that an Austrian division has

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vio- lated the Swiss territory, by marching through the Canton of the Grisons to attack the Piedmontese army in the rear.

An electric despatch from Dublin, dated yesterday evening, reports some

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apprehension that the Confederate Clubs were to make a marching demonstration in defiance of the authorities, last night. The Dublin Police Commissioners had issued a...

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Plotless plays are dangerous commodities. A farce called The Fast

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Man, produced at the Lyceum, belongs to this category; being merely intended to exhibit the domestic practices of a " slow" man (Buckstooe) with a " fast" companion (Mathews)....


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Theatrical excitement has chiefly been kept up this week by a party of tlemen amateurs, well known in the literary world, and also of some ge p c ebrity on account of their...

The Lords of Ellingham, a play by Mr. Spicer, published

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some years back, and having for its historical basis the " Bye " conspiracy vi ll ain , i n the time vi of James the First, has been produced at the Olympic. A 11 ' who be-...

There has been nothing new at the Italian Theatres this

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week, either in respect to pieces or performers. At Her Majesty's, we have had Jenny Lind in La Sonnambula and La Figlia del Beggimento—each for the third time; and in both she...


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The concert of Monday had the usual merits and defects of these per- formances. The two Symphonies were Haydn's in B flat, the fourth of the " Salomon" set, and Beethoven's...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. London, 9th May 1848. Sza—The question how to conjoin extended suffrage with thorough protection against that tyranny of a majority which so...

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A PART of the Irish people, represented by the Jury in Smith O'Brien's case, has refused to recognize English law, and has thus helped more distinctly to place the issue between...


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THE SLAVERY OF "THE SYSTEM." IT is of little use to describe the measures which might redeem Ireland, or might serve the empire in any other great necessity ; for we have not...

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No. V. TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. London, 1st May 1848. SIR—I am anxious that it should not be understood that I recommend organi- zation, however perfect, in...


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THE proximate cause of the Pope's tribulation is an act which ought to procure him nothing but admiration and sympathy from a numerous class of moralists in this country : be is...


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Tun defence offered by the friends of the Church for the present state of the Cathedrals and Collegiate Churches breaks down in every part. They would have done much better if,...

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Gossip. Letters addressed to the Countess of Ossory, ftom the year 1769 to 1797. By Ho race Walpole, Lord Orford. Row first printed from Original MSS. Edited with Notes by the...

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HAVING exhausted Russia and the Sclavonic races, with a glance at Aus- tria and Germany, the author of .Revelations of Russia takes up France and England, to consider their "...


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Da. ORMEROD has been for some years a close observer at St. Bartholo- mew's Hospital, both as student and medical officer ; and he has been in- duced to give particular...

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ibe x , BLANCHE, AND V/OLET. IN spite of cons i derable knowledge of

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society, some study of human na- ture, a good deal of reflection upon the consequences of particular feelings or passions, and a forcible style though with too visible an...

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ROYAL ACADEMY EXEMPTION : STORY PICTURES. As you pass the line of the severer and more ambitious style of historical paintin g in the collection of the Royal Academy, you may...


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BOOKS. Catlin's Notes of Eight Years' Travels and Residence in Europe with his North American Indian Collection. With Anecdotes and Incidentsof the Travels and Adventures of...

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On the 9th May, at Gibraltar, the Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Savage, Royal Engi- neers, of a daughter. On the 12th, in Belgrave Square, Lady Cecilia Des Voeux, of a son. On...


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OFFICE or ORDNANcE, May 12.-Royal Regt. of Artillery-First Lieut. J. J. Brand- ling to be Sec. Capt. vice Ramsey, retired on half-pay ; Sec. Lieut. H. J. M. Campbell to be First...


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Tuesday, May 16. PAATNERsHIPS DISSOLVED. H. and T. Haffiwell, Mnsbnry, Lancashire, cotton-manufacturers-Bart and Martin, New Church Street, Portman Market, grocers-Simpson and...

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BRITISH FUND S. (Closing Prices.) Sassed. Monday. -- per Cent Console 834 83/ Ditto for Account 834 831 3 per Cents Reduced 8;1 011 3* per Cent@ 821 82 1 Long Annuities...