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W HEN press, Parliament and people condone a public breach of trust, over a long enough period, even those of us who have condemned it must in time begin to reconcile ourselves...

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By U. W. D ACK in the old days the Fiffirer's percentage BO would have been out by now,' said the poll- clerk as he slit open the first envelope. This time it was an all-night...

Marital Intelligence

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AMERICAN SAILOR Richard Pierce Sunday Express, September 15. Walter Pierce Reynolds News, September 15. reached the thirteenth-century parish church Sunday Express. Birstall...

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Portrait of the Week

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THE , main foreign news of the week is without any doubt the triumphant return of Dr. Adenauer to office with a clear majority of forty-three seats in the Bundestag, thus con-...


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FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT I T is said with some reason that Cyprus is the last place to learn about Cyprus problems; better go to New York, London, Athens or Ankara. If the dictum...

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Westminster Commentary

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WHAT song the sirens sang Is not (we have Sir Thomas Browne's word for it) beyond conjecture, and I am as willing as the next man to conjecture it. Moreover, 1 am as well...


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`DEATH IN VENICE' F OLLOWING publication on March 1 last of an article under this title concerning the Twenty-third National Congress of the Italian Socialist Party, we...

Sunday Intelligence

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THE FIRST section of the 1957 National Readership Survey recently published by the Institute of Practi- tioners in Advertising further emphasises the excep- tional nature of the...

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Tokio, Tuesday.—General Chang Chun, spe- cial envoy of President Chiang Kai-shek, said here tonight: 'Our attack on the Chinese main- land is approaching. We shall not need US...

THE Daily Telegraph's decision to keep its corre- spondent, Ian

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Colvin, out of Ghana is sensible; that country is passing through a phase when it is unwise for non-nationals to try to take their stand there on principles or rights. Not every...

A Spectator's Notebook

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EVERY TIME A ministerial reshuffle is pending (and few have been as vigorously 'leaked' in advance as this one) the mind leaps to two names, with the inevitability that the...

I AM AMUSED by the controversy Mr. Mark Bonham Carter

The Spectator

has stirred up in The Timer with his letter anent Mr. Peter Thorneycroft's speech at Gloucester, in which Mr. Thorneycroft de- clared that he was as good a Liberal as anyone,...

'IS SIR LARRY'S PLAY OBSCENE?' the Star asked its readers,

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in heavy front-page headlines last Friday : and it went on to say that the author, Mr. John Osborne, was surprised at how much the censor had passed. So—seeing The Enter- tainer...

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Pendulum and Pyramid

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By HENRY FAIRLIE E ROADCASTING and television need something very like a Gettysburg declaration of prin- ciple. In the past few weeks two important pro- nouncements have been...

HAVING SEEN rock 'n' roll in its native haunts last

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year I was interested to hear from a friend of mine that the latest teenage craze is a very differ- ent kind of thing. Whereas the Bill Haley hep- cats were mostly male with...

'THE Manchester Guardian would have been printed in London as

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well as in Manchester two years ago, had it not been for fear of protest from the printing trade unions.' Thus Mr. Laurence Scott, the chairman of the Manchester Guardian and...

FROM THE Evening Standard: GIRDER BREAKS 60ft FALL Mr. John

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Magson, 50, fell 20 feet Bshrdl shrdl shrdul mm m m m Quite. . . PHAROS

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New Light on Hitler

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By FRANK EYCK W HEN Hitler annexed Austria and revisited Linz, he demanded that the files about his obligation for military service in Austria should be handed over to him...

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Hancock's England

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Terrible Ted By ROBERT HANCOCK D ENMARK STREET, London, WC, is one hundred yards long. It is a fair cross-section of modern needs, housing bookmakers, two drinking clubs, a...

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City and Suburban

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By JOHN BETJEMAN SKY LINE I am sorry to see that the 'Dutch gables' have been removed from the tops of those late Vic- torian blocks of flats in Prince of Wales Drive,...

Why You No Thumpa Da Chest ?

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By STRIX T IS believed widely, and nowhere more firmly I than in these islands, that the British are a modest race, averse from boasting and prone to understatement; in this...

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London Reitaurants B.y LESLIE ADRIAN INTEND, later in the year, to revise and bring I up to date the list of London restaurants which I compiled earlier in the year, and...


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to the British Museum in carefully guarded vans. SO effective were the security measures that four of them have been on display in the British Museum since Monday without...

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Letters to the Editor

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Identifying Independence Mohamed Sopiee identifying the Prisoner Leslie Reade, P. R. Mursell Another Crack at Crevecitur Cyril Ray Child Murders and the Press 'Axed, Rev. Austin...

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The Spectator

dreadful child sex-murders in the last few weeks. The newspapers spread them- selves in columns of fact and comment, but are they not themselves very largely to blame? The more...

SIR,—In a letter printed in your issue of September 13

The Spectator

Mr. G. W. R. Thompson makes the following propositions 1. That identification parades are not sanc- tioned by the law (presumably he means that the law forbids them). 2. That...

IDENTIFYING THE PRISONER Sia,—The arguments for Mr. Montgomery Hyde's excellent

The Spectator

suggestions for improvements in cases in- volving evidence of identification arc even stronger than he makes them, for he has slipped into some significant errors and...


The Spectator

SIR,—Anne-Marie Crevecceug misunderstands my ob- jections to her beginning a reeipe for sauce poivrade with 'one ounce of margarine.' I did not write, as she suggests I did, of...

'AXED' Sin,—It would appear that your correspondent (as in the

The Spectator

case of a retired Group Captain who wrote an article in a well-known daily newspaper recently) has not heard of the 'Over Forty-Fives' Association, where a man of fifty is...

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Contemporary Arts

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Bitterness Creeps In A King in New York. (Leicester Square Theatre and Cameo- Polytechnic.) This isn't a political film, I'm not a politician, it's about people, not...

SIR,—Will the Spectator give me an opportunity of refuting the

The Spectator

slur on a good man's name which occurs in A History of Punch, by R. G. G. Price? He tells the world that G. L. Stampa, whose drawings ap- peared in the paper for fifty years,...


The Spectator

SIR, — ln evidence before the Wolfcnden Committee I suggested that if the streets must be cleared of prostitutes by penalties, this be effected by high fines, not imprisonment....


The Spectator

SIR,—As the Organiser of the National Exhibition of Housewives' Painting, which is by the way a selection from some 8,000 pictures submitted re- cently for a painting...

tijt *pettator

The Spectator

SEPTEMBER 22, 1832 ACTIVE steps are said to be taken to carry the pro- jected railway from Brighton to London into effect. It is intended to apply to Parliament, as soon as it...

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Thin on the Ground

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Television uses up talent fast. Television, to exist, needs more and more new, live people with something to say. The way it's going—spreading talent thin, pretending an ounce...

A Maturing Painter .

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AGAIN, and so soon it seems, John Bratby is holding a large one-man show and as always his work at least forces the spectator to make 0 0 a positive response and assessment. On...

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The Church, Marx and History BY CHRISTOPHER HILL W HAT is the use of history? What, more worrying still, is the use of historians? When Voltaire discussed the subject two...

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Down the Road from Gibbsville

The Spectator

A Family Party. By John O'Hara. (Cresset Press, 8s. 6d.) THIS novelette is in the form of an address delivered by a small-town bigwig at a dinner given in honour of a prominent...

The Biography Racket

The Spectator

MarY Kingsley: A Victorian in the Jungle. By Olwen Campbell. (Methuen, 21s.) The Life and Work of Harriet Martineau. By Vera Wheatley. (Seeker and Warburg, 35s.) C/ ,,NE of the...

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George Moore: Letters 1895-1933 to Lady Cunard. (Hart-Davis, 27s. 6d.) '.Sohn men kiss and tell,' said Sarah Purser in a well-known gibe, 'but Mr. Moore doesn't kiss and does...

Down Under Coming Up

The Spectator

People for Australia. By A. Lodewyckx. (F. W. Cheshire, 30s.) AUSTRALIANS say migration, suppressing the prefixes e- or im-, and no wonder : the Common- wealth is used to...

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Country Beckett

The Spectator

T US take a look at catastrophe. What is it? Some kind of guillotine fallen, pro- d ucing an enormity of dislocation, a severing of th e li ving Godhead from its body,...

The Peculiar Caste

The Spectator

IN the world of its time Regency England had the standing of present-day America. It was therefore the place people went to marry money. When Prince Hermann Ptickler-Muskau...

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Apples and Strontium 90

The Spectator

Once Round the Sun. By R. Fraser. (Hodder and Stoughton, 16s.) WHEN Newton in- the seventeenth century con- ceived the notion that the movements of the stars and planets were...

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P. OVERKAMP (1st equal, Magasinet, 1957) BLACK (10 men) WHITE (8 men) WHITE to play and mate in two moves: solution ne x t week. Solution to the last problem by Wirtanen ....

Stranger than Truth

The Spectator

Great World Mysteries. By Eric Frank Russell. (Dennis Dobson, 16s.) Fallen Star. By James Blish. (Faber, 15s.) PROFESSOR AUDEN has recently pointed out that the virtue of...

New Novels

The Spectator

The Sword of Pleasure. By Peter Green. (John M urray, 16s.) The Man on the Beach. By David Stuart Leslie. (Hutchinson, 15s.) The Homeward Run. By Joachim Lehnhoff. (Weidenfeld...

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I I ACROSS .t was in short the work-hour for the mathe- matician (6). 9 iu8leader ? Plu it! (8) Fifty-one in a hu g ndredth part for the cus- 10 virtuous . 1 2 The e v ir (...

Soon in the quiet of the lengthening evenings the pages

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of the albums will be turned, recalling memories of holidays at home and abroad. But why only for the photographers? The usual prize of six guineas is offered for a snapshot in...

Flaming Celluloid

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SPECTATOR COMPETITION No. 394 Report by Richard Usborne There is a film currently being shown in London entitled I was a Teenage Werewolf. Allowing, that ce r tain words such...

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It is well known that every few acres of ground support so many seed-eaters, so many insectivorous birds and so many predators, according to the nature of the country. Battles...


The Spectator

While the sun was shining, progress in the corn- field was steady. The tractor towing the wagon went along the lanes between the stooks, and the sheaves came sailing up to the...


The Spectator

`SO we stole it an' then didn't know what to ( le with it. We buried it for a while an' then we dug it up again an' rolled it over the cliff into the o ld quarry. We was...

Country Life

The Spectator

By IAN NIALL THE freshness of an egg is, according to some, an imponderable question, but I read the other day that a solution had been found by `experts' seeking to establish...


The Spectator

By NICHOLAS DAVENPORT THE £ is never long out of the news and with next week's meeting in lie L Washington of the International Monetary Fund it will be back on the front...

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By CUSTOS THE decline in our equity share prices goes on. It can be called a secondary reaction in a primary • ' ° F'" bull market, if you like, but 1 prefer to say simply...

SOLUTION TO CROSSWORD No. 956 ACROSS.-1 Boustrophcdon. 9 Buttercup. 10

The Spectator

Beech. 11 Spelt. 12 Aristides. 13 Needlul. 15 Shelled. 17 Admired, 19 Resumes. 21 Reblossom. 23 Senna, 24 Ditty, 25 Unanimous, 26 Elder Brethren DOWN.-2 On the beam. 3 Sweat. 4...