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Jobs for life

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Jobs for life The notion that a man should have a job for life, like the 'lotion that a man is entitled to live, work and die in the Place where he grew up, is deeply...

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The friendless masses

The Spectator

Political commentary The friendless masses Ferdinand Mount Doing no harm to a soul, sitting quietly listening to the Liberals debating energy and conservation in the Spanish...

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Notebook The first anniversary of Now! magazine has got people talking about the weeklies again. It has also caused Mr Anthony Hloward to be reminded of a prediction he made in...

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Death of a publisher

The Spectator

Another voice Death of a publisher Auberon Waugh A successful suicide, as well as causing grief' inevitable causes ripples of guilt among surviving friends and associates. If...

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Curing the Turkish disease

The Spectator

Curing the Turkish disease Roger Cooper The generals have finally done it. Coup is hardly the right word for last week's bloodless change from civilian to military rule in...

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The silliest democracy

The Spectator

The silliest democracy Nicholas von Hoffman Washington Annoyed by leaks of secret and/or embarrassing information, the Administration has struck back. It has proposed a new...

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The power and the glory

The Spectator

The power and the glory Gavin Stamp The news that the Central Electricitv Generating Board will soon close Battersea Power Station. probably when the contract to supply...

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Unhappy Liverpool

The Spectator

Unhappy Liverpool ?I Richard West The man who sells the Evening Echo outside Lewis's store, makes a joke of announcing - 'Read all the bad news!', and certainly there is no...

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Monetarism in a muddle

The Spectator

Monetarism in a muddle Tony Rudd Monetarism in this country is in a bad way, and the monetarists are beginning to look foolish. Although a certain amount of innocent amusement...

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A Southport childhood

The Spectator

A Southport childhood A.J.P. Taylor A.J. P. Taylor has been re-visiting, for Granada Television, four Lancashire towns in and arounlid which he spent his childhood and youth....

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[Sir: My attention has been drawn to a...]

The Spectator

Sir: My attention has been drawn to a review (26 July) by Gavin Stamp of Gerald Cobb's English Cathedrals: The Forgotten Centuries. I notice Mr Cobb refers to the Sutherland...

[Sir: May I, as a practising artist and needle-...]

The Spectator

Living cathedrals V. x Nir: May I as a - a ay1 sapractising artist and needle- woman for over 4() years. comment On Dean Le Grice's letter (30 August)? Like many layfolk I...

Phenomenally contradictory

The Spectator

Phenomenally contradictory Sir: It is one thing for Nicolas Walter to contradict the ideas of most contributors to the Spectator, but it is another thing for him to contradict...

Club records

The Spectator

Club records Sir: I have been commissioned bv the General Committee to write a history of the Hong Kong Club, which was founded in 1846. A major problem is that all records...

Fairlie ludicrous

The Spectator

Letters Fairlie ludicrous Sir: The point about British perceptions of the United States is that they are too largely derived from the New York Times and Washington Post,...

[Sir: To echo the words of the deputy editor of...]

The Spectator

Sir: To echo the words of the deputv editor of The iTimes, I regret he did not check his facts before describing my own _pleasures at Roberts' Oyster Bar in Blackpool....

[Sir: Without the beneficence and patience...]

The Spectator

Cost effective Sir: Without the beneficence and patience of the Thomson family to sustain us, it is of course true that the Guardian has to watch its costs zealously. We tend...

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Shadow of the gallows

The Spectator

Books Shadow of the gallows Graham Greene This is the first offour new essays which we shall be publishing over the next four weeks. They belong to a series of...

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The Psychoanalysis of Culture C.R. Badcock

The Spectator

Freudian fantasy Anthony Storr The Psychoanalysis of Culture C.R. Badcock (Blackwell £15) In 1913, Freud published Totem and Tb,,, an exercise in anthropological...

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Remarkable Relations: The Story of the Pearsall Smith Family Barbara Strachey

The Spectator

Ogresses A. N. Wilson Remarkable Relations: The Story of the Pearsall Smith Family Barbara Strachey (Gollancz £9.95) The Pearsall Smiths have had rather a raw deal as far as...

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Rothschild Buildings Jerry White

The Spectator

Lost world William Fishman Rothschild Buildings Jerry White (Rout- ledge £11 .50) Victoriana is in. Immigration under permanent debate. What better focus on the two than a...

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The Life and Work of John Nash, Architect John Summerson

The Spectator

John Nash Gavin Stamp The Life and Work of John Nash, Architect John Summerson (Allen & Unwin £20) Sir John Summerson's Joh n Nash, Arch itect i0 King George IV was...

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'WG': Cricketing Reminiscences and Personal Recollections W. G. Grace

The Spectator

The Doctor Benny Green 'WG': Cricketing Reminiscences and Personal Recollections W. G. Grace (Hambledon Press £7 50.) In his earl! days. J.M Barrie tells us, he wrote a book...

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Poppie Elsa Joubert

The Spectator

Documentary Paul Ableman Poppie Elsa Joubert (Hodder £6.50) The word 'novel' is imprecise and is applied to many' works which are really think' disguised autobiographies....

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Submariners (Royal Court, Theatre Upstairs) Baal (RSC, Warehouse)

The Spectator

Theatre Fragments Peter Jenkins Submariners (Royal Court, Theatre Upstairs) Baal (RSC, Warehouse) I am glad to know that absolutely nothing has changed in the Royal Navy. It...

My American Uncle

The Spectator

Arts The human comedy Peter Ackroyd Miy American Uncle ('A' Academy Two, Oxford Street) Alain Resnais's most recent film opens with a profusion of voices and images but,...

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The Spectator

Art Dreamlike John McEwen In 1978 Victor Willing, having returned to England after a long exile in Portugal. had his first one-man exhibition in London for 22 years. Even...

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The Spectator

High life Liberation Taki A thens This is a country that's very hard on women. Although it does not openly suppress them by forcing them to wear sheets over their faces, it...

Less moronic

The Spectator

Television Less moronic Richard Ingrams In its state of decline the BBC has lost faith in the ability of a man of academic bent to hold an audience with the power of words in...

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Sky larks

The Spectator

Postscript Sky larks Patrick Marnham Cheap flights across the Atlantic are becoIW ing so easy to find nowadays that the previous era of dodgy charter flights and bucketshop...

Yes and no

The Spectator

Low life Yes and no Jeffrey Bernard I read with a certain amount of disgust this last Tuesdav that a ghastly organisation who call themselves The Responsible SocietY have...