22 JULY 1848

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THE outbreak which has so long been threatened in Ireland seems likely to happen at once ' some months before its fixed date. The Irish capital, with Waterford and Cork, have...

In a Parliamentary sense, the principal business has been Lord

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John Russell's statement respecting the advancement or abandon- ment of the Government bills. Lord John specified only' the principal measures: whereof those to be pressed...

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dates anb ilinntebings in Varliament.

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BUSINESS OF THE SESSION. In the House of Commons, on Monday, Lord Joem RUSSELL, according to annual custom when the Parliamentary session has far advanced, stated what bills...

The general course of events has not changed in the

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other countries of Europe ; though rather a formidable step has been taken in the extreme East. In Spain, Cabrera still keeps up a languid and losing struggle for Don Carlos...

Under the quiet but vigorous Presidency of General Cavaignac, the

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annals of France have lost their extraordinary piquancy. The most remarkable thing is the continued regrowth of more legitimate statesmanship—that which is informed by political...

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be Itletropolis.

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At a Common Hall, on Thursday, two Sheriffs were elected, in the room of Mr. Charles Pritchett Bousfield, who had declined to serve, pay- ing the fine, and Mr. John Bemington...

be Gout.

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THE Queen held a Court on Wednesday afternoon, at Buckingham Palace. Baron de Hugel, the Wurtemburg Minister, had an audience, to deliver to the Queen his letter of recall....

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The Government in Dublin is making rapid advances in its measures against the rebellions agitation: Dublin, Waterford, and Cork, have been "proclaimed"; but before stating the...

1.)e Vrobliites.

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Disturbances imputed to "the Chartists" alarmed the town of Bradford on Sunday; but the cause of fear seems to have been exaggerated. The Chartists had issued placards...

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fforeign anti golonta 1.

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Fameer..—The news from Paris describes the capital as tranquil, and gaining daily in its sense of security; though still in a state of siege. The Dutchess of Bern was seen...


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The remains of Mary of Gueldres, wife of James the Second of Scot- land—recently discovered on the demolition of Trinity College Church, Edinburgh, and placed for temporary...

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Shortly after a Cabinet Consul in Downing Street, on Wednesday, de- spatches were sent off to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland. Orders were given from the Commander-in-chief's...


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SATURDAY. Ministers have at last announced, in Parliament, the adoption of a decided course against the avowed rebellion in Ireland; and the first step is to be taken this day,...

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From the condition of Ireland there appeared to be great danger that the people of that country were on the eve of an outbreak, unless by timely measures it were prevented. He...

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The yacht Sultana has won her race round Ireland with

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the bark Panic. She arrived at the Mersey yesterday morning, having seen nothing of the Panic since she was off Cape Clear.

By the electric telegraph, news has been received from Dublin

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to yesterday evening. Lord Clarendon had followed up his proclamation of Tuesday, by a notice calling all persons in Dublin to render up their arms at the Police-stations and...

Paris was perfectly quiet yesterday morning. M. Domes expired on

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Thursday —the fourth member of the National Assembly who has died of wounds received in the conflict of the 25th June. The workmen are returning to regular employ. Manufactories...


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Dublin, 1314 Jody 1848. Sin—As I have had experience upon former *cessions of your indulgence in allowing me the use of your columns for recording my humble testimony in behalf...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Stock Market was very lively both on Monday and Tuesday: in the course of Tuesday Consols reached 89 for Money, and 896 for...

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With the exception of the facts that Levassor has reappeared

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at the St. James's, in one of those pieces which enable him to show his inimitable versatility in the assumption of varieties of character—that the good old burlesque of Blue...


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Meyerbeees famous opera, Les Huguenots, promised by the management of the Royal Italian Opera at the beginning of the season, has at length been produced, when the season is...


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Since we have heard Jenny Lind, we have come to conceive of the seductions against which, as Homer tells, Ulysses was driven to take such extraordinary measures of resistance....

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THE history of the blockade on the African coast curiously illus- trates a peculiarity in the English character,—the obstinacy with which we are enabled to ignore facts the most...


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SYSTEMATIC HINDERANCE OF PUBLIC BUSINESS. Jr is to be hoped that anything like the deplorable exhibition performed by Lord John Russell on Monday, in "the massacre of the...

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A SUSPICION has been naturally excited, that Lord Grey is about to give away a very valuable piece of national property. Vancouver's Island, on the American Pacific coast, is to...


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THREE recent circumstances, of very different character, might alone suffice to prove the immense extension of interest and in- telligence on the subject of colonization. On...

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HISTORY, The History of British India. From 1805 to 1835. By Horace Heyman Wilson. F.B.S., dce. dee. Vol. III Madden. Thaw's, The Italians at Horne. By Fanny Lewald, Author...


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"I WILL be drowned, and nobody shall save me"—erst the pro- verbial illustration of the Anglo-Celtic diction—is becoming true Cockney, from the perseverance of the Londoner in...

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THESE volumes, translated by the Countess D'Avigdor from the German of Fanny Lewald, give an account of a tour in Italy during 1845-46. Beyond a sojourn at Ischia and Palermo,...

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TEN completion of Mr. Thackeray's novel of Vanity Fair enables us to take a more entire view of the production, and to form a more complete judgment of it as a work of art, than...

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Booss. The Gap of Barnesmore; a Tale of the Irish Highlands, and the Revolu- tion of 1688. In three volumes. Gowrie; or the King's Plot. By G. P. B. James, Esq. (Works of G....

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Grain na'h Albaini a Collection of Gaelic Songs, with English and Gndic Words. The Pianoforte Accompaniment arranged and revised by Fitslag Dun. The Scottish Celts and &MODS...

MORTAL= IN THE METROPOLIS. Number of Summar deaths. average. Smalls

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Diseases 319 .... 267 Dropsy, Cancer, and other diseases of uncertain or variable seat 44 . • • • 46 Tubercular Diseases. Diseases of the Broth, Spinal Marrow, Nerves, and...

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Tuesday, July 18. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Ramsden and Hemingway, Dewsbury, rag-dealers-Pink, Wickham, and Co. Bristol, tea-dcalers-Tidmarsh and Brown, Rosemary Lane,...


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On the 12th July. at Rilbride Manor, County of Wicklow, the Lady of Richard Moore Jun., Esq., of a son and heir. On the lath, at Pitfour Castle, Perthshire, the Lady of Sir John...


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WAR - OFYICE, July 18-1st Drag. Guards-C. E. Wyatt, Gent, to be Cornet, by pur- chase, vice ErrIngton, who retires. 9th Light Drags.-A. J. H. Elliot, Gent, to be Cornet, without...

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B R I T I S If PUN D S. (Closing Prices.) Sained. — 1 per Gent Consols I Ditto for Accoutit 67 3 per Cents Reduced 87 SI per Gents 81 Long Annuities 131 Bank Stock, 9 per...