22 OCTOBER 1831

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THE Session of 1831 terminated on Thursday. The following is the valedictory address of our excellent King to the Reforming Commons and Anti-Reforming Lords. "My Lords and...

. it was thought advisable to postpone the publication of

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the ANATOMY till the 5th of November. An Advertisement to this effect was inserted in the Daily Papers in the middle of the week ; but as it may not have met the eye of some, of...

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The Peerage Bill has constituted the topic of discussion in

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the French Chamber of Deputies. The most important amend- ment which has been made in it during the week, is that of M. de MOSBOURG, on Friday. It had been previously...

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The suppression of the Poles by the capture of Warsaw,

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and the subsequent dispersion of the army, have been the subject of two official accounts, one issued by the Russian authorities, the other emanating from the Patriots. The only...

King held a Levee on Wednesday ; mk place :—

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Earl of Huntingdon, on his return from the Continent, by Sir J. Graham. Mr. J. H. Plunkett, on his appointment as Solicitor-General of New South Wales, by the Earl of Fingal....

The Ambassadors of the Five Powers have at length finished

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their labours in the cause of Holland and Belgium. At a meet- ing which began on Friday night and was prolonged to four o'clock on Saturday morning, it was finally determined...

Thompson . . • ..

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Lord Mayor Laurie Waithman .. 2 4 5 6 3 5 4 There is a warm controversy waging between AlderMa . n 2 :1 7 a t itliman and Mr. Pearson and Mr. Stevens, on the subject of the...

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REACTION. — The number of places and districts that have met and

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remonstrated on the subject of the rejection of the Bill, beats our anti'. metie : the list for a single day, in one of tl:e papers of the week, con- tains oni Imndred names,...

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RECORDER'S REPORT.—When the report was made to his Majesty, os

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Thursday, the whole of the criminals were respited during pleasure. STATE OF NEWGATE, October 18.—Prisoners under sentence of death, 30; transportation for life, 1!; for...

OLD BAILEY Sessunss.—Indietments for trial at the Session of New-

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gate, which commenced on Thursday. Murder, 1 ; burglary, :3; house- breaking, 10; horsestealing, 1 ; stealing in dwellinghouses, 7 ; stealing from the person, 34 ; embezzlement,...

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A Wines's:se Qui PRO Quo.—On Tuesday last, the Roman Catholic

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Bishop of Cork was proceeding in the London mail for Bristol, on his. may to Cork ; when, arriving at Bath, the coach stopped to change horses. A large assemblage of people soon...

SWING AGAIN.—At Barkston near Grantham, on Saturday night last, a

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waggon-hovel belonging to i r. Thomas Lee, of that place, was mali- ciously set on fire and entirely destroyed, together with several imples ments of husbandry. SETTLING THE...

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BUCKINGHAM HOUSE. — The report of the Committee, just published, gives the

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following account and estimate of the cost of this unseemly mass of brick and blundering. Money actually paid for buildings, &c .• • • ..500,741 0 0 Due for work...

Tini Martnr ov ANGLESEA.—His Excellency arrived at Kingstown on Saturday

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eveaing, from London, accompanied by Sir F. Stoven and Dr. Murray. He will honour the Curragh races with his presence this week, during wl licit tune he will sojourn at Lyons,...

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SWING AEROAD.-A M. Bronard, of Ville Dieu, near St. Lo,

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in the district of La Manche, had erected a mill in the commune of Saultchey- reuil upon a new principle, which enabled him to grind in a given time an immensely greater...

A Duca or Tug FIRST HEAD:■011 Saturday the 23d ult.

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one of the Duke of Gordon's keepers shot in his Grace's forests of Glenfiddoch, the largest and by far the fattest hart ever killed in this part of the country. It weighed, as...


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SPECTATOR OFFICE, SATURDAY, Two O'CLOCK. When will Parliament meet again ? The Times says in the first week of December. This is the more constant rumour. The Courier, a waiter...

NEWMARKET OCTOBER MEETING. Monday, October 17. One-third of a subscription

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of 25 sovereigns each, for 3 yr. old colts Sst. 91b, fillies Sat Gib. A. F. Dona fide the property of subscribers. Puke of Grafton's b. f. Oxygen ......... walked over. The...

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CIIOLEIZA REGULITIONS.—The following are the regulations suggested by the Privy

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Council, in case of the disease arriving in the country ; they appear in the Gazette of last night :- 1. It is recommended that in every town and village, commencing with those...


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Consols closed on Saturday at 81Z for the Account, and 811 a for :Volley, which is a gain abundant in the market ; a fact which surd:deafly ckplainsthe ri.ie cif the Fttadic...

Edinburgh, as well as every other considerable place, has refuted

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the plea of reaction. A correspondent favours us with the following ac- count of a meeting held there on Wednesday. " I write merely to tell you that the Edinburgh Political...

A letter from Northamptonshire, received yesterday, contains the fol- lowing

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paragraph :—" I eel sorry to say a lire occurred last night (Tuesday) at Rothwell, on Mr. Stafford's premises, undoubtedly kindled by an incendiary." About two o'clock on...

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PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. B. 01111M. PCRROTT, ISICWOrth, liaberdashcrs-FOSTER and JOHNSON, Liver- pool, paint-manufacturers-DENS. LEY' and SPOFFORTH, Bowden, Yorkshire, allot*....


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WAn.OPPrCE, Oct. 18.-5th Regt. of Dragoon Guards Cornet R. S. Wardell to be Lieut. by purchase, vice ill'Call, who 'retires ; Sergeant-Major H. Ash, from the 10th Light...


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Arrived. In the Downs, Oct. 21st, Claudine, Heathorn, from Madras. At Bom- bay, May 30th, Charles Kerr, Brodie, from London. At Madras, June 4th, Planter, Steward, from London....


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On the 14th inst. at Kneller Hall, Whitton, the Lady of CnAuLEs CALVERT, Esq. M.P. for the Borough of Southwark, of a daughter. On the 14th inst. at Wasing Place, Berks, the...

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RETROSPECT, ASPECT, AND PROSPECT OF REFORM. THE Duke of WELLINGTON, when Prime Minister, was profoundly ignorant of the state of public opinion concerning the House of Commons....


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PUBLIC FUNDS. BRITISH. per Cent. Reduced 3 per Cent. Consols Ditto for Account 35 per Cent. Old 35 per Cent. New . . 4 per Cent............. Bunk Stock .. Dit to L. A........

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They were told—over and over and over again they were

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told— At a time when, throughout Europe, force was the arbiter of what would happen. With the progress of delay, if that term may be used, the Tories took heart, and the...

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WE received the following letter in reply to our observations on the House and Window Duties, in the article entitled " Two Projects," No. 170, page 953. The ingenuity with...

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THE accession which the company at Drury Lane has received, and which has been long talked of, has this week been exposed to the curious eyes of the metropolis. On Monday night,...


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MERE is now no question of the existence of Spasmodic Cholera within twenty-four hours' sail of England. The accounts from Hamburg of the 14th mention, that up to that day, 55...

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The Bravo, a Venetian Story. By the Author I • 3Vols. Colburn and Bentley. of " The Pilot." MILITARY ADVENTURES, Memoirs of the late War. By CaptainCooke, I Colburn and...

objectioaableness (if there be such a word), for they were

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successively moderated by the author. The first (and it is a curious circumstance not noticed in the Lives of Foote or Macklin) was sent by Foote from the Haymarket in 1771 ;...

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The Campaigns and Cruises in Venezuela, by a British Officer,

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who was no less than thirteen years in South America, is the richest collection of facts respecting that extraordinary country, that has perhaps yet been published. His...

The Memoirs of the late War, " by the Earl

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of MUNSTER' Captain COOKE, &c.,'' in two volumes, consists of one volume and three quarters by Captain COOKE, and the republication of two papers which formerly appeared in the...

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NEW PRINTS. BURNET'S engraving of Wri.xm's picture of " Chelsea Pensioners reading the Gazette of the Battle of Waterloo," painted for the Duke of Wellington in 1822 is at...

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Mr. Don has engraved, in the line manner, that beautiful

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head by NEWTON, which appeared in a reduced size in one of the Annuals a year or two since, under the title of "The Forsaken." It is called "The Eng- lish Girl," and forms a...


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TIIE Amulet is not behind any of its fellows in the quality of its ern. bellishments. Here are three Countesses, after LAWRENCE, to begin with,—the Ladies Londonderry (and her...

A little pamphlet on Landscape Painting in Water Colours, recently

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published, contains many excellent hints, very useful to amateurs of that delightful art, and some judicious remarks on the study and practice of Fine Art, not very novel or...