23 JANUARY 1830

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Many of the country papers are kind enough to enlighten

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us, front 4PflaniSeri* t pgzi.„ cs- intrinsic value—the question of " town or country" does not affect them ; but it is, to say the least of it, ridiculous, to gather news of...

ACTATOR from the commencement of the present year,

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THE collective wisdom of the counties is rousing itself to

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the consi- deration of the suffering which is so generally felt throughout the kingdom. Petitions to Parliament, or to the Duke of WELLINGTON, are in the course of preparation...

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Some of the Continental papers allege that the Jews are

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willing to assist the Sultan to pay off his debts to Russia, on condition of re- ceiving Palestine—the land of promise—in security of their advances.

The intelligence from abroad is extremely scanty—a portion of it

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seems to have been frozen by the way. An armament, naval and military, is said to be fitting out at Toulon, for • Algiers. The differ- ences between the Dey and the French...

THE Kixo.—His Majesty, it appears, was slightly indisposed in the

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beginning of the week, and some alarming reports found their way into circulation. H is Majesty has now completely recovered. Ile was visited yesterday by the Duke of...

The French journals state that a spirit of improvement is

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at work in Egypt. A newspaper in the Turkish and Egyptian languages has been established. The Pacha is anxious to inoculate his subjects with a love of science ; and with that...

Crry BUSINESS.—A Court of Common Council was held on Thursday.

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As the Lord Mayor was confined by indisposition, Mr. Alderman Wood presided. Mr. Scales presented a petition from the butchers who attend Smithfield Market, praying that that...

The intenseness of the cold has been greater than has

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been experienced for many years, the thermometer having fallen to 8° of Fahrenheit, or 24 0 below the freezing point. In France and Spain the weather has been equally severe;...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, SATURDAY MORNING, HALF-PAST TEN.—The books were opened for the public transfer of Consols on Wednesday last, which was also the day of account at the Stock...

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Mr. O'Connell, in a long letter to the people of

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Clare, gives an outline of his proposed Parliamentary campaign. He specifies certain objects of local advan- tage—harbours, bridges—which he will strive to secure for the county...

TILE OLD BAILEY SESSIONS closed on Wednesday. Sixteen persons have

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been sentenced to transportation for life ; fourteen to transportation for fourteen years; sixty-four to transportation for seven years ; seven to be whipped; and forty-six to...

FUNERAL or SIR TDONIAS LAWRENCE. —The remains of Sir Thomas Lawrence

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were interred in St. Paul's Cathedral on Thursday. We copy the account given in Friday's Times. " It had been announced that the funeral precession would move from Somerset...

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AeornecaetEs.—Lord Chief Justice Tenterden decided in the Court of King's

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Bench, a few days since, that apothecaries are entitled to charge for attendance upon patients. This decision relieves this class of medical men from the neces- sity of...

An agent of Prince Leopold has been engaged, for two

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or three days past, in going round to the booksellers, and collecting for the Prince every work of any authority that has reference to Greece. — Times. A certain amorous...

The workhouse at Mile-endlg Town was broken into yesterday morning,

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by some ruffians, masked and asinied.':'- i rbey clapped a pistol to the head 9f Miss MitsIges, the sullaintenclent arthe establishment, and forced her to give up her keys. They...

Stockdale the publisher was held to bail by Sir Richard

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Birnie, on Monday, for an assault upon a Mr. Milne, a solicitor's clerk in Norfolk Street, Strand. Mr. Stockdale was accompanied by a lady, whose man of business Mr. Milne's...

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Enaseress.—in our account, last week, of Mr. illoolts's Notices of

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the Life of Lord BYRON, the name of his Lordship's well-known Satire, "English Bards and Scotch tie- viewers," was, by 4 slip of the pen, erroneously written "Modern Bards."


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THE CURRENCY—EQUITABLE ADJUSTMENT. Mr. WESTERN has addressed a letter to his constituents, in which he exprisses an opinion, that " neither merchant nor manufacturer will make...


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THE Edinburgh Review, in one of its recent numbers, exposed in a very ingenious manner a few of the absurdities of the Malt-laws. The newspapers followed its example,...

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Miss KEMBLE is not an actress to command admiration like Mrs. gIDDONS, or to win sympathy like the fair O'NEIL ; if is not in the style of her young genius vehemently to move...


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MR. nom. and the Medico-Botanical Society! there is nausea in the words—a plague on both their houses; quackery andfoolery have pos 7 sessed them entirely. Mr. FROST will not...


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ON the 22d December 1824, JOHN MILLER was convicted of smug- gling eight gallons of brandy, and was sentenced to the penalty of 1001., or the alternative of serving for five...

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TALES OF MY TIME*. To say that the author of these volumes is a person of talent, is ab- solutely to confound him or her in so large a mass of aspiring indivi- duals, as to...


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THE Madrigal Society is a kind of phenomenon. Its motto is " Qualls ab incepto." Time and fashion make no impression upon it. It knows nothing of such musicians as ROSSINI or...

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Engraving of Mr. DANBY'S Picture of the " Opening of the Sixth Seal ;" from the Book of Revelations. We do not profess to rank ourselves among the admirers par excellence of...

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Things stood thus, when Dr. JENNER, reflecting on the acknowledged fact that persons who in their attendance on cattle had been infected by the Variola Vaccinia (commonly...