23 MARCH 1929

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News of the Week T HERE have been so many false

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promises of industrial revival thatanyone . who is sure of prosperity now needs more confidence than we profess to have. Even the careful ,spokesmen of the great Banks have, at...

For the first time in seven years shipping is on :

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the up grade. Shipowners are shrewd judges of distant markets. One interesting point mentioned by the Morning Post is that last year the home production of motor spirit amounted...

More elections all over the world have been won by

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prosperity than by any other cause. People have a natural tendency to say, " Let's leave well alone. We might upset everything by making a change." It was to this tendency in...

We trust that the present favourable signs will so multiply

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before the end of . May that Mi. Baldwin's name will, be associated with coming if not ,existing prosperity. After all, everybody knows that though reasonably constructive...


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CHANGE OF ADDRESS OF THE " SPECTATOR." The new address of the SPECTATOR'S Editorial, Publishing, and Advertising Offices is : 99 GOWER STREET, 1LONDON, W.C. 1. Telephone :...

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Prominent South Africans in the Cape Province have justifiably protested

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against General Hertzog's Native Representation Bill. We record elsewhere the history . of the native franchise in South Africa. It is evident that the- Government's proposals...

On Tuesday the Auglo-American, Anglo-Persian, and Shell-Mex Oil Companies answered

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the Prime Minister's request for an explanation of the recent increase of 21d. in the price of petrol. They point out _that even with this . increase the price a t...

All the world mourns Marshal Foch, the greatest of modern

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soldiers, whose name will be imperishably connected with the victory of the Allies in the War. He had the genius to see his profession steadily and to see it whole. The war of...

At the end of list week King Alfonso signed deerees

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which make us almost despair of a peaceful - solution of Spain's political malody. As a punishment for the students' strike, with which, in many respects, the academic body was...

* * * We are bound to say that the

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three companies have made out a pretty good case, but that was what we expected. It would really be much better if motorists did not cultivate, as they sometimes seem inclined...

The true line of policy is indicated in the Mandates -

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system of the League, the principles of which, namely, trusteeship for the - natives; have been accepted as the basis of Imperial policy: One sentence in the South African...

Many of, the students, in Madrid come from remote parts

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of the Peninsula, and their parents will have to bear all the expense of the transfer to some provincial university. The Dictator makes special . reference to the disgraceful...

More than two-thirds of the delegates are attending the third

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National Congress of the Kuomintang, which opened on Friday, March 15th. Since the publication of the Organic Law last October, - providing for a Central Political Council and...

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The discoveries of the Oxford Expedition to Ur " of

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the Chaldees," were described by Mr. C. Leonard Woolley in the Times of last Saturday. The expedition has established the existence of human occupation dating back to 5000 B.C....

The Australians unquestionably earned their victory in the last of

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the Test Matches. At the opening of the season it might have been thought that Australian cricket was in one of its rare declines, but the young men are coming on and they are...

Our City Editor has written elsewhere about the proposal of

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the General Electric Company to prevent foreigners from buying its new shares, and its remarkable change of policy at the last moment, in response to American protests. This is...

On Wednesday, in the House of Lords, the third reading

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of the Local Government Bill was carried. The Govern- ment introduced an interesting amendment governing the relations between County Councils and local voluntary hospitals. '...

The revision of the articles of the World Court justifies

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the hope that the United States will at last be able to adhere to the Court. The reason why she has not hitherto joined the Court was that the other members could not accept her...

Mr. Stephen Walsh, who died at Wigan last Saturday, was

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a Trade Union leader in the best tradition. He worked his way up from the bottom by shrewdness and force of character, and became Vice-President of the Miners' Federation. He...

It has been officially announced that Prince George is giving

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up active work in the Navy, in order to be attached temporarily to the Foreign Office. At a Civil Service dinner on Monday Prince George said, " I am the first member of my...

Bank Rate, 5} per cent., changed from 41 per cent.,

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on February 7th, 1929. War Loan (5 per cent.) was on Wednesday 101* ; on Wednesday week 1011; a year ago, 102*. Fund- ing Loan (4 per cent.) was on Wednesday 88 ; on Wednesday...

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Great Britain and America at Sea

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A LL Englishmen who are anxiously trying to modify or end the clash of purpose between Great Britain and the United States on the sea will be grateful to Mr. John W. Davis for...

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Artificial Light Treatment

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T HE severe criticism of certain uses of the ultra- violet rays which has appeared in a Report of the Medical Research Council has caused conster- nation among people who...

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In Defence of the Faith The Gospels as Historical Documents

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[The writer of this article, Prof. C.' H. Turner, is Dean Ireland Professor of Exegesis and Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford. He is one of the greatest living authorities on...

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The Week in Parliament

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E VENTS of interest or importance in the House of 1 '4 Commons have been few and far between. One fact emerges from the debates on the Service Estimates, and that is a growing...

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South African Natives and the Franchise

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T HE proposal of General Smuts for an impartial review of the South African Native Question has been anticipated. In that land of repetitions the ines- capable native question...

A National Park for England

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N O plea or argument is necessary to support the statement that England needs a national 'mirk Or reserve for wild animals and birds upon the model of and managed by the same...

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Making a Windmill Garden

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J AST September, if I had been asked to give some account of my garden here above the woods, where only daisies and hawthorn and a few small blue flowers have hitherto grown, I...

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The New Book Society

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H OW many mute Ilardys and inglorious Conrads exist in England to-day ? If we were to judge by the number of books that find a publisher, we should suppose that few authors of...

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A LETTER FROM ICELAND [To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] SIE,—When we hear news from England we become quite envious, for we have had practically - no snow and only very...


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[THE NEW BURLINGTON GALLERIES. L.N.E. RAILWAY POSTERS.] Tim London North-Eastern Railway's seventh exhibition of posters differs from its predecessors in that the majority of...

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The Theatre

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The Society of Graver-Printers in Colours are holding their fourteenth annual exhibition at the Bromhead Gallery in Cork Street, and the work, taken as a whole, is well up to...

A Hundred Years Ago

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THE SPECTATOR, MARCH . 21ST, 1829. TOPICS OF THE DAY. Some French ' philosophers contended that Mont Blanc had increased, was increasing, and would increase to such a degree,...


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Miss Pearl Binder, whose water colours, drawings, and lithographs are being shown at the Literary Book Company, in Coptic Street, has exhibited successfully in Paris, but this...

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Country Life

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• Limn . AND HEALTH. In the general—and very angry—medical discussion on the curative effect of light rays (especially the ultra-violet) curiously little' has been said...

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of the SPECTATOR.] Sra,—With reference to the oath of loyalty taken by Mr. Maze on his inauguration as Inspector-General of Customs, it may be of interest to your readers to...

SIR,—In a letter in your columns last week' Mr. H.

The Spectator

B. Hurd asks me whether it is the case that this' - country did in 'the late War stop the general of the United States with neutrals, and whether America contends that she is...

Letters to the Editor

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IN DEFENCE OF THE FAITH [To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] SIR, —I wonder if the average reader of the Spectator was stimulated to thoughtful criticism by some sentences in...

THE FREEDOM OF THE SEAS [To the Editor of the

The Spectator

SPECTATOR.] Sur,—Mr. Howard Hurd regrets that no dear definition of - Freedom of the Seas was contained in an article on the subject in your issue of February 23rd. The reason...


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[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] SIR,—You conclude a paragraph on nationalization with the words : Trade is enterprise ; enterprise means risk ; officials of the State who...

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[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] SIR, With reference to

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your article this week on " Woman's Part in British Farming," I think the farmers and their wives in the South of England must be . very different from those in South...


The Spectator

SPECTATOR.] SIR, —To find out the cause of an evil is half-way to discovering whether you wish to remedy it or merely to grumble about it. When the writer of your article on "...


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[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] SIR, —In your issue of the 2nd inst. Mr. Philip Gee, replying to " F. H.," states that the colliery owners cannot find anything in the...

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[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] SIR,—The conscience of England has been aroused by the - undoubted cruelty of wild stag hunting. The cruelty consists in this : that a wild...

[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] Sm,—If we resolve that

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the unnecessary cruelty of the jungle is a divine order, we shall have no small difficulty in dealing with sundry inhumane practices in medical research. This will be all the...


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[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] ' SIR,—Since last year's Budget the Kellogg Pact has been signed by all the Great Powers and by most of the nations of the" world, and it has...


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[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR:]' SIR,—It is strange that none of your correspondents have thought of quoting the one great classical authority on Nature's infinite capacity...


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[To the Editor of the SPEcTkrort.1 • SIR, I was much interested in reading the report of a lecture on economic conditions in Soviet Russia given at Oxford, March 8th, by...

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SIX YEARS OUT OF WORK AND How I HAVE FARED. [We are anxious to take this opportunity of thanking those kind friends who have come forward with tokens of kindness, which they...


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[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] SIII,—We have in active preparation for very early publication a volume of selected letters written from one or other of the Fronts during...

TAXATION OF MOTORS [To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] SIR, —The

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figures given by your Motoring Correspondent in your issue of February 16th are absurdly inaccurate. Surely the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders cannot have lately...


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[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] SIR,— Financiers and others are boosting the construction of the Channel Tunnel by wishing to spend thirty to fifty mil- lions to help...

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Poetry Bird-Table

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IF I might choose, I would be a wren : To be so small among birds and men,. And yet so neatly planned to scale, Must be to live in a fairy-tale. If not a wren, I would be a...


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[The following are a selection of comments received from Secretaries of Golf Clubs in connexion with our representative's interview with Mr. J. H: Taylor; published last week.]...

[Owing to pressure on our space we are obliged to

The Spectator

hold over our usual League of Nations article.—ED. Spectator.] [Owing to pressure on our space we are obliged to hold over our usual League of Nations article.—ED. Spectator.]

OUR. ABERDARE FUND During the past week the following donations

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have reached ta, which are gratefully acknowledged below. Our aim has now been achieved, in that we have provided for the immediate needs of Aberdare. The total amount received-...

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Told in the Cloister

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IT is strange that, in spite of the modern interest in mediaeval literature, Caesarius of Heisterbaeh has waited so long for a translator. He is well known to all mediaevalists,...

A Brave Attempt

The Spectator

The Greek Anthology. By Shane Leslie. (Bonn. 12s. 6d.) 'tt:IE critic who does not know that his first duty is one of sym- pathetic understanding is not a critic at all. He must...

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The Spectator

Easter and Other Plays. By August Strindberg. (Cape. 7s. 6d.) WHEN Mr. Bernard Shaw was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, he offered the whole sum as an endowment for...

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London's Laureates

The Spectator

" What's not destroyed by Time's devouring hand ? Where's Troy, and where's the Maypole in the Strand " GONE, but if we read Mr. Irving's marvellous book we shall see it...

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Canada To-day and To-morrow

The Spectator

Columbia : or the Future of Canada. By George Godwin. (To-day and To-morrow Series. 2s. 6d.) Ma. GODWIN'S prediction that the Dominion of Canada will ultimately be absorbed by...

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• •

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Convictions With Courage WHEN people defy orthodoxy, the conventional observer will look for the cause of that defiance in their general character. To-day, in this enlightened...

A Lord - of Fantasy

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Mn. - M. P. Suns, has long been the delight of a circle of dis- tinguished connoisseurs ; now an enthusiastic publisher re- issues his novels - in the - belief - that they will...

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" If There Were Dreams to Sell . . ."

The Spectator

Miss EVELYN SHARP has again written a most delightful hook, which is in some ways a sequel to The London Child. In The Child Grows Up she describes the life of London boys and...

The Traveller of Islam

The Spectator

IBM EArri/TA, born in 1304 in Tangier, sprung of a Berber family whoe name still survives in Morocco, and theologian, and seven times pilgrim to Mecca, was to the Moslem world...

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The anonymous translator of Confucius and His Quest, by M.

The Spectator

Maurice Magre (Thornton Butterworth, 5s.) has performed a difficult task conspicuously well. Let no one obtain this little book under the impression that he is getting a conven-...

The Englishman at Home and the Empire

The Spectator

THE great merit:of Dr. Haden Guest's studies of various parts of the British Commonwealth of Nations is that he never loses hold of the fact that this unprecedented community of...

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Pnated by W. bYILAISIIT ASD Soak LTD.. 98 and 99

The Spectator

Fetter Lane, E.G.:4, aorl roblisbed by THE SPECTATOR. Liu, at their Offices. No. 13 York Street, Covent Garden. London. W.G. 2.—Saturday, March 23. 1929.

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There is plenty of wholesome powder in the March Forum,

The Spectator

which styles itself " The Magazine of Controversy." Pro' fessor Madariaga leads off with a stimulating article on Spain and America, which is yet another outstanding...

There are serious historical scholars in America whose work all

The Spectator

the world respects, but there are also, and unfortunately, others who are turning out pseudo-history, meretriciously tricked out in catchpenny frills and written in a sort of...

Couched in a vein of chastely sensational journalese, the story

The Spectator

of the last forceful Manchu ruler is related by Princess Der Ling in Old Buddha : Empress Tzu Hsi (Lane, 12s. 6d.). Considering that the author speaks of herself as " a mere...

Some Books

The Spectator

of the Week - WHEN one remembers the awful ravages that have been made on the big game of South Africa, largely by skin-hunting goers, one would hardly credit that people with...

A timely and useful monograph is Silesia Revisited 1929, by

The Spectator

Lt.-Col. Graham Seton Hutchison (Simpkin Marshall, 2s. Ocl.); The author was a member of the Upper Silesia Plebiscite Com- mission, 1920-21, and knowing the conditions as he...

The fact that Mr. Ashley Brown's pamphlet on The Future

The Spectator

of the Railways (Simpkin Marshall, Is. 6d.) has reached a third impression in a few months speaks well for the author and also attests the wide public interest in the railway...

Those who appreciate devotional reading in which literary and spiritual

The Spectator

beauty are combined, already know and value Pere Charles' three little volumes of meditations La Priem de Touter les Heures. The enormous success of this book in its original...

(" General Knowledge Competition" will be found on page 486.)

The Spectator

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Tolstoy as a

The Spectator

Correspondent 4 CORRESPONDING with you is like havirig a game of tennis' all by oneself, throwing the ball into a haystack." So Countess Alexandra Tolstoy wrote in reproof to...

Mr. T. P. O'Connor's Reminiscences

The Spectator

Ma. T. P. O'Corson, as becomes an Irishman, has a way with him." He has the gift, or it may he he has acquired the art, of fluent narrative which is invariably readable and...

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The Case of the Indian Princes MIS is not a

The Spectator

book that can be reviewed in the ordinary way ; for, under the guise of a study in history and economies, it is pure propaganda. In other words, it is in effect the brief which...

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Hijackers, Gunmen, and " Booze"

The Spectator

Mn. CUTCLIFFE HYNE never found adventures more blood- curdling for his Captain► Kettle than those enacted by the villains in this remarkable book. There is no hero in it,...

The Modernist Position

The Spectator

Tom state of contemporary religion, whatever else we may think of it, is absorbingly interesting. On the one hand are the symptoms, with which everybody is familiar, of...

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The Spectator

The International Scene Dodsworth. By Sinclair Lewis. (Cape. 7s. 6d.) Carl and Anna. By Leonhard Frank. Translated by Brooks. (Davies. 3s. 6d.) Cyrus Calf - Love. By Vernon...

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THE SHADOW AND OTHER STORIES. By Jeff ery Farnol. (Sampson Low.

The Spectator

7s. 6d.)-" Aba, them was the days ! " This statement, uttered by one of Mr. Farnol's " shungullion " rogues, may be taken as representing the theme and spirit of these short...

TOWERS ALONG THE GRASS. By Ellen du Pois Taylor. (Heinemann.

The Spectator

7s. 6d.)-A Dakota village is the scene of this very long and original novel ; but anything further removed in spirit from Main Street cannot be imagined. Not that realism is...

A Library List

The Spectator

MISCELLANEOUS :-The Devil's Pool. By G. Sand. Translated by Hamish Miles. (Scholartis Press. 8s. 6d.)-The Way of a Man with a Horse. By Lt.-Col. G. Brooke. (Seeley, Service and...

General Knowledge Questions

The Spectator

Ova weekly prize of one guinea for the best thirteen Questions submitted is awarded this week to the Rev. E. F. P. Scholes, F.R.G.S., 6 St. Mark's Crescent, Jersey, for the...

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Motors and Motoring

The Spectator

Motor Taxation—Petrol Prices TirE Spedator in a leadint - article has recently dealt with "Petrol and Monopoly : " It is proposed here to refer to p e trol prices as...

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The Spectator

And yet, at first sight, it seems so eminently fair that a taxpayer should be called upon to pay in accordance with hiS capacity that few are disposed to challenge the point...


The Spectator

It is difficult, however, to see how . we shall ever obtain economies in National Expenditur e so long as the old maxim which used to be regarded as a cardinal principle,...

" 007sq[nEn." . At a ,,inornent.when all parties. are vigorously

The Spectator

making • their bids for public support, .I notice a cartoon in last liondays Daily Express, • by that clever cartoonist, Strube,' irhiCh well merits the . attention of the...

Finance . Public and Private

The Spectator

Electioneering Planks—A Neglected Point . irevE referred on more than one occasion to the fact that the approaching General Election "must• be counted am ong the factors...


The Spectator

• The': cartoonist hits off the situation unfortunately only too truly, and, the reason is not far to seek—namely, that the horse is seldom a favourite one - for Election...


The Spectator

What, of course, is required in this country is that industry should be relieved from excessive taxation and should be freer to fight its way to prosperity and by its...

-The General Electric Controversy

The Spectator

I REFERRED last week to the problem presented by the acquirement by America of a majority of shares in certain British industries, and without expressing any • opinion on the...

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COMPTROLLERSHIP OF THE BANK. _Is'inna the time of the announcement

The Spectator

a few months ag e of the election of Sir Ernist HarVey as-aDirector of the Bank of England and as Deputy Governor for the ensuing y ear, there has been a good deal of...


The Spectator

The annual report of Mappin and Webb for the past year shows ,that there has been a further substantial increase iI the profit, the figure being £102,781 against £86,817....


The Spectator

. However, it is understood that the company is endeavouring to discover some means by which. the issue .can be made on lines which adequately recognize the reasonable claims of...


The Spectator

Special interest attaches to the report of Debenhan't Limited for the year ending December 81st last, as it is the first report to show the effect of the acquisition of the...

VICKERS' PROGRESS.. When the recent dividend of Vickers Limited was

The Spectator

announced at the same rate as a year ago, namely, 8 per cent. on the shares at their present written down value, the market we a little disappointed, :but since the appearance...


The Spectator

Briefly the position seems to have been that while . the General Electric Co. has been at pains to have its articles of association revised in the direction of securing voting...


The Spectator

It is really on this question of market price that the main claim of the American shareholders rests. In other words, if the company had made its issue at round about the market...


The Spectator

Immediately after. Easter the change over in Deputy Governors will take place. Mr..Cecil Lubbock, to whom the . City as well as the Bank Court . feels that it owes a debt of...

Financial -1\lotps -- : MARKETS BETTER....

The Spectator

ALTHOUGH monetary influences continue •to dominate the situation on the Stock Exchange, the tone has been rather better during the past- week. Not that there has been any...


The Spectator

And yet there is general. satisfaction in the City that the protests of - American shareholders have received attention, and this satisfaction is not the least pronounced...