23 NOVEMBER 1850

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Our colony at the Cape of Good Hope, which afforded-such

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topics prospective for congratulation to the Ministers in the Constitution debates of last session, seems not unlikely to supply. the ugliest constitution-dispute that the...

The United States sends us scarce a word of interesting

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commu- nication. The city of New York had made a great demonstration in public meeting on the side of " law and order,"—that is, in support of the Fugitive Slave Bill, as one of...

The wars narrowly escaped in Europe call to mind the

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actual " state of war," or something very like it, in the far East—the remote Celestial Empire. It is difficult to penetrate the " Chinese wall" ' • but the scraps of news which...

Abroad, as we have hinted in the beginning, the painful

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uneasiness of the previous fortnight has abated. The prospect of war in Germa- Abroad, as we have hinted in the beginning, the painful uneasiness of the previous fortnight has...


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TEE final developments of last week's foreign news prepared us for the lull which has fallen upon European politics. At home, the rumours of international war having faded away,...

The visit of Mr. Dudley Field to England, and his

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interesting statements to the members of our Law Amendment Society this week, are real events in the progress of law reform in this country. The injustice which the English...

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4r alttroptil

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The Court of Common Council assembled in special meeting on Thurs- day, to manifest their allegiance to the Queen and defiance to the Pope. Mr. J. Wood moved the address to her...

d."; t Court

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Tim Queen enjoys good health at Windsor; and is reported, we cannot say bow truly, to be less alarmed than indignant at the Italian in- vasion of ber realm, which has so...

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The Provinces are more animated by Protestant fervour than even

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the Metropolis. Great Protestant demonstrations were made at Newton in Lancashire on Tuesday, and at Liverpool on Wednesday. The affair at Newton was a meeting of the Grand...

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Surrign net Culattial.

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Gnamaxe.—The differences between the Cabinets of Berlin and Vienna have merged again in silent diplomacy. The armies in Hesse-Cassel have agreed on an armistice, and have so...


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Lord Dunsany has been elected a Representative Peer, in the room of the Earl of Dunraven, deceased. The old Corporation of Dublin virtually expired on Wednesday, its last day...


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Lord Mackenzie will, it is reported, shortly retire from the judicial bench, and be succeeded by Lord Advocate Rutherfurd. The Shetland correspondent of the John o' Groat...

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If two concurrent reports may be trusted, the highest personage in the realm has " pronounced,' with personal indignation, against the Romish inroad. The two stories bear so...

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It is understood that Sir John Herschel will succeed Mr. Shell as Mas- ter of the Mint. This appointment will no longer be held by a Member of Parliament, and the salary will be...

Among the addresses forwarded to the Queen has been one

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from the parish of St. Anne's Limehouse, praying the adoption of such measures as the Queen in Council should think fit for "the immediate and absolute repression of the assumed...

The Parliament of Prussia was opened, at Berlin, on Thursday

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the 21st, by the King in person, with the following speech- " My intention to create a constitution which shall answer to the wants of the German nation has hitherto failed. In...

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A. great point in the theologic controversy has been grounded

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on a per- secuting passage in the oaths to be taken by Roman Catholic Bishops at their consecration, and by Cardinals on their receiving the pallium. In the lectures which ; at...

tfitrto auti

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The Elizabethan dramatist John Webster, whose works, admirably edited by the Reverend Alexander Dyce, fill four such respectable vo- lumes, is one of those gentlemen who-have...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FR/DAY Arrinixoox. The question of peace or war in Germany being still undetermined, specu- lators and capitalists are in a state of suspense, and the...

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• One of the "brothers Brough" tuicla gentleman named Bridgemanlave

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concocted a very ingenious melodrama, which has been produced this week - .at the Adelphi,'under the title of Jessie Grey. The plot turns on the seltame of a villanous baronet,...

TOPIC'S 0,1 1 TEE tAY.

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CARDINAL WISEMAN'S .A.PRF: Ad - . 20 MEE PEOPLE OF RN - GLAND. THAT. Cardinal Wiseman has laottedlwith ,prapciety in - making his ',weal to the justice and -fair play of flae...

Mr. Hullah's series of monthly concerts in St. Martin's Hall

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began on Wednesday evening. The concert consisted of Beethoven's Mass in C, Handel's First Grand Concerto for two violins and violoncello with the full orchestra of stringed...

The success of Mr. Macfarren's serenata, The Sleeper Awakened, is

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moat honourable to the genius of the composer, because it has been achievedin the face of great disadvantages ; disadvantages not arising from any fault in its getting-up, but...

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Great Exhibition in Hyde Park must be something more than a mere -show. If the design be properly carried out and its eapabilities fully developed, the -manufacturing skill and...


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Pram for supplying London with pure water are made one season to be rejected the next ; so that there appears 'to be little likelihood that London will have, within eny...

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Tetiro to 11 (Matta.

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PROTESTANT IMPROVEMENT OF THE POPISH PANIC. London, 19th November MO. Sin—If you should think the following considerations' in any way calcu- lated to give a right direction to...


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Jr a parent receives a message from the preceptor of his children telling him that one of his sons persists in seeking the company of lowlived and immoral boys, not under the...

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The events of the day, notified as they are by the various organs which tho ingenuity of man now devotes to the business of supplying "news" all over the world, are enotigh to...

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Mat 8 11041 A BCE OF THE PEE RA G E. * THE fourth volume of Mr. Craik's work concludes his first series, by bringing down the 'subject to the Revolution of 1688. In point -of...

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DICEIKENS'S DAVID COPTERFIELD. * 'THIS story has less af London life

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and town-bred character than most of its predecessors ; but what.may thus he gained in variety is lost in raciness, breadth, and affect. The peculiar classes forced into...

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MR. M‘GnEtioa has now concluded his elaborate labours on the commercial statistics, 'the mercantile laws, the , diplomatic engage- ments, the taxes upon trade, and ," the...

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BOOKS. Game Birds and Wild Fowl ; their Friends and their Foes. By A. E. Knox, M.A., &c., Author of "Ornithological Rambles in Sussex." Narratives of Shipwrecks of the Royal...

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EXHIBITION OF MODERN BRITISH AMT. Ax exhibition under this title was opened on Saturday last, to private view, at the Gallery of the Old Water-Colour Society. Its promoters—a...

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Tuesday,. November la. PARTNERSHIPS' Dussoaven.-G „ and C. Ashton, Mark Lane, manure-manufacturers -Blagg and Franks, Flintham, Nottinghamshire, maltsters-T. and E. Whitley,...

&Innings hunt t4t %Int %auku.

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PUBLIC LIBRARIES. Tux report of Mr. Ewart's Committee of last session may be treated as the sequel of the inquiry commenced in the session of 1849, the results of which were...

On the lath November, at the Rectory, Clapham, the Lady

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of the Rev. W. H. Wentworth A. Bower, of a son. On the 12th, at Tibberton Court, Gloucestershire, the Lady of P. R. GordotrCan- ping, of a daughter. On the 15th, at Walcot,...

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