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Not so easy is it to prognosticate a favourable passing

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of the political storm of Continental Europe. The gale rises again; dis- cord revives ; and a new resort to arms appears to be imminent. In France, the contradictory results of...

It comes : the cholera keeps its steadfast path across

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the world. That which seemed an abstraction in the remote regions of Turkey or Russia, becomes a tangible reality now that it is in the coun- tries nearest to us : it holds...


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THE Tipperary and Waterford volcano is still in a state of in- termitting eruption. Leaving the harvest—at best a deficient one—to take care of itself, the peasantry of a large...

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ebt InEtropotio.

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The Commissioners of Sewers for the City held a Court, in their Council- Chamber at Guildhall, on Tuesday; Mr. Deputy Corney in the chair. Mr. Deputy Bridge called the...

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'be 4robintes.

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Kent has been deluged by wretched Irish, who have poured into the county, at the hop-picking season, in numbers far beyond those required for the work. Swarms of starving...

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The !general Irish news is a confused detail of purposeless savagery on the part of the starving and excited peasantry, and of alarms, scouring pursuits, and barren captures by...

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SCOTLAND. The Queen passes, with her husband and children, a

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healthful retire - ment at Balmoral. Her Majesty acknowledges by occasional public ap- pearances the affectionate loyalty of her Highland subjects; but the polite Highlanders do...

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loreign anti eolontal.

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Fitawcz.—The moat prominent incident of French news is briefly told. Louis Napoleon is returned for the department of the Seine, by an over- whelming majority; and M. Fould only...

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The following letter of apology from Mr. Craven Berkeley to

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Mr. Rona- dell Palmer, a member of the late Cheltenham Election Committee, was published on Tuesday. The Queen's Hotel, Cheltenham, Sept. 9. " Sir—Though I cannot divest...

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At last the long period of theatrical torpor seems drawing to a close. The Adelphi and Sadler's Wells (the latter on the " legitimate " principle) are both to open on Wednesday...

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Paris was perfectly tranquil yesternight. Reports were afloat, and gain-

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ing credence, that the Ministry is about to be modified, and to receive M. Ledra-Rollin (I) and Flocon, in place of M. Senard and another of its present members. Count Mold made...

The works of reparation proceeding lately at Windsor Castle are

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now SO far completed that the state apartments will be thrown open to the public on Monday next.

The Special Commission for the trial of the State prisoners

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was opened at Clonmel on Thursday, by the Lord Chief Justice Blackburne, Chief Justice Doherty, and Mr. Justice Moore. The Lord Chief Justice charged the Grand Jury, headed by...


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SATURDAY. London was startled yesterday by the publication of the subjoined tele- graphic reports of the sudden death of Lord George Bentinck. Doubts of their truth were held...

The Chartist trials under the Crown and Government Security Act

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commenced at the Central Criminal Court yesterday; Mr. Justice Erle and Mr. Justice Williams being the Judges. Nearly a score of prisoners were placed at the bar; but all the...

The Postmaster-General has announced that the mail communication between the

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United Kingdom and the Elbe by way of Hamburg is re- sumed; the raising of the Danish blockade of that river having bees officially communicated. "In future, therefore, all...


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STOOK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. good; prices have, however, been occasionally depressed whenever the intelligence firmation, a proposal for a dividend of 34 per cent for the...

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THE TRUE ENGLISH SUMMER. TEE conventional winter and summer of England do not corre- spond with the natural seasons. Something like the discrepancy between the statements in...


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ONE of our tasks, proper to the "long vacation," lies before ns in the Report from the Select Committee of the House of Lords, to whom was referred the bill intituled " an Act...

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THE burial societies act as a popular incentive to infanticide, and the Times is engaged on an effort to write them down. The cost of burying the child, to a working man, ranges...

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The Norwich Festival held last week, unlike all those of former years which we have had occasion to notice, was undistinguished by any remark- able novelty, and has afforded...


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Paris, September 21. For the whole week past, Paris has looked something like the city of Westminster during a general election. We lack yet the processions, the flags, the...


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M. BABINET disputes M. Leverrier's planet. The young astro- nomer, it seems, thought he had discovered a planet, but it turns out to be another which somebody else had...

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LETTER H. I propose in this letter to notice the evidence relating to the business of the office of Solicitors to the Board of Woods and Forests. The English solicitors are...

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Poitricar, ECONOMY, Monopoly the Cause of all Evil. By Arthur Condoreet O'Connor, General of Division. In three volumes. Firmin Didot and Co. Titivata, The Middle•Kingdom ; a...

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Mr. S. WELLS WIT rams is an American, who resided for twelve years at Macao and Canton as a printer under the patronage of the American Mission; a station which may argue a...

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BY means of Adams and Potter, and their German successors, there is no difficulty in getting at the external forms of ancient Greek and Roman life. But without a much deeper...


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BOOKS. Field Semis in the United States and the British Provinces of North America. By Frank Forester. In two volumes. The Fairfax Correspondence: Memoirs of the Reign of...

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WAR-OFFICE, Sept. 19.—Royal Regt. of Horse Guards —Brevet Major the Hon. G. C. W. Forrester to be Major, by purchase, with the rank of Lieut.-Col. in the Army, vice Smith, who...


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On the 12th September, at Bower HUI Lodge, near Melkaham, the Lady of Lieu- tenant-Colonel Moule, Bengal Army, of a daughter, still-born. On the 15th, at Brighton, the Lady of...


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Tuesday, September 19. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Richardson and Co. Watling Street, linen-manufacturers—Gibbons and Hadfield, Manchester, cotton-cloth-manufacturers—Sackamore...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closin g Prices.) Sedurd. Hensley. Tucaday. mews. 3 per Cent Consols...... Ditto for Account 86 86 56 80 8 868 Set 661 1361 i I: 8 1 861 3 per Cents Reduced...