24 FEBRUARY 1849

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Moulton has been taken by General Whish—all but its citadel.

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The strength of the town—greater than it was imagined to be- attests the valour of our troops and the skill of their commanders ; as it also excuses the early delays of General...

While Italy is becoming internally, for the time at least,

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more revolutionary than ever, the chances in favour of reaction are augmenting daily. Provisional Governments rule over the Re- publics of ° Rome and Tuscany ; but a combination...


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WEAK in all departments, the Government is weakest in its Colo- nial administration ; insomuch that it has brought about a crisis in several colonies, and has at last brought...

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From New York "the cry is still they go"—for California

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direct. The reflecting Americans, as Yankees, are all admiration at the go-ahead style of the gold affair ; while, as countrymen of Washington, they deplore the Anti-Republican...

Debates anti Vroceebinas in Varliament.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEER. Horn OF LORDS. Monday, Feb. IS. Corrupt Practices at Elections Bill, read a second time—Scotch Marriage Bill, read a second time—Adjourned at...

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Win _Metropolis.

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At a Court of Aldermen, held on Tuesday, some facts mentioned in the Sheriff's prison returns formed the topic of conversation. Sir George Grey had ordered some convicts to be...

She Qourt.

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Tut first levee of the season was held by the Queen on Thursday, at St. James's Palace. The Duke of Cambridge and the Prince of Orange at- tended the levee. Among the...


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Lord Lewisham, son of the Earl of Dartmouth, was elected on Monday, without opposition, to represent the borough of Lichfield, in place of Lord Ingestre, now Earl Talbot. The...

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A dreadful accident has occurred at the new Theatre in Dunlop Street, Glas- gow. Between seven and eight o'clock on Saturday evening, when the house was pretty full, there was...

ifortign an Colonial.

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FRANCE.—In the Assembly, on Tuesday, M. Learn-Rollin questioned the Government on the subject of Italy, and the rumour that Sardinia and Naples were to combine for the...


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Mr. Thomas Conolly was elected on Tuesday to represent Donegal county, in the room of his father, the late Colonel Conolly;—in whose footsteps he promises to tread, and whose...

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The Cologne Gazette announces the death of Prince Waldemar of Prus- sia. He breathed his last at Munster, on the 17th instant, in the arms of his father, Prince William of...

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On this 24th of February, the anniversary of the French

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Revolution, we have scarcely a line of interesting news from the French capital. Paris was quite tranquil yesterday evening. Serious riots among the populace of Lyons, and...

The Daily Naos states, "on good authority," that "a letter

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was re- ceived at the India House, by the Indian mail on Thursday, from General Whisk at Mooltan, dated the 9th of January, two days later than the latest dates given in the...


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SATURDAY. Yesterday evening, the House of Commons again went into Committee on the oaths taken by the Members of both Houses, in order to consider an amendment moved by Mr....

The Admiralty have resolved on another Arctic expedition in search

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of the missing one under Sir John Franklin. The North Star, a "donkey frigate" in ordinary at Sheerness, is fitting out, and will start for B affin's Bay in six weeks. The Lord...


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STOcK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Funds have fluctuated considerably during the week ; having fallen to nearly 1 per cent, and afterwards risen to the extent of the...

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Next week there will be renewed activity in the theatrical

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world. The series of plays, acted at the Haymarket "as performed at Windsor Castle," is beginning to vanish from the bills; and Othello ' with Mr. and Mrs. Kean as logo and...


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A farce called Sluice you Directly, adapted from the French, is one of the least felicitous of the Lyceum productions. It has all the flimsiness of the extreme vaudeville...


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THE BANKRUPTCY OF STATESMEN. IN our recent notice of the doctrine which in practice suspends the old-fashioned responsibility of British Ministers, we had only room for setting...


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The Sacred Harmonic Society chose the anniversary of Handel's birth, the 23d of February, for their first performance of Israel in Egypt under the direction of Mr. Costa. The...

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A GREAT scandal has been made of a scene in Plymouth, and of Bishop Philpotts's share in it ; but we must confess that the dis- credit seems to lie rather on the side of the...


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Ire reproaching Ministers with the want of a "remedial policy" for Ireland, Mr. Disraeli and others have done them an injustice. It has transpired this week, through the walls...

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LIB& the celebrated barrister who found that he had spoken on the wrong side, and too convincingly, the Times occasionally finds itself, as standing counsel for the Colonial...


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THE last half-yearly report delivered by the Factory Inspectors to the Home Secretary, and just published, is strongly calculated to unsettle opinion again on the subject of the...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. London, 21st February 1849. Sm—To the colonists of New South Wales, there is no measure of greater im- portance in respect of its moral...


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MACKAY'S WESTERN WORLD. * Ix point of comprehensiveness and structure, Mr. Mackay's work is the most complete book of travels that has been published on the United Staten. His...


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AT the meeting of the Geological Society last week, a pleasant conversational style of oratory threw out some interesting hints for the political ethnologist. Sir Robert Peel...

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LEWES'S LIFE OF ROBESPIERRE. * EXCEPT among a certain class of

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people who echo opinions but never examine them, Robespierre has for some time ceased to be looked upon as a mere blood-stained monster, akin to the raw-head-and-bloody-bones...

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WATSON'S TREVETHLIN.* THIS book may be looked at in a

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threefold point of view. There are passages in it resembling the descriptive essay; quiet, quaint, but more elaborated than the essay requires, when standing alone. There are...

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Tins volume exhibits considerable fertility and poetical power, overlaid by the faults which spring from youth and inexperience. Mt!. Bicker- steth's attempts at originality are...

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On the 6th February, at Government House, Fredericton, New Brunswick, the Lady of Sir Edmund Head, Bart., of a daughter. On the 11th, at Montalto, Etallynahinch, County of...


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Tuesday, February 20. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Haigh and Batley, Huddersfield, milliners-Flower and SOD, Gainsborough, wharfin- gem ; as far as regards J. Peacock and E. C....


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WAR-OFFICE, Feb. 23.-7th Drag. Guards-Lieut.-Col. C. P. Ainslie, from half-pay Unatt. to he Lieut.-Col. vice J. C. H. Gibsone, who exchanges; Cornet H. Blinkhom, from the 14th...


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BOOKS. Journal in France in 1845 and 1848, with Letters from Italy in 1847, of Things and Persons concerning the Church and Education. By Thomas William Allies, ALA., Rector of...

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BRITISH FUND 3 per Ce t Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced 31 percents Long Annuities Bank Stock,: per Cent . India Stock, 100 Exchequer Bills, 24. per diem Intim...