24 MARCH 1849

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The Irish movement against the rate in aid is varied

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by some reaction. Provoked by the violent and rebellious language of Lord Downshire and other noble agitators, Lord Londonderry has declared his intention of supporting the ,Mw,...


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LIKE the debate on the Navy Estimates, that on the Army Esti- mates has exhibited Ministers making colourable compliances with the demands for increased efficiency and decreased...

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Holland has lost her King—the discreet and intelligent William the

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Second, who so quietly accepted the new order of things in Europe by liberalizing the constitution of his kingdom. At an age which promised many more years of efficient rule, he...

General Taylor has begun his Presidency of the United States,

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with an inaugural address which is received as marking a hope- ful change in the character of the administration. The address is briefer than the pedantic essays of his...

Debates anb Vrotubings in Igiarliament.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Monism ov Loam. Monday, March 19. Transportation to the Cape of Good Hope : Question by Lord Stanley—Out-door Paupers B111, read a second...

If new rebellion, or final separation, had been declared in

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Ca- nada, it could hardly have excited in London more indignant surprise than the reports about the strange course taken by the Provincial Government in relation to a measure...

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sin us ourt.

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THE Royal Family returned from Osborne to Buckingham Palace on Monday. On Thursday, the Queen held a levee at St. James's Palace: the attend- ance was unusually numerous,...

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rett jitittropolis.

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A Court of Common Council was held on Thursday. The report from the Committee appointed to inquire in conjunction with the Court of Al- dermen into the necessity for improving...

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Amidst the uproar raised in the North of Ireland against the rate in aid, Lord Londonderry has spoken out with loud and clear adhesion to his allegiance. In an address to his...

lEtt il3robintes.

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One of the seats for North Hampshire has become vacant by Sir Gil- bert Heathcote's acceptance of the Chiltern Hundreds, on the score of "impaired health," and inability longer...


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The ceremony of installing Mr. Macaulay as Lord Rector of the Uni- versity of Glasgow was performed on Wednesday, in the Common Hall of the College. In his speech of thanks for...

ffortign anti Zolontal.

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FRANCE. — In the French Assembly, on Tuesday, the principle of a mea- sure to interdict the Clubs was discussed. Government recommended absolute interdiction; a majority of the...

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Sir Charles departs for India this day. Lady Napier remains in England. A photographic portrait of Sir Charles Napier is exhibited at the house of Messrs. Hering and Remington,...


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SATURDAY. In moving the order of the day for going into Committee, Mr. LAB011- CHERE made a statement. To obviate all cavil on the part of the United States, Ministers had...

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King William the Third of Holland arrived at Helvoetslays on

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the morning of the 21st; was joined by his Queen, and was conducted to the Palace of Plain with demonstrations of welcome only moderated by consideration of his profound grief....

Last night's Gazette notifies that the Queen has been pleased

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to order the ap- pointment of Sir George William Anderson, Governor of Mauritius, to be an ordinary member of the Civil Division of the Third Class, or Companions of the Bath....


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY APTERNOON. The fluctuations of the market have been considerable, and very extensive transactions have occurred both in English and Foreign Stocks. The...

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Hold -your Tongue, a new Lyceum piece by Mr. Manche,

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is very ar- tistically done. This, like The Trumpeter's Wedding, is probably " taken from the French "; but Mr. Planche has so completely given his drama the tone of the last...


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The .two Italian Theatres have only repeated the performances of the night s un which they opened. After three representations of the Cenerentola, the:last on Tuesday, Alboni...


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[The subjoined communication discloses no new facts; but it derives weight from - the excellent information and cool judgment of the writer, who moves in a circle of political...

The Brigand, which has been revived at the Haymarket, comes

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as a pleasing-reminiscence of old Aimee. By alternately_ bringing forward the ferocity and gentlemanlike gallantry which are .isupposed to coexist in Massarinii, Mr. Wallack...

At the St. James's Opera Corniques Auber's well-known and most

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bril- liant opera, Lea Diamans de la Couronne , was produced on Wednesday, for the benefit of Mademoiselle Chariots, This' charming performer acted and sang with her usual...

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THE style of the reasoning palmed off on the House of Commons, and accepted by that august tribunal, is often amusing enough. To take the debate of Monday night as a sample of...


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A USEFUL LESSON TO LORD GREY. MAST circumstances combine to bestow on Mr. Adderley's mo- tion, which stands first in the notice-book of the House of . Com- wens for Tuesday...

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SOME absurdities in the state of our law are so discreditable, that it must demand a vis inertice equally discreditable in the people that permits them to recur. Justice...


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IT is desirable that the English public should understand the whole case advanced by the National party in Hungary ; and to that end we continue our exposition, derived from...

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THOMSON'S LAWS OF THOUGHT.* VARIOUS definitions have been given of logic; but pure logic is the art of forming premises and drawing conclusions from them. In this strict sense...

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whilom friend and disciple of Knox, and afterwards the captain of Mary Queen of Soots, was an ex- cellent man in his private capacity, he was not that great leader or that...

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* TILLS is a valuable publication, conceived in a large and liberal spirit, executed with industry and ability. The manner is a good mixture of the old mode of looking at public...

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In substance, The Hall and the Manor-House, like so many

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other of our fictions, is derived from the circulating library ; but variety is given to an oft-presented idea by ingenuity and invention, rather than, it strikes us, by much...

The Statistics of Coal, by Richard Cowling Taylor, contains an

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im- mense amount of specific facts and general information connected with the subject of fossil fuel and mineral combustibles, or indeed combustibles of any kind. Mr. Taylor...

We have received a letter from Mr. Pridham, the author

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of An His- torical, Political, and Statistical Account of Ceylon, describing the short notice of hie book in the Spectator of the 10th instant, as "re. markable for exemplifying...

Who shall say that America is to seek in-poetry, when

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Mr. Rufus Wil- mot Griswold, the compiler of The Female Poets of America, can find nearly a hundred of the gentler sex from whom to select elegant extracts ? A few of them, no...


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BOOKS. A History of the Sikhs, from Hie Origin of the Nation to the Battles of the Sutlej. By Joseph Davy Cunningham, Lieutenant of Engineers, and Cap- tain to the Army of...

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Tuesday, March 20. PARTNESEHIPS DISSOLVED. T. and R. Lomas, Manchester, corn-dealers-R. and F. Hardstaff, Linby, Notting- hamshire, farmers-Tegg and Son, Stamford H111,...


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WAR-OPEICE, March 23.-Scots Fusilier Guards-Ensign and Lieut. Lord B. T. M. Cecil to be Lieut. and Capt. by purchase, vice Sir A. K. Macdonald, who retires ; R. Mostyn, Gent. to...


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ADMIRALTY, March 19 -The following promotions have this day taken place, con- sequent on the death of Rear-Admiral T. Searle, C.B. on the 17th inst. : Rear-Admiral of the Blue...


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On the 1st February, at Hardily, in the East Indies, the Lady of Henry Pidcock, Esq., Bengal Civil Service, of a son. On the 14th March, at Kidderminster, the Hon. Mrs....

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) &turd. Monday. Tuesday. Wanes. 3 per Ce t Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent...