25 AUGUST 1849

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Hungary succumbs to Russia. The war is at an end

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i and, for the moment, a thorough frustration appears to have finished the revolutionary movement of 1848. Reaction, more or less pro- nounced, is everywhere in the ascendant—in...


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CHOLERA, Hungary, and the Bermondsey murder, are the subjects of the week. At home, cholera is left in almost uninterrupted pos- session of the field, not because its increase...

The advices from the British dependencies are not hopeful for

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the permanence of tranquillity and concord. In Canada, t he British League has completed its session, and has sent home a manifesto, the sum of which is, that the "British"...

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gbe iliftetropotis.

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The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress entertained the Count and Countess de Neuilly at a dejeuner a la fourchette in the Mansionhouse, on Thursday afternoon. The Dutchess of Orleans...

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The Freeman's Journal contradicts the statement that Mr. W. H. Fagan, one of the Members for Westmeath County, is about to accept the Chiltern Hundreds. A Tralee paper gives...


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Several groups of public meetings have been held in the provinces on various subjects. At Sydenham, and in several places in North Durham, for the establish- ment of societies...


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The Queen and her family arrived at Balmoral on Wednesday the 15th; having journeyed rapidly through the Highland country North of Blair- gowrie. At Castletown there was a "...

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_foreign anb Oolonfal.

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FBAItCE.—The Congress of Friends of Universal Peace opened its sittings in Paris, at the Salle de St. Cecille in the Rue Chaussee d'Antin, on Wed- nesday morning. The hall will...

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It is said to be the Queen's intention to confer the honour of a Marquisate on Lord Clarendon, in recognition of his able, judicious, and impartial dis- charge of the Viceregal...

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In Ireland, says the Dublin correspondent of the Morning Chronicle,

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"the beneficial effects of a good harvest are daily becoming more apparent, in a revival of confidence, to some degree, amongst all classes engaged in trade, as well as amongst...

Maria Manning was brought to London yesterday morning, and was

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first taken to the Southwark Police station at Stone-end. Here the charge was recorded; and she drank a cup of coffee during the process. When asked if she knew of what crime...

Sir George Grey took his departure from Balmoral on Wednesday

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morning, and Lord John Russell was expected to arrive there that after- noon. Three officers attached to the staff of General Sir Charles Napier have returned to England, the...

In the list of deaths this week by cholera, there

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are three names not unknown to the public i —the eminent professor Mr. Aston Key, Surgeon-in-ordinary to Prince Albert; Mr. Henry Hetherington, the Chartist publisher; and Mr....


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SATURDAY. The peace Congress held its second meeting on Thursday, in the Salle St. Cecille. The hall was still more crowded than on Wednesday. An an nouncement made by the...


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Miteside, Cumberland, lfl'A August 1849. Sin—I have waited, hoping to see your able pen employed in urging the spe- cial attention of Englishmen to that meanest act of the...


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STOCK ExcRANGE, FRIDAY Awioiwnw. The intelligence of the surrender of the Hungarians is the only event of im- portance connected with the Money-market, and its effect has been...

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Her Majesty's Theatre, after three " farewell nights " added to the regu- lar season, closed its doors last Saturday; and the Royal Italian Opera, after three " extra nights,"...

Dramatic pieces, the whole humour of which turns on the

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courtship of young ladies by exceedingly old gentlemen, are not in the very best taste; and we do not find much to our liking a farce produced at the New Strand Theatre, in...

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TRADITION says that Queas,Mary died of grief for the loss of. Calais : bow would Queen Victoria take the loss of her Colonies? Such a result is not impossible. On the first...


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THE MODEL DEPARTMENT. “MURDER will out" more quickly than ever, and murderers es- cape less often. The Police, guided by the light of science, watch for crime at every spot...

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THREE murderesses of the order now so common in this country have been settling their last accounts with the world : let us see what the world has done for them. Mary Ann...


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Is it prudent in the Examiner to insist on holding its clients the Whig Ministers up to public scrutiny week after week ? Why break the silence which it bespoke, and by its...

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TRADES are sometimes mingled, without grievous disadvantage— "A brewer may Protector be, Which nobody can deny"; but sometimes two trades agree as little in one person as two...

A new invention is about being brought forward [in New

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York] for railways in the streets of cities, which will here very nearly do away with the present style of omnibus; and while it will be applicable to all usual purposes as a...

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DR. TAYLOR'S HISTORY OF THE HOUSE OF ORLEANS. * Tux historical prominence, not to say predominance, of particular families in modern Europe, deserves more consideration than it...

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REVERE'S CALIFORNIA. * LIEUTENANT REVERE seems to have been employed for

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twenty years in the United States Navy, or some other public capacity ; and lie has visited various lands. " I have travelled," he says, " in all sorts of ways in all sorts of...

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MRS. 1i0FLAND. * Assam:Ton the reputation of Mrs. Hofland is rather

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traditional than pre-- B ent, and as new fashions succeed in juvenile literature it may drop still more out of the public mind, yet as the head of a class Barbara Hofland is...


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BOOKS. John Howard, and the Prism-World of Europe. From Original and Authentic Documents. By Hepworth Dixon. The Equitable Jurisdiction of the Court of Chancery. Volume IL...

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WAH - OsTICE, Aug. 21.—Royal Beet. of Horse Guards—George P.C. A. Lord Stanhope to be Cornet by pur. vice Gambier promoted ; Thomas Lord Ribblesdale to be Cornet, by pur. vice...


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On the 12th August, at the Stand House, Newcastle-on-Tyne, the Wife of Captai a Gilbert, Royal Horse Artillery, prematurely, of a son and heir. On the 14th, at Wentworth,...

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BRITISH I , IINDS. (Mated Priem.) &lord. Yonder. Ilenday. Warless. Vows. 3 per Cent Consols 921 NI 93 113 911 Ditto for Account 93 921 838 93 V i ezf i e :, Lts u Reduced...


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Tuesday, August 21. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Hughes and Roberts, Abbey Tinter Wireworks, Tintern, Monmouthshire-Tootal and Co. Leeds, stock.brokers-Lindberg and Co....