25 DECEMBER 1830

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The First Part of the CORRECTED and EicitArtnEn Edition of

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the ANATOMT of the HOUSE of ConsioNs, will he published in next SPECTATOR (No. 131), on the let January. The Secood Part will appear in No. 132, on the 8th Ja- nuary. To prevent...


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OUR Parliaments,- mem o ranittuns, tiiis week, are more numerous than we, looked for, though of no g reat consequence. 'Lord STANHOPE lifted up his feeble voice on Monday, for...

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and effectual Reform in all inferior Courts of Record. Inhabitants ot Bristol. • ALEXANDER filuita.tv.—Complaining of the seizure of a vessel belonging to him it Bahamas, and...

The fate of the traitor Ministers of France is decided—they

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are - condemned to PERPETUAL IMPRISONMENT. Therexamination of witnesses closed on Friday, last week. M. PERSIL addressed the Peers on Saturday, at great length, and concluded...

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THE KING.—His Majesty and the Queen arrived, as had been

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ex- pected, at the Brighton Pavilion r,it Saturday afternoon. Prince George of Cambridge accompanied his Royal uncle and aunt, and the Duke . of Sussex preceded the party. The...

Comatox Couilcm.—The elections of, Common Councillors hate- taken place duriog

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the week ; the old members have been for the most ; part returned, unless where they have veluntarily declined standing. Tint LONDON MILITIA.—Mr. Pearson had a motion...

. . . The riSing in Poland has yet met

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with neither check nor interruption. General CLOPECXY has been declared, . or Ids declared himself, Dictator ; and perhaps if at any period absolute pOwer in one person is...

CROYDON REFORM MEETING.—A most numerous and respectable meeting took place

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on Wednesday at Croydon the requisition for which si gned aned by Mr. Maberly and one hundred and fifty other gentle.. men; both the county members Were present. Mr. Maberly...

The state of Switzerland generally has been somewhat disturbed for

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several months ; and in Lausanne, it would appear, there is something approaching to an actual revolution. The commonly received notions of Helvetia are exceedingly inaccurate....

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STATE or THE COUNTRY.—II would appear that there are some

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ap- prehensions of " Swing " visits in Cheshire and Shropshire ; but they seem to be but the receding of the thunder that was lately sounding in our ears. In all the other parts...

SPECIAL COMnissioN.—Tile Hampshire Special Commission was opened at Winchester on

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Monday. The calendar comprehends about 300 cases,—for riotously assembling and destroying manufacturimag. ma chinery, and other felonies and misdemeanours, 6; for riotously...

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Swixo.—A person who was seen dropping incendiary letters, has been

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arrested at Stoke, Suffolk. The prisoner is about sixty, rather under the middle size, thin face, dark eyebrows, prominent nose, and very grey- headed ; and was well known in...

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Deowinsio.-Aietitenant E. B. Sutherland, of the Yorkshire Coast Blockade, was

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unfortunately drowned at Saltrim on the 2nd, in an at- tempt to get off aDutch galliot, which the crew had abandoned. The vessel was struck by a sea while Lieutenant Sutherland...


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STOCE EXCHANGE, FRIDAY Evssfisto.—The Consol Market has shown greap firmness this week, when it Is considered how many circumstances have occurred to shake confidence. The...


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• • . FRIBAS EVENING. ' Arrived.—In the Downs, Dec. 22nd, Thomson, Hobbs, from Penane ; 23rd, Hie- torten, Boland, from Manilla. Off Dartmouth, Dec. 23rd, Cassiopea. Martin;...

. : to accept of his furniture, plate, linen, paintings,

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library, and curiosities , resolution was unanimously passed : "That Sir Walter Scott be re- queStScott, which was held at Edinburgh on the 17th instant, the following es SIR...

... ;.: '...,' c!' • - E'.' T WEL ) ARMY - .'''', 1' ''' ,

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• kvAa-OPVIE, Dec. 21, 430.-6th Regimehi of DragsorftnardeY' Lieut. "I'..'Pon- i iiimby to be Capt. by purchase, rice Kinston, promoted ;Cornet , I. Jones to- be .Lieut, by...


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BIRTHS. • On the 18th inst. at the Vicarage. Eccles, near Manchester, the Lady of the Rev. THOMAS BLACKBURNE, Of a daughter. On the 17th inst. at Lancing Vicarage, in the...

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• Among the complaints or tU week, we find one

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against a hack- ney coachman, ``. for driving an insufficient horse, and whipping him on an' extensive wound.' This charge must have sounded . strangely in the ears of aAarvy,...

The charge of Baron VAUGHAN, which was given from the

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ma- nuscript of the Judge, in the Times and Herald of Tuesday, is to be printed in a separate form, for 'general circulation. It is a plain, sensible production, not remarkable...

In the trial of the ex-Ministers at Paris, the advocate

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of one- the prisoners fainted at .the a clese of his address, as the mpst , thetic conelu,sionsbe; could- come to. - ''This- practier perbratioil,, will be consideredibythe:...


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THE Ministers have obtained what may without extravagance be called a respite. We use the, word delibeeately, believing that any Ministry,pledssed to good measures, is placed-...

r - -- We observe that the ystem of assigning MI - tall

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plots of land to . . - cottagers, as :recommended - by Lad SALISBURY, seems to gain' favour in the House ; and we are somewhat surprised to see that I Mr. DAWSON, in the chapter...

It seems thatchild-burning• is to succeed rick-burning in the annals

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of fire. There have, We learn„, been no fewer than eight inquisitions during the last week, before the City Coroner, , "touching the deaths of children who have died .by severe...


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Ttut Ministers have patiaticallidirected. the attention of Parlia- ment to their own emoluments in the firstplace—we hope theywill direct their Own attention, in the next place;...

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TO VISCOUNT HOWICK, UNDER-SECRETARY OF STATE FOR THE COLONIES. 13th December, 1830. MY LORD—I have undertaken to satisfy you, that the mode in which the state disposes of...

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- THE doctrine of the ballot is assuming everyday a new importance. Many of the most respectable members of the House of Commons —and among them, if we may believe report, the...


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Ws apprehend the restrictions upon the press are likely toeffect their own remedy, unless sheer imbecility is to decide the question. If newspapers be dangerous, it is obvious...

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THE SPECTATOR'S LIBRARY: THE approach of-the holydays has somewhat slackened

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the supply of books to our Library. The candidates on the table begin to present a less formidable array. Both publishers and authors are, we presume, otherwise occupied ;...

• The Exempla Historica is a series of reprints from

The Spectator

historical documents and antiquarian manuscripts, published in a periodical -form. It will be exceedingly valuable, if extensively, continued, and furnished with suitable...


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Miss INVERARITY'S third appearance in Cinderella, on Tuesday evening, drew the most crowded audience that this theatre has boasted since the beginning of the season—except, of...


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4 ; IN our. notice , of the performance of Spoaa's sublime draterfp, The. Last.Judgment, lit- the Norwich Festival, we particularly. pointed the attention of the 'Philharmonic...


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THE WORKS OF THE WEEK, OR TIIE REVIEWER'S TABLE. James's History of Chivalry,-National Library, No. IV. I Vol. Colburn and Bentley. Excerpti Historiea 8 Nos. Vllentley....

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We formerly spoke highly of Lieutenant SHIPP'S Adventures, because we

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had been much amused by them, and because we be- lieve that writing people are very fond of doing folks. It is a very common case for men to despise their own instrument ; and...

The Biography of RODNEY is a pendant to that of

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COLLING- WOOD. The possessors of such materials as compose both these works, had they withheld them from the world, would have been criminal. RODNEY had not COLLINGWOOD'S...

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TO TUB EDITOR OP TILE SPECTATOR. Sra—The property of the Church might be !reduced, without. injuty to the actual incumbents, by giving them perpetuai. annuitios equal ía value...


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RUSSIA.—PoLowos, the editor of the Moscow Telegraph, has just completed his " History of Russia," which is to extend to twelve octavo volumes. This writer has successfully...

There is one book this week which deserves a place

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among the genuine Eastern novels—we mean the Continuation of the Kuzzil- push, Mr. FRAZER'S Perstan Adventurer.' It is Curious, that of three romances before us, all turn upon...


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PANORAIIIA OF QUEBEC, LEICESTER SQUARE. WE have been highly gratified with this panorama, which is one of the must pleasing, and by no means one of the least interesting...


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Thursday, December 23, J. W. LUBBOCK, Esq. V. P. and Treasurer, in the Chair. James Smith, Esq. of Jordan Hill, Glasgow, was elected a, Fellow of the Society. Presents...

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LONG. TO THE EDITOR OP THE SPECTATOR. , • 1st December IMO. SIR—Allow me, through the medium of your Journal, to make a few remarks on the medical corporate bodies, whose...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Livia/tartar's splendid success at Covent Garden has, of 'course, rendered her a subject of much interest and conversation - an iWeredit of...