25 NOVEMBER 1854

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So simple in its main thread is the story of the battle ,of In- kerman, that the official despatches and fuller correspondence which reach ns this week scarcely modify the tale...

As to the result of the truly "untoward event" at

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Petropaul- ovski, there can be no question. Half-a-dozen ships of the Allies, looking out, properly enough, for Russian vessels at large in the Pacific, find themselves off the...

Espartero has announced that he resigns his post as President

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of the Council of Ministers, and his position as Dictator, if ever he could be so called, of the Spanish people. Consistently with his disposition, we think that he is right. He...

If we may trust anything from such a source, a

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report in the New Prussian Gazette is calculated to strengthen apprehensions to which the recent slowness of Austria has given rise. According to that doubtful authority,...

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'A t Cunt.

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THE QUEEN and the children have taken their usual Windsor exercise, and Prince Albert has been twice out shooting, this week. On Tuesday, the birthday of the Princess Royal, the...

1I 311ttrniudio.

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At a meeting of the Court of Common Council, yesterday, the some- what unusual course was taken of opposing the formal vote of thanks to the retiring Lord Mayor. When Mr. Bower...

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44t Vrnuiturs.

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Mr. Arthur Gordon paid a visit to his constituents, at Beverley, last week, and dined with them in the Mechanics' Institution ; the Mayor presiding. Mr. Gordon spoke with...

furrtgu ant Colonial,

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THE CRIMEA. — The intelligence from the seat of war consists of the full despatches of the English, French, and Russian Commanders, giving an account of the bloody action on the...

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Her Majesty has been pleased to appoint General the Right Honourable Fitzroy James Henry Lord Raglan, G.C.B., to be Field-Marshal in the Army, and the commission to bear date...

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SATURDAY MORNEVG, The Times this morning announces that the whole of the Militia of England is to be embodied. The Globe, however, says that this statement of the Times is...


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STOCK MEM:LAMM, FRIDAY AFTIIRROOK. The excitement which prevailed last week in the English Stock Mar- ket has been succeeded by a comparative calm ; which continued with little...

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Old playgoers will doubtless recollect a piece called Matrimony, in

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which Mrs. Jordan and Mr. Elliston played a husband and wife, who al- most commencing their matrimonial career with a separation, speedily wind up with a mutual reparation;...

The clever extravagance of Mr. Rogers, in representing a waiter

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under the influence of the most frantic jealousy,is mainly instrumental in givi ng vitality to a broad farce produced at the Adelpin, with the title of The Railway Belle....


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Two famous ladies have lately been brought upon the French stage. 'One is Rosamunda, the terrible wife of the Lombard King Alboin, who, as Paul the Deacon tells us, avenged the...


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The merest soldier is today The poet of his art, .Though he should neither sing nor say The transports of his heart. His Genius writes in 'words of steel, Ana utters them in...

Besides the fashionable London season, there is another 'towards the

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close of. he year, when the more popular kinds of musical entertainment are begun. The various choral societies commence their operations at this time; M. Julien draws his...

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WIFE THE WAR MUST GO ON. Fonestoer among the motives which should deter powerful states from taking up arms against each other on slight pretences, is the impossibility of...


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THE country labours under a difficulty common after a long peace- -a redundancy of officers in proportion to men; and as time does not stand still with officers even during...

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TEE Parliamentary paper just issued by the Treasury on the mo- tion of Mr. Hume, exhibiting the loans, subsidies, and other ad- vances to Foreign States from 1793 to 1853, is a...


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Ian' Fn.8. - sxmra, we understand, contemplates the renewal of a task which it would be a disgrace to the country to leave to her. Already the country and its official...

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Itttru to Of eititor.

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THE HIGHLAND REGIMENTS. Glasgow, 20th November 1854. SIR—While for the greater part of half-a-century the strife of war in Eu- rope had been hushed, and its tidings reached us...


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TEE late events in the school of Christ's Hospital call for a prompt and. searching inquiry into the, state of that great public founda- tion., Of all our public free schools it...


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JUSTICE is a thing so precious that it ought to be maintained even in a colony ; but can justice be maintained if it be adulterated at the very source of justice—if, in fact,...


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PgopLE are withholding their subscriptions from the Patriotic Fund, it seems, on the supposition that it is capriciously adminis- tered. Here is a character earned by a...

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Leeleeth How Anibleside, 23d November 18d4. IT eau EBSI ago the present Secretary at War was at great pains to regulate the dietary. of military prisoners. It would be worthy...


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MRS. JAMESON'S COMMONPLACE BOOK OF rii013631Ts, MEMORIES, AND FANCIES.. LIKE many authors and some musicians, Mrs. Jameson is in the habit of writing down at the moment what...

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THE DESERT AND THE BUSH.. .4 ATURAL restlessness and love of rambling, combined with a taste for field-sports, had much to do with Mr. Gersticker's adven- tures in America....

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BELL'S EDITION OF WALLER. * THERE is luck in literary fame,

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as well as in more material things : this is shown in the long celebrity of Waller and his perhaps as- sured traditional reputation. For a century and a half everybody admired...

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Mr. Bogne's edition of Longfellow's Golden Legend takes its place

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among gift-books, from its fitness for a drawingroom or boudoir volume, no less than for its literary merit. The binding —in our copy azure and gold—combines the lightness and...


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THE waning year is prodnoing its memorials of the season in the form of gift-books ; • one`of the best of which, after all, is the sole survivor of the genuine Annuals—the old...

The letterpress of The Court Album is much as usual

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; a mat- ter-of-fact account of the families of the aristocratic ladies whose " counterfeit presentment " forms the engravings of the book. Chesterfield says, that if it be...


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BOOKS. The lifonumentalffistory of .Eggpt, is recorded' on the Ruins of her Temples, Palaces, and Tombs. By William (Mum, R.S.L., Author of " The Antiquities of Egypt," ere. In...

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lint Irto.

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JOHN LEECH'S PUNCH PICTURES.* This scrap-book volume of wood-cuts will be none the less welcome for being familiar; rather it possesses a gusto of old acquaintance seasoning a...

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COMMERCIAL GAZETTE_ Tuesday, November 21.

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PARTNERSHIPEI D1SSOLVED.-Woods and Howorth, Blackburn, shuttle-rankers- Walker and Whittakers, Mark Lane, ship-brokers-Ruse and Challis, Newmarket All Saints, Cambridge,...


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On the 14th November, at Amwell House, Hoddesdon, Herbs, the Wife of Lieute- nant-Colonel J.. R. Pond, First Bengal Fusiliers, of a daughter. On the 15th, at Brighton, the Wife...

MILITARY GAZETTE, Wait-oinecc, Nov. 21.-Her Majesty has been graciously pleased

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to appoint General the Right Honourable Fitz-Roy James Henry, Lord Raglan, G.C.B. to be a Field-Marshal in the Army, and the commission to bear date the 5th November 1854....


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A.DISIRALTY, Nov. 17.-Corps of Royal Marines-Sec. LieuL. A. W. Sharp to he First Lieut. vice A. Tait, resigned. Corps of Royal Marines, Nov. 20.-LieuteCol. T. Fynmore and...

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1) RA C E S CURRE T.- 1 ,

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FUND S. (Closing Priem.) &third. Monday. rassday. Wanes. Thurs. Friday. .—. 911 911 911 911 91i 91 89 DI; 911 91; 92 !ia — — 41 4 1 89 901 901 9(4 9:1 Sol 89; 90i 90 9 01...