26 JUNE 1953

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ERNST FRIEDLAENDER : After the Berlinit 1 )0 . 16 /953 H.

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A. R. PHILBY: Talking Turkey DENIS HEALEY : Socialist Foreign Policy MAX BELOFF : The Age of Reform BERNARD DARWIN: Solid or Brilliant?

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T HE BERLIN riots are over. Their repercussions are only just beginning. Any analysis of these must.start from two facts. The first is that the combustion in East Berlin was no...

The Impossible Mr. Rhee

The Spectator

Most of the hard words used about President Syngman Rhee's order for the release of the anti-Communist prisoners held in South Korea were perfectly justified. But the chief...


The Spectator

No. 6 5 2 2 FRIDAY, JUNE 26, 1953 PRICE 7d.

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Extending Television

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If the Government allows the B.B.C. to go ahead with its development plan, as ,outlined on Tuesday by the Director' General, television will in ten years' time reach...

Queen of Scots

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During King George VI's last visit to Glasgow a man in the crowd unfurled a banner with a. mild enough Scottish nationalist slogan on it. He was jostled about for his pains...

T.U.C. and Steel Board

The Spectator

The controversy about the three trade union leaders who accepted seats on the Steel Board has been dragging its weary length along for many weeks, but only two days ag . 0 was...

France at the Crossroads

The Spectator

M. Pinay's refusal to form a government may yet have done something to straighten out the constitutional crisis in Paris. He withdrew because he could not count on the support...

The Republic of Egypt

The Spectator

If General Neguib has been forced to end the Egyptian monarchy because he felt his own position threatened, then the news from Cairo is depressing. The dynasty of King Farouk...

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Report on Schools

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The revelations contained in last week's report on schools by the Select Committee on Estimates are serious en ough to justify the political stir they have caused. But neither...

Double Thinking

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Without recourse to some sort , of " doublethink " the Minister of Transport's refusal to increase the speed limit of heavy lorries from twenty to thirty miles an hour cannot...


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I N times of economic difficulty Chancellors of the Exchequer must preserve a fine sense of honour. A man who " saves the country from bankruptcy " tends to. be built up by his...

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T HE full realisation of the international consequences of the death of Stalin is dawning slowly. There is some- thing halting and painful about the way in which the world is...

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I May be Old - fashioned, but— I shall be surprised if

The Spectator

there is not trouble over a novel called A Woman's Evil Inspiration by the Count of Torriggia, which Anglo-Italian Publications Limited propose to publish on July 6th at a price...

The Little Hat For soldiers who have to get in

The Spectator

and out of tanks, who have head-phones more or less continuously clamped to their ears or who jump out of aeroplanes wearing parachutes, the beret is a sensible thing to wear....

The Monolithic Labour Party " Those people " (the Daily

The Spectator

Herald reports from Abingdon) " whom the Tories cannot hope to win over by a clear-cut policy they are trying to scare into a blue-funk vote by horror' stories. The most...

T W O Sets of Triumvirs D . eplorable though it may be,

The Spectator

the average Englishman rather e njoys the spectacle of relays of French politicians trying and failing to form a Government. " Coming up to scratch, the French," he says to his...


The Spectator

EVER before in history has the image of a Sovereign been so widely diffused among, or so firmly imprinted upon the minds of, her subjects as the Queen's now Is upon ours,...

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After the Berlin Riots

The Spectator

By ERNST FRTEDLAENDER* Hamburg. T HE riots in East Berlin have made one thing abundantly clear: the Soviet Zone of Germany, far from being a workers' paradise, is nothing but...

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The Spectator

Next week's Spectator will be' an enlarged Summer Number. Contributors include JOHN ARLOTT G. P. GRIGGS JENNY NICHOLSON MAX BELOFF JACQUETTA HAWKES SEAN O'FAOLAIN ROBERT GIBSON...

Can There Be a Socialist Foreign Policy ?.

The Spectator

BY DENIS HEALEY, M.P. In the Spectator's opinion the phrase " Socialist Foreign Policy" is not one to which a precise meaning can readily be attached. But it is in constant...

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Talking Turkey

The Spectator

By H. A. R. PHILBY S INCE the end of World War II, Soviet-Turkish contacts have been sterile indeed. The recent Soviet approach to Turkey, suggesting removal of the points at...

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Quaker Story

The Spectator

(This story, which was written in 1904, is true. It has been made available to the Spectator by Mr. A. F. Wise.) Bellows was as poor and uninfluential as Neave. Neither of them...

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The Editor and I By BRIANWIDLAKE (Clare College, Cambridge) T HE editor of the Universal Magazine regarded me across his desk. It was an impressive editorial desk, with an...

Death in a Summer's Day

The Spectator

Death in a summer's day Came printless on a path of sand ; Sauntered to the window ledge With his skull-cap in hand. To him, squatting outside, we threw Pieces and peeling,...

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MUSIC Rubbra and Darnton ItunnuA's new cantata, Song of the Soul, was specially written for the London Bach Society, which gave the first performance on June 1 7th at St....


The Spectator

BILkoua's graphic work—the greater part intended as book , i not large in volume. It consists of some fifty prints, mostly T he and etched, executed over a period of forty-odd...

Remembering the 'Thirties •

The Spectator

Hearing one saga, we enact the next. We please our elders when we sit enthralled ; But then they're puzzled ; and at last they're vexed To have their youth so avidly recalled....

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THE French theatre, we are often told, is better than our own. What• ever the quality of the production, there is one element of superiority that remains constant. It seems that...


The Spectator

The Story of Three Loves. (Empire.)—Malta Story. (Odeon.)--' Forever Female. (Carlton). The Story of Three Loves is another trinity film, two parts directed by Gottfried...

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Report by Edward Blishen Silent deck-scrubbing machines (large vacuum-cleaners in appearance) h ave been introduced by a British shipping line. Competitors were invited to...

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Set by Guy Kendall Readers are asked to imagine that they have been appointed by the B.B.C. as commentators on outside events. The usual prizes are offered for the first 200...

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Sporting Aspects

The Spectator

Solid or Brilliant ? By BERNARD DARWIN A GOOD many years ago a friend and I were smoking a last pipe over the fire after a winter day's golf when some demon flying over the...

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In American Eyes SIR,—In two recent Foreign Affairs Debates in the House of Commons I have made speeches about' Anglo-American Relations, which were reported more or less...

The B.B.C. Monopoly

The Spectator

SIR,—The argument against commercial broadcasting of sound, vision or aught else, is instinctive rather than rational. We all know what has happened to the Press as a result of...

The Miller's Mystique

The Spectator

SIR,—Reading Lord Carrington's speech, when replying to the reasoned objections to white bread, one wonders what are the interests of those who brief him. How does it come about...

Fund For Korean Children

The Spectator

SIR,—While the struggle in Korea continues to fill the headlines of th. world Press, those with imagination appreciate dimly what the conflic of these past tragic years has...

Commonwealth and Empire

The Spectator

Sut,—Mr. C. E. Vulliamy knows more history and more English that I do. He must see himself that to write of " Imperial and Foreign ' news is sensible, but " Commonwealth and...

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Carrion Crows.

The Spectator

The carrion crow is about the most alert bird there is. To take him unawares requires stealth and cunning and, even when surprised, he seems to have something of the owl's soft...


The Spectator

HAY-MAKING is one of the oldest processes of agriculture, for the cutting and drying of grass comes out of the distant past of the wooden plough. Modern research proves that it...

Ebe 6pectator, Yung 25t1j, 1853

The Spectator

THE great military display at the camp at Chobham, on Tuesday, proved a perfect success. So long as her Majesty remained on the ground, even the weather was propitious. . . All...

Memorial 'to Miss Strachey

The Spectator

SIR,—Many friends of Miss J. P. Strachey are anxious to commemorate her long and distinguished service to Newnham College as Fellow, Tutor and Principal, and her life-long...

Moorland Summer.

The Spectator

Ling has been out for quite a while but the heather will be a little time yet. Everywhere in the lower countryside summer is lush. The meadows are thick with the rising grass....

Liquid Manure.

The Spectator

For a long time I had a large cistern in my garden and used it to ensure a supply of liquid manure which was made by suspending a sack of manure in rainwater. There is one...

Humble Bees.

The Spectator

The humble bee came buzzing out of the hedge in front of my face and presently another of the same kind appeared too, and I concluded that there was a nest in the bank, although...

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The Age of Reform

The Spectator

Politics in the Age of Peel. By Norman Gash. (Longmans. 45s.; THE change that has come over the study of modern British political history in the last quarter of a century might...


The Spectator

Incidental History Honourable Company. By M. Bellasis. With a Preface by Arthur Bryant. (Hollis and Carter. 21s.) " HONOURABLE COMPANY " is a punning title to describe the...

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Angela Burdett - Coutts. By Clara Burdett Patterson. (Murray. 18S.) THERE is

The Spectator

unusual material in this book ; for money is power, and power to the extent of £80,000 a year comes to few. Angela Burdett- Coutts was born in 1814, and died in 1906. She was...

Great Ladies

The Spectator

The Glitter and the Gold. By Consuelo Vanderbilt Balsan (formerly Duchess of Marlborough). (Heinemann'. 15s.) Yam' few women born with a desire to shine can say no to. the Idea...

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The Clumsy Blue Bird

The Spectator

Selected Poems. Idris Davies. (Faber. 7s. 6d.) Famous Meeting. Robert Gittings. (Heinemann. 8s. 6d.) A Mask for Janus. W. S. Merwin. (Yale. $2.50.) A MORE serious problem than...

No Truce

The Spectator

Love's Apprentice: A Handbook for Combatants in the War of the Sexes. By Tom Hopkinson. (Jonathan Cape. 15s.) THE sex-war may be a crude, unscientific, uncompromising tern'' ,...

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AN indignant ingenue approached Mr. Sydney Carroll after a first

The Spectator

night in 1935. "You," she said, "are a menace to every young actress." Mr. Carroll enquired mildly what she meant. "You make too many Discoveries," she replied. The outburst had...

On and Off the Stage

The Spectator

Cecile Sorel : An Autobiography. Translated by Philip John Stead. (Staples. 12s. 6d.) actis SOREL'S life-story, written since her retirement, is scarcely concerned with the...

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Deutschland, Deutschland'

The Spectator

MOST humorists achieve their effect by exaggeration, by extravagance, and by absurdity. Georges Mikes' method is,just the opposite: he _produces funny sensations by sound good...

THE SPECTATOR thin pajer edition can be forwarded by air

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to any address in the world. SUBSCRIPTION RATES :- U.S.A. and Canada (Air Mail) £4 15s. Od. per annum. S. Africa (Air Express) £4 Os. Od. per annum. Rates to other parts of...

Far Away and Long Ago

The Spectator

The Sinner of Saint Ambrose. By Robert Raynolds. (Secker & Warburg. 15s.) Or the three historical novels for review this week, the best is the one with the least promising...

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Shorter Notice

The Spectator

Wild Elephant Chase. By Heinrich Ober- johann, (Dennis Dobson. 15s.) FIAT the lure of adventure still attracts us is amply illustrated by the ready sale of books on its many...

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FINANCE AND INVESTMENT By CUSTOS CURRENT international uncertainties remain the

The Spectator

all-embracing explanation of the sub- dued state of the stock markets. But, just as people who dwell near a volcano become adjusted to the risk, so do the markets come to treat...

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Solution to Crossword No. 734 Solution on

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The winner of Spectator Crossword 5 The Grove, Lincoln. 10th July No. 734. is MRS. MARY LANE,


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IA Book Token for one guinea will be awarded to the sender of the first correct solution opened atter noon on Tuesday week, July 7th, addressed Crossword, and bearing NUMBER of...