29 JULY 1854

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WHENEVER, our Ministers put forward a distinct proposition and intimate their determination to stand by it, they carry all before them. Perhaps they may have acquired a better...

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The report from Spain for the week might consist of

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a repetition of that which we wrote last week, only with two important addi- tions. We now know that the Queen has conferred, face to face, with the insurgents of Madrid, and...

From either seat of war we have no reports this

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week of any fresh event, and we are quite content to be for a week without the means of reporting present progress. Impatient as we all are to have some great event at least...

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PRINCIPAR• BUSINESS OP THE WEEK. Howse or Limn e. Monday, July '24. gdeen's Message; Vote of Credit—N a .. Nonni Education; Lord Brougham's Statement—Parochial Schoolmasters...

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THE Royal Family remains at Osborne, enjoying all the appropriate summer pleasures. On Monday and Tuesday, the Queen, Prince Albert, and the children, embarked on board the...

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At a Court of Common Council, on Thursday, Mr. G. Ross moved a resolution to the effect that the Improvement Committee should take the opinion of two eminent engineers as to the...


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The appointment of the Honourable Francis Lawley to. Liente, nant-Governorship of South Australia, as suceessor to Sir Hnry Youn g , deprives Mr. Gladstone of his private...

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Dr. Leslie, Bishop of Kilmore, died on Saturday last, at

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Cavan, in his eighty-second year. He was consecrated Bishop of Dromore in 1812, translated to Elphin in 1819, and, under the Church Temporalities Act, took possession of Kilmore...

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FRAN - ea.—The Emperor and Empress arrived at Biarritz on the 21st instant: Official receptions were declined. They still remained there at the latest date, Wednesday the 26th....


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At the Episcopal Synod held at Aberdeen on the 19th, the Bishops of the Scottish Episcopal Church appointed the Reverend Dr. Hannah, of Lincoln College, Qxford, Rector of the...

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strong testimonials, by Lord Hardinge, Lord Raglan, and Omar Pasha, have been forwarded by the Horse Guards to Lieutenant-General Butler, C s the most appropriate condolence...

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" Paris, Friday Erening.—On the 24th, 'in aide-dc-camp of General

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Es- partero arrived in Madrid, and proceeded immediately to the Palace, with- out communicating with the Junta. It was supposed that he had submitted a scheme of policy for the...

The. Gazette of last night contains a despatch from Admiral

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Dundee with enclosures from Commander Powell. of the Vesuvius, and other officers engaged in an attack, on -the 8th July, upon a stockade battery at the Sulina mouth of the...


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SATURDAY. The Bribery Bill, after much opposition, passed the House of Com- mons last night. At the outset of the proceedings, Lord HOTHAM made a speech against the...

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We understand that Parliament will not be prorogued until the

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22d of A ugu st „Morning Herald. We understand that Parliament will not be prorogued until the 22d of A ugu st „Morning Herald. A morning contemporary alleges that there is no...


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The resolution of the Lords not to read bills a second time after the 25th instant, except money bills and measures in behalf of which " ur- gency" can be pleaded, has produced...


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The Select Committee appointed to.inquire into the condition of the Me- tropolitan Bridges, and the adequacy of the accommodation afforded by them, report, that with the...

The Tipperary Assizes opened at Clonmel on Thursday ; when

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the Grand Jury found a true bill against Mr. Carden for abduction. The greatest in- terest was felt in this trial ; and Clonmel was crammed with visitors as early as Tuesday.


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Funds continue to wear an unsettled appearance, although the fluctuations this week have been less important than of late. The...

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Drury Lane Theatre was suddenly closed on Tuesday. The Huguenots

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had been announced in the advertisements and bills of the day ; but in the evening the doors were shut, and bills were put up announcing that " in consequence of the intense...

The distressing uncertainty of Mario's vocal powers gave rise to

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a dis- appointment, and something of a disturbance, at.the Covent Garden Opera on Thursday evening. It was one of Grisi's farewell nights, and the house was very full. The piece...

"Hawks will not peck out hawks' een," said Baillie Nicol

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Jarvie with reference to the squabbles among Highland clans. The saying will aptly apply to our managers, who though they may quarrel violently about an *different translation...


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The general aspect of our theatres is now decidedly melodramatic. The Ade1phi, which is the natural seat of melodrame, flirts a little with comedy, to be sure ; but we suspect...


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THE COALITION GOVERNMENT AND THE WAR. BEFORE the breaking up of Parliament for the six months' vaea. tion, Ministers have at last distinctly stated their position in re.•...

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Loan DUDLEY STUART'S Bill.to prevent dealing in Russian " Scrip " as well as Stock is a logical complement to the existing law on the subject of loans to an enemy ; but it has...


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FEW measures have been debated with more zeal and care than the bill to consolidate and amend the laws relating to bribery, treating, and undue influence at elections of Members...

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DEEPLY as the death of Captain Butler may be lamented, his fate is far from being one from whieh a soldier would recoil. If his life has been cut short, it has been fall ; if...


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THE two companion -Conrts-martial at - Windsor, on Lieutenant Perry and Lieutenant Greer, furnish disclosures which are ex- tremely painful. Although they are separate cases,...


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THERE is one kind of offence which lies between stupidity and knavery—partaking of the nature of both; and it is increasing in Parliament. It consists in a studied falsification...

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A TORONTO newspaper announces that Viscount Bury, eldest son of the Earl of Albemarle, is anxious to represent a Canadian con- stituency. It is an ambition creditable to the...

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qr ado.

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DIORAMA OF THE SEAT OF WAR. The Diorama at the Gallery of Illustration showing the two great Southern points of interest in the war—the line of the Danube and the shores of the...

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PARTNERfSHIP LIABILITY. Edinburgh, 17th Ju ly 1854. Sra—Would you allow me a few words in reply to the letter of W. S." in last number of the Spectator? In a partnership...


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THE GREEK CONN% In speaking of the contents of the Greek Court, we reserved the sub- ject of its colouring : a subject which.leads to the interesting question of the colouring...


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We have inspected at Messrs. Hunt and Roskell's a set of silver plate which has obtained a prize offered by the Goldsmiths Company on the . occasion of the Great Exhibition, "in...


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This is another of Messrs. Colnaghi's publications connected with the war; which includes, besides those we have previously noticed, views of the bombardment of Odessa and the...

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the Official Return.] Ten Weeks of 1844.'53. Zymotic Diseases 3,113 .... Dropsy, Cancer, and other diseases of uncertain or variable seat 942 Tubercular Diseases 1,983...


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On the 20th July, at Cardiff, the Wife of the Hon. J. F. Edger, of Hongkong, of a son. On the 21st, at Stoneham Park, the Wife of Thomas Willie Fleming, Esq., of a son and...


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_Tuesday, July 25. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLYED. - Stubbs and Bredt, Liverpool, tea-merchants-Hindle and Duckworth, Manchester, commission-agents-Thompson and Dutton, Shef- field,...


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WAR-OFFICE, 7uly 28.-8th Regt. of Light Drags.-R. C. Sawbridge, Gent. to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Viscount Stormont, promoted in the 1st or Grenadier Regt. of Foot Guards....

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FUND 8. (Closing Pric) Bogard...Monday. rtrosdoy. Weines.1 t u i ra . 1 sits. 5 pnt. :11 Er El 1 NI 211i - 921 4 9:1 , 11 4I 211 214) 225 222 2 pm. I par 2 pm....

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' I

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West; n the City of London ; and Published by the 1,7 "14,15.frli B4TTOn, ate, Wellington street, In the P tuba thii IravOy; Strand, lathe County Or Middlesex. %-.45*.avairs.v,...

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THE RUSSIAN CONQUEST OF FINLAND. * Dris narrative of the conquest of Finland by the Russians, in imia, was drawn up many years since, by a Russian officer of rank, now deceased...

" , • , prtfator ,5:11p)Itentrnt+ JULY 29, 1854.

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CALIFORNIA. * THESE volumes contain a narrative of Mr. Bartlett's personal tra- vels, as Commissioner or Superintendent of the surveying-party deputed by the Government of...

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MURCHISON'S SILIIRIA. * AMONG the worthies of whom Englishmen may justly

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be proud, is the class of men who, born to ease and affluence, turn them to account in promoting the aims of science and enlarging the stores of general knowledge. Not content...

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RIO'S CHRISTIAN ART. * Tax author's original design in this work

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evidently exceeded the limits of its execution. According to the first, a survey would naturally have been taken of the general field of Christian pictorial art, including, if...

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Mr. Novelle has recently added to his series of cheap publications Han- del's oratorio of Deborah, and the secular cantatas Alexander's Feast and Acis and Galatea. They are in...


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BOORS. History of the Reigns of Louis XVIII. and Charles X. By Eyre Evans Crowe, Author of "The History of France," &c. In two volumes. Outlines of the Philosophy of Universal...