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The investigators of cholera seem to be coming upon ground

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which may furnish a theory of the disorder; since it turns upon a specialty of the disease that has been detected in a tangible form. Dr. Brittan enjoys at present the chief...

While the French Government talks of reducing its army to

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a peace establishment, the discords among the Ministers and allies of the President defy, concealment. M. de Falloux is driven into a long nervous fever by anxiety, and M. Leon...

Ireland has not been regenerated by adversity, if we may

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trust the signs of the day. The organized, secret, and incompre- hensible agitation which is going on in some parts, with no other apparent aim than that of keeping up an alarm,...


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WEST . Surrey has elected Mr. Walter John Evelyn ; and the fact is boasted as a " Protectionist victory," the more signal because Mr. Edgell, the Liberal candidate, was obliged...

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President Taylor has effectively arrested and broken up the Yankee

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expedition against Cuba ; the object of which is now ex- plicitly avowed. The plan was arranged with considerable inge- nuity and energy, and had ramifications in several parts...

Zbe jittetropolis.

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Meetings have been held at Lambeth, Walworth, and Hoxton, for the purpose of forming district associations in support of the objects and prin- ciples of the National...

Another British colony transmits to Lord Grey its formal pro-

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test against his measures : the Legislative Council of New South Wales has called for a retractation of the Order in Council making New South Wales a penal colony; and at the...

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Irbt Vrobintes.

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The nomination of a candidate to represent West Surrey, in the room of Mr. Denison, deceased, took place at Guildford on Saturday. Colonel Sumner nominated Mr. William John...


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The Lord-Lieutenant and Lady Clarendon have returned to Dublin, from Killarney. " It is reported, probably with some truth," says the Times correspondent, "that Lord Clarendon...

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Sortign anb CTolonfal.

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FRANCE.—The French army is to be reduced to a peace establishment. On the 1st September, it amounted to 503,000: on the 1st October, the 40,000 of the contingent of 1842 will be...

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It is stated that Mr. William Deane Butler, the Dublin architect, is en- gaged in the preparation of plans and drawings of a marine residence for the Queen, at or near Killing,...

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Paris yesterday was agitated by increasing reports that secret Democra-

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tic and Socialist societies are busy about some machinations, to explode on the 1st of October. The Berlin Chambers have been debating the octroyed constitution. The Revising...

The arrangements at the central Post-office on Sundays have long

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called for improvement, and that is now initiated: the subjoined instructions to Postmasters, &c. have been issued by the Postmaster-General. "General Post-office, September...


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SATURDAY. The Royal Family left Balmoral on Thursday morning, for England. The route indicated last week was not followed: the alteration is imputed to the prevalence of...

Among many agricultural meetings, has been that of the Northampton-

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shire Agricultural Society, held at Kettering on Thursday. Here Mr. Augustus Stafford, M.P., took up " the great question of modern society " —" bow to dispose of the labourer."...

A very large deputation from the hop-planters of Sussex, Kent,

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Wor- cestershire, and Herefordshire, waited upon the Chancellor of the Ex- chequer in Downing Street yesterday, to urge on Government "the imme- diate, pressing, and absolute...

This announcement appears today in the Morning Chronicle and Daily

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News- " A meeting of some of the leading friends of the Peace movement was held yesterday morning, at which Mr. Cobden was present; when it was unanimously resolved to convene...

The receipt of Mr. Buckingham's last book was acknowledged in

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the Spectator of the 14th July, at page 663. Mr. Buckingham will be good enough to accept this notice, Instead of any private answer to his letters: we never correspond...

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On the 4th August, at Poonsb, the Lady of Captain Dashwood Graham, Bombay Engineers, youngest daughter of Lieutenant-General Sir T. Doorman, of a son. On the 20th September, at...


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The ovation with which Mrs. Mowatt was received at the Marylebone Theatre when she made her appearance in Beatrice-a part that she plays with remarkable grace and vivacity-is...


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23, Vauxhall Bridge Road, 26th September 1849. Sin-There appears to me to be too much reason to dread the fulfilment of Walter Savage Landor's prophecy, that before many years...

Dr. William Reid, lecturer on the Principles and Practice of

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Medicine, has sent us a letter sketching an effective plan to extinguish the cholera. He sets aside the much-mooted question as to the intimate nature of cho- lera; resting on...


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SrocK Exeaa.NoE, FRiDAY APTERsoow. The English Funds were steady till yesterday; the quotations of Consols (the only Stock now open for Money business) being 921 4 for Money...

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THE WATER QUESTION. Finn and pestilence are Heaven's ministers for improving the health of towns, and evermore with inexorable sternness do they work out their beneficent...

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"A GREAT general !" Mr. Barclay described at Guildford, the other day—" a great general " of "a great party." Who is he ? who the party ?—The party, said Mr. Barclay, is the...


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HAPPY would it be for the Church if the official selection for ap- pointment to high places were always so good as it has been in the choice of Dr. Samuel Hinds for the vacant...

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BEHIND the National Gallery, in Orange Street, is a handsome building in the Tudor style, which belongs to an order of insti- tutions wholly new to London: it is devoted to the...


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A GOOD road is still a desideratum, at least one approaching to the ideal of a road for towns. Wood promised to be smooth, noiseless, and cleanly ; but either its adapters have...


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NOTHING could be more unsatisfactory than the results of the late courts-martial on Commander Pitman and his officers Lieu- tenant Graham and Master Elliot ; the proceedings...

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JOHN O'CONNELL'S RECOLLECTIONS AND EXPERIENCES OF A PARLIAMENTARY CAREER. * THE " recollections" of a Member of Parliament, who through his fa- mily position was deeply involved...

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WHEN the Commissioners of Inquiry into the state of Education in Wales published their depreciatory Reports on the moral, religious, edu- cational, and social condition of the...

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of this book is to give a general account of game or sports- manlike fishing in America, with a sufficient outline of ichthyology to en- able the angler to recognize the...

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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED.[ THE current September has been the dullest publishing:month

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we have known for many years. Scarcely any single week within our experience has exhibited such paucity of arrivals as the first two weeks of the month:. the third was not much...

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WAR-OFFICE, Sept. 25.-6th Drag. Guards—Lieut. T. ?Landers, from the 2d West India Regt. to be Paymaster, vice S. F. Jackson, who retires upon half-pay, as a Lieut. unattached....

The accounts of the Bank of England for the week

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ending the 22d September exhibit, when compared with those of the preceding week, the following results- BANELNO DEPARTMENT. Increase. Decrease. Rest Pcblie Deposits Other...

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BRITISH F a per Cent Consols Ditto for Account Eger Cents Reduced gi per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent India Stock, 101 Exchequer Rills, ljd. per dicta India...


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Tuesday, September 25. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Hammond and Murray, rallway-contractors-Court and Co. Manchester, machine- makers-Gomm and Smith, River's Terrace, Maiden Lane,...