2 JANUARY 1830

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NEWS. FOREIGN COUNTRIES. America-President's Message to Con- gress. Conciliatory tone towards Bri- tain ' ariff , 13. Report of the Com- mitt ee of Congress on the repeal of...

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In the foreign JOILTORIS ?nee Nith everlasting rumours about the

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health of the Emperor NICHOLAS. He was statecrin the earlier part of the week to have suffered a relapse, from which it is now said that he has recovered. From the same sources...

We have prepared the INDEX of our Second Volume on

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a different principle from that of last year; and we hope it will prove more generally useful to our readers. The former one having been unstamped, and published separately, was...


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BEFORE we begin to relate the events and discuss the business of the year 1830, we must pay the tribute of a few soothing sentences to the memory of 1829, which one of our •...

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The great Orange anniverary of the Shuttingof the Gates of

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London- deny was celebrated on the 16th of last month, with as much spirit, if we may believe the Londonderry Sentinel, as on any previous occa- sion. The persons who get up...

THE KiNo.—The Duke of Cumberland and Prince George paid their

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respects to the King on Friday. His Majesty is entirely without visitors ; and continues in the best health and spirits, entertaining his distinguished suite every evening at...


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We have received a copy of a long letter addressed by Mr. O'Coist- NELL to the people of Ireland. It is the first of a series which the learned gentleman intends to publish for...

Some of the newspapers have been enlarging during the week

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upon the duties and prospects of landlords. The Times says that landlords ought to reduce their rents to the level of the rents of 1793—ought to descend from their present...

The Opposition papers have pretty generally ascribed the Govern- ment

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prosecutions of the press to the Whigs, whom they represent as being, despite theirprofessions, the most formidable foes to liberty in every shape. Sir JAMES SCARLETT, they say,...


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gTOCIC EXCHANGE, SATURDAY MORNII - G, HALF-PAST TEL—We have had a good deal of business this week in the English Funds, and Consols have fluc- tuated considerably. The first...

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A Menis MATE'S INFALLIRILITY.—A person was fined at Guildhall on

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Thurs- day, by Sir Peter Laurie, for driving furiously through the streets. The suffering party declared that he should recover the money by an appeal. "Make your ap- peal and...

Tun Revexce.—In the beginning of the week, a considerable deficiency

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in the excise for the year ending on the 6th of this month, was anticipated. It was then stated that the deficiency would be a million ; now 100,0001. is hazarded as its...

A cotton manufactory on the most approved principles has been

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erected in Calcutta. There have been rumours for some time of a forgery on the Indian Govern- ment to an enormous amount having been committed at Calcutta. It is said to have...

CITY BUSINESS.—A Wardmote was held at Cripplegate-Without, before Alder- man

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Wood, on 'Tuesday last, for the purpose of considering the report of a Com- mittee appointed to inquire into, and devise the means of recovering the ancient privilie!es of the...

THE FROST.—In consequence of the - frost, the Parks were unusually

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gay in the beginning of the week. The skaiters were very numerous, and groups of ladies were to be seen promenading on the ice. There were symptoms of thaw on Tuesday night, and...

THE BOOK Teene.—The great publishers who supply the bookselling trade,

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on credit, at a much lower rate than they supply the public, have found at last, that the retailers, by lowering the prices which the publishers affix to books contrive to carry...

The Duke of Northumberland has presented the Dublin College of

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Surgeons with 5001. to enable them to complete their anatomical apparatus. The Duke of Northumberland has presented the Dublin College of Surgeons with 5001. to enable them to...

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it will be recollected, was convicted of forgery on the

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Customhouse ; Newitt of sheep-stealing; Leslie and Sandford, of a burglary on the premises of Messrs. Stultz in Bond Street. The Courier states that the men who were executed...

THE KING'S THEATRE.—If we may trust report, the Opera is

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to be powerful negations this season. We are not to have Pasta, nor Sontag, nor Zuchelli, r De Begnis ; and, though it is not so stated, we suppose we are not to have better...

Two young men were drowned, while skaiting in St. James's

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Park on Sunday. Many persons endeavoured to save them, but the ice broke in every direction near the spot where they had fallen in. . On Christmas eve, a fire broke out in the...

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In the Standard of Thursday there is a letter . descriptive

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of the King of Spain's marriage. The ceremony is said to have taken place at Madrid on the Pth of December. The pageant was of the most dazzling kind. NEW Cumanscv.—The...

DEATH OF Mns. WASHINGTON.—The Philadelphia Gazette of yesterday says —"Mrs.

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SVashingtou left this city on Saturday morning in a carriage. We are informed, that, between Gray's-ferry and the 13el1 Tavern, Mrs. Washington was taken suddenly and alarmingly...

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THE PRESS AND PUBLIC OPINION. ONE of the evils of the prosecutions for libel, is the outpouring of a vast flood of nonsense. The press under attack betakes itself to praising...


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A FRIEND has handed to us the following communication, which was addressed to him by the highly respectable writer. " In that clever and masculine newspaper the Spectator, No....

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WE have been favoured with several valuable suggestions, and offers of co-operation in the formation of the Club which it has been our business to recommend. During the...


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AN uncommonly fine murder has arrived from Bavaria, to add to the cheer of Christmas week. Murders, like young ladies, do not always think it prudent to tell their ages ; but...


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WE have frequently had occasion to comment on the defects of the Law, many of which are not only mischievous in themselves, but also lead to most immoral and impolitic...

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FORSYTH'S POLITICAL FRAGMENTS.* MR. FORSYTH is one of the most widely known of Scottish advocates. He is known in England, too, as the author of the Beauties of Scot- land. He...

"Gossip or THE DAY. — On Christmas-day their Royal Highnesses the Duke

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and Duchess of Cumberland attended divine service at the parish-church of Kew, anti received the sacrament at the bands of the Rev. Mr. Delafosse."—Illoruing Journal. [We hope...

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FASHIONABLE - NOVELS—THE EXCLUSIVES.* WE sympathize in the disappointment of novel-readers,

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when, in a moment of idleness and ennui, they open the pages of the Exclusives in the hope of amusement. To find a sermon disguised in the colours of a romance, is a severe...


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I. Jefferson's Memoirs and Correspon- Ireland. Second Series. By J. J. denee, Vols. 3 and 4. 'Mac g regor. 2. we:wet:IA(11M of Travels in the East. 7. Tales of the Classics. By...

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The Head of the Family of GERINI. Drawn on Stone

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by W. SHARP, from an original painting by CORREGIO, in the possession of NATHA- NIEL OGLE, Esq. A tine head of a youth, remarkable for intenseness of look, and individuality uf...


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Miss FANNY KEMBLE ; drawn on Stone by R. J. LANE, from a Sketch by Sir THOMAS LAWRENCE. An exquisitely beautiful portrait of this young actress, in her own proper cha-...

The Fortunate Escape of King WILLIAM the Third. Engraved by

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W. G1LLER, from a painting by A. COOPER, R.A. An interesting picture, which tells its story well. King Wii.t.tAm, while recon- noitering the enemy's position on the opposite...