2 JANUARY 1988

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T he recent stock market crash seemed to have little effect on the now traditional Christmas orgy of spending. About £18 billion changed hands in the shops during the...

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GOLDEN DETERRENT T he principal reason for the privatisation programme of the past eight years was the desire to free large sections of British industry from the dead hand of...


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Young, Upwardly-mobile Peasants vote for Mrs Thatcher NOEL MALCOLM L ast month the Labour Party entered into the festive spirit by producing a party political broadcast, about...

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PEREGRINE WORSTHORNE S ome sections of the brain drain matter more than others and I am very concerned to hear that my Daily Telegraph colleague of years ago, John O'Sullivan,...

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Time for us all to meditate about the poor and underprivileged AUBERON WAUGH A s a result of advances in modern technology, this New Year message is having to be written ten...

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Timothy Garton Ash, recently in Washington for the Reagan-Gorbachev summit meeting, examines the prospects it opened up for a brave new year 'THAT was wunnerful. He wants...

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Gerda Cohen eyes Israel's `blacks', the most unwanted people in the world Jerusalem 'YOU not get tear-gas in the eye?' en- quired a ferrety man lounging outside the Fifth...

A Calendar for 1988 by Posy Simmonds

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economic reform in trouble while managers' hands are tied Moscow TAKING a friend to lunch in Moscow is not a simple matter. Never mind the battle with the restaurant doorman...

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Gavin Stamp remembers an Anglo-Catholic priest hounded to death by the establishment AFTER the High Mass at St Alban's, Holborn, on the Sunday before Christmas the...

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Michael Trend meets the man from the polite society I HAVE now spent just on a year with The Spectator, keeping from time to time what is for me largely new company — the hard...

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One hundred years ago

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MR Gladstone left Hawarden for the Continent on Monday, and was re- ceived with great enthusiasm at various places on his route; but at Dover, on Tuesday, he was hooted and...

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that recent gains in proprietorial power may prove illusory THIS has been a year of mixed blessings for the British newspaper industry. Media shares were particularly badly hit...

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And now for a year on auto-pilot JOCK BRUCE-GARDYNE A s I recall, 1988 was to be the Year of the Crash. As the great bull market of the 1980s surged on towards its apogee a...

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Sir: Paul Johnson's objection (12 Decem- ber) to the Daily Telegraph identifying the Bishop of Norwich by name and title, rather than by his old Latin designation, at the end of...

Who cares?

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Sirs: I have no quarrel with Alexandra Artley's ode to the NHS (`Our Medical Heritage,' 12 December), but does the debate on whether governments fund the NHS adequately or not...


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Personal rights Sir: In his article 'When is a Foetus Disposable?' (5 December), Paul Johnson not only supports David Alton's Bill to reduce to 18 weeks the time-limit on...


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Sir: On page 36 of your issue of 12 December we are informed that Thomas Montacute, Earl of Salisbury was killed by a 'canon ball'. It would be interesting to know which...

Toasted organ

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Sir: I am extremely glad to be corrected about the original title of Clough's poem, (Letters, 12 December), if only because this is a delightful confirmation of how much more...

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The oak and the melon Colin Welch GOODWOOD'S OAK: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE THIRD DUKE OF RICHMOND, LENNOX AND AUBIGNY by M. M. Reese Threshold Books, £19.95 P eople in your...

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Excess and reticence

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James Simmons CIVIL TO STRANGERS by Barbara Pym Macmillan, f11.95 CHANGES OF ADDRESS by Lee Langley Collins, f9.95 THE UNDERBELLY by Duncan Fallowell Macmillan, f10.95...

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A man known only to ghosts and scholars

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David Nokes JOHN DRYDEN AND HIS WORLD by James Anderson Winn Yale University Press, £19.95 A mong the acknowledgements in this new biography of Dryden, James A. Winn extends...

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The chameleon's tale

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John Jolliffe FRIENDS AND ROMANS by John Miller Fourth Estate, f13.95 T his escape story, whose subtitle is 'On the Run in Wartime Italy', has a special quality which raises it...

A terrier who never lost faith

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Adam Zamoyski A PATH OF HOPE by Lech Walesa Collins Harvill, £12.95 S omething that rapidly became obscured by developments was what Soli- darity was actually about. As the...

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After the poet fell silent

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Andrei Navrozov DOCTOR ZHIVAGO by Boris Pasternak translated by Max Hayward and Manya Harari Collins Harvill, £10.95, £5.95 T hirty years ago next autumn, Boris Pasternak's...

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Exhibitions Visible export Giles Auty Lucian Freud (Musee National d'Art Moderne, Paris, till 24 January) L ucian Freud is an artist I have admired consistently. It seems...

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You Never Can Tell (Theatre Royal, Haymarket) Acting Shakespeare (Playhouse) Babes in the Wood (Duchess) Shaw touch Christopher Edwards C ompleted in 1897, You Never Can Tell...

Cinema Sarraounia (`15', ICA)

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Ouagadougou dandy Hilary Mantel I would be failing in my duty if I did not share with you, by way of valediction to 1987, one of the chief cinematic pleasures of the year. It...

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Hankie time Rodney Milnes H ansel is one of those operas, like Cosi fan tutte, that I would rather not write about. For reasons that only my analyst (ex-directory) could...

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The naked truth Wendy Cope T his week's piece has to be in several days before Christmas, so one thing it can't be about is the programmes broadcast during the festive season....


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A monthly selection of forthcoming events recommended by The Spectator's regular critics. MUSIC At the Wigmore Hall, on 6 and 9 January, Andras Schiff will be giving his...

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High life

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Two easy ways. . . Taki T here is nothing I find more boring than the annual fearless forecasts the Fourth Estate throws our way just about this time of year. However...

Low life

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. . . to get a free dinner Jeffrey Bernard I suppose it's obligatory to write some guff on the subject of Christmas, how awful and wonderful 1987 was, and what one can hope...

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Home life

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Topping ideas Alice Thomas Ellis T he mite who inhabits my unconscious intruded into my waking hour the other morning with a dreadful pun. I had been dreaming about an...

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11 101 111 11111 1H 111111 11 1 IF this is the Design Age, then Sir Terence

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Conran is its guru. A quarter of a century ago he opened Habitat and took flop sofas, shapely lampshades and chicken bricks to the masses. He is the man responsible for the...

Competition entries

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To enable competitors to economise on postage, entries for one or more weeks of the Competition and Crossword may be posted together under one cover addressed 'Competition...

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Short short story Jaspistos I N Competition No. 1503 you were Invited to write a story beginning and ending, or ending and beginning, with two given phrases. Instead, I...


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Close shave Raymond Keene I last reported on the world cham- pionship just before a spate of tedious draws threatened to stifle public interest. Karpov won game 16 in fine...

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Solution to 837: Indian summer 9 1. I T,FI I S

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Ti 9 AFIRIAIA 'P E 2 E R 3 L. E S 0 6 131 L ! i ll . A UN1.11SETHENA IN I I ON PART K G RIO n A U I 1. 2 1. I 2 e IMI T EJ E SOC A!SKA R E L T A L L GIOIFILI I UNPIN M AFIA...

CROSSWORD 839: Trencherman by Mass

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A first prize of £20 and two further prizes of £10 (or, for UK solvers, a copy of Chambers Dictionary, value £13.95 — ring the words 'Chambers Dictionary' above) for the first...

No. 1506: Hymn 666

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Under this title Rupert Brooke once wrote one, from an imaginary Stockbroker's Book of Hymns, Revised & Augmented. You are invited to do the same (maximum 16 lines). Entries to...