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Quiet also suspends the warlike commotion abroad. Even in Paris,

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although that capital is still possessed by an army of re- gular troops and by the half-trained Garde Mobile, there is a quiet as welcome as the briefest lull to the mariner in...

A quiet that had become unusual prevails in all parts

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of the United Kingdom. In London, the trials for sedition proceed without much interest ; while the places of late devoted to coun- cils of Chartist and Confederate agitators...


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THOUGH the first day of partridge-shootin g is past, the day of prorogation for Parliament is not yet. The Commons, however, have about finished their dreary work ; while the...

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A word or two about affairs in more distant quarters.

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Reports as to the state of the Italian negotiations are contra- dictory. According to some, Austria will accept the mediation of France and Great Britain, if a direct...

Debates anb lproatbinga in Varliamcnt.

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SUGAR-DUTIES. In the House of Lords, on Monday, Earl GREY moved the second read- ing of the Sugar-duties Bill. Having on a former occasion hazarded some predictions ' he took...

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41,be e curt.

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A FETE in honour of Prince Albert's birthday, the 26th of August, Was given by the Queen at Osborne on Saturday. Tippoo Sahib's tent and several large marquees were erected upon...

Zbe lattropolts.

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The Confederate Clubs of London are " dissolving " themselves gene- rally. The "John Mitchel Club" dissolved last week, and on Sunday evening the "Meagher East London" and the "...

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Ste Vrobiritts.

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The election for Cheltenham is fixed for this day. Mr. Craven Berkeley has " boldly declared his intention" to get some trustworthy person to occupy the seat for the remainder...


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Tranquillity is reported in all quarters; though arrests are made from day to day in various parts of the provinces. The accounts of the crops are more cheerful. Considerable...

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gortign anb

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FkancE.—The National Assembly, which met at noon on Friday, spent four hours in hearing explanations from members on purely personal points arising out of the report and...

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The prorogation of Parliament is definitively fixed for Tuesday next;

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the Lord High Chamberlain having issued his orders for the usual preparations to be made for the reception of the Queen on that day. The Lord Chamberlain issued notice, on...

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SATURDAY. The House of Lords sat yesterday, to forward bills; which it did with due diligence. Among them was the Copper and Lead-duties Bill; op- posed on its first reading by...

The subscriptions to the fund for relief of the sufferers

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by the burning of the Ocean Monarch have reached 2,4001. An inquest has been held on the bodies of some of the drowned pas- sengers of the Ocean Monarch. The Jury's verdict...

The Freeman's Journal, on the authority of its London correspondent,

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announces that Lord George Bentinck goes to Ireland immediately after the recess, "nominally on a visit to his friend the Marquis of Downshire at Hillsborough Castle, but in...


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Theatrical amusements remain in statu quo. At the Haymarket, the bills are indeed constantly varied; but it is only to go through the series of Adelphi pieces, and an attempt at...

The whole of the leading papers of Paris concur in

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stating that French intervention in Italy is imminent. The Journal des _Wats states that troops have already been despatched by ship from Toulon to Venice, and that this has...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTEENOON. The English Funds have been more than usually unsteady. Till yesterday morning, the fluctuation of Consols ranged between 86* and 551: when,...

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Paris, dial August- The principal topic for the last fortnight has been the report of the Committee of Inquiry about the causes and instigators of the events of May and June....


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THE PREMIER ON ADMINISTRATION AND PARTY, Two serious constitutional fallacies are the cardinal points of the Premier's reply to Mr. Disraeli ; fallacies with which the too...

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Tan Public Health Bill is not the only instance in which the official representatives of the State proclaim a conscious incapacity, though it is a very flagrant instance. There...


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WHAT has Lord John Russell gone to Dublin for!—that is the great political question of the day. Is it business or pleasure ?— Not business, for he has taken with him his young...

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THOROUGHGOING subserviency to any authority often begets in- genuousness, by removing all doubt or scruple ' and so disarming discretion. Mr. Hawes has let fall words which...


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IT has a very ugly look when the ordinary operation of the law supplies a power for malignant vice and visits innocence with injustice. Such was the result of a trial in the -...


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IN one of our Parliamentary Chambers is a person who has entertained very strong opinions on a particular question—a great question of much complexity and some obscurity, on...


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A CONSOLLTION for terrible calamities lies in the striking acts of generosity and sympathy which they occasion. The staff i of humanity s tested by these trials. Few...

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THE Festivals of this season are that of Worcester, which is to be held next week, and that of Norwich, the week after. The Norwich Festival, second in the order of time, is...


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MISCIMLANE01:111 LITERATI:7BL England under the House of Hanover ; its History and Condition during the Reigns of the Three Georges, illustrated from the Caricatures and...

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Tns Gowrie conspiracy is the most mysterious affair in British history. Those who deny the participation of Mary in the murder of Darnley, and accuse the Presbyterian party of...

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On the 19th August, at St. Petersburg, the Lady of Andrew Buchannan, Esq., her Majesty's Secretary of Legation at the Court of Russia, of a son. On the 24th, at the Vicarage,...


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WAR-OFFICE, Sept. 1.--15th Light Drags.—Cornet W. Clarkson, to be Quartermaster, vice W. Betson, who retires upon half-pay. 16th Light Drags.—Lieut. J. Coster, to be Capt. by...


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Tuesday, August 29. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Williams and Jones, Talybent, Merionethshire, turners—Brook and Smith, Catharine Court, Seething Lane, ship-agents—Barrett and Son,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) gained. Yowday. Tuesday. Widnes Thurs. :2 :a 8. B IM SI 66 86 lifii 661 11:1 (18 66 861 861 861 86* 87 — — oi ef 61 --- 197 — 198* 197 — 2.13...