30 AUGUST 2008

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Taxing questions

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D emoralised Labour backbenchers, watching helplessly as their government disintegrates and the prospect of electoral humiliation looms, have at last found a cause to which they...

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N eeds must and I’ve become extremely skilled at booking cheap,

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credit-crunching flights on easyJet. The volume of hours, energy, blood, sweat and tears I’ve devoted to acquiring dream e-tickets for my family ought to qualify me for some...

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With minor adjustments, Cameron can turn the Democrats’ methods against Brown

The Spectator

Denver, Colorado J ust as high street stores send spies to the Paris fashion shows in order to copy all the latest designs, so British political parties send agents to American...

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MONDAY I wish people would stop sending in complaints about the cost of hotels in Birmingham. I am not the English Tourist Board! But as we’re on the subject, let’s be clear —...

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Here’s how McCain can beat Obama to the White House

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The acclaimed young Republican writer, Reihan Salam , says that McCain can win the presidency if he appeals relentlessly to the non-college-educated white middle class, pursues...

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W e only had a few seconds left to get ready.

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There were 91,000 people in the stadium and (allegedly) about 1.5 billion watching apathetically at home. I advanced to the little plastic sign on the red carpet saying ‘Mayor...

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Our obsession with paedophilia is more dangerous than Gary Glitter’s return

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Rod Liddle says that the hunt for this foul child molester is the symptom of an unhealthy and disproportionate fixation that has spawned all sorts of absurd rules and...

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I think I should abandon the world: I am too easily irritated by it. I should follow the example of Xavier de Maistre, brother of the brilliantly reactionary philosopher,...

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Confessions of a travelling non-dom

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O’ar Pali says it isn’t easy being on planes next to strangers all the time — and you quickly find there are a series of character types, dying to tell you about themselves P...

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Reading on the web is not really reading

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Susan Jacoby laments the intellectual crisis now gripping America and says that the torrent of digital infotainment is threatening basic literacy and news knowledge O ne of...