30 JUNE 1849

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Minimum have sustained two serious disgraces this week— their Jew Bill has been thrown out in the Lords ; and they have gained a victory in the Commons by eating their old...

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Debates anb Vrottebings in glarliaincni.

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PRINCIPAL RUSLVESS OF THE WEER. Nauss Or LORDS, Monday, June 25. Spanish Relations: Conversation—Irish En- Cumbered Estates Bill, passed through Committee -Adjourned at 7 h....

The French Government adheres to its false position, at home

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and abroad. M. de Tocqueville does not repudiate the liabilities entailed upon him by his predecessors and his colleagues, but has openly taken his place among the new order of...

In Italy and Germany, there is no change of the

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general as- pect of affairs. The Baden insurrection is all but suppressed, Rome is all but taken : General Oudinot's final effort, however, is still deferred ; Baden and Bavaria...

The dullness of the political world negatively lends a sort

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of interest to the few political displays which have taken place in theatre and diningroom. The Protectionists have had a great "demonstration " in Drury Lane Theatre, to found...

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ebt 4EL ourt. TIIE Queen held a Privy Council and

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Court yesterday afternoon, at Buckingham Palace. Sir David Dundee was sworn of the Privy Council, and took his seat at the Board. At the Court, Mehmed Pasha, the Turkish...

lEbt Iftetropolis.

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Baron Lionel de Rothschild having accepted the stewardship of the Chiltern Hundreds, the receipt of the writ has been announced by the She.. rife: Monday is fixed for the...

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loretga anb eolontal.

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FRA.NCE.—M. Dnfaure, the Minister of the Interior, has issued a circu- lar to the Prefects of Departments, explaining his ideas as -to the enforce- ment of - the law on clubs...


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Financial Reform meetings have been held at Ctipar Fife,—Provost Nicol in the chair; at St. Andrews,—Bailie Brown presiding over a large and influential audience; at...


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John Cavendish, Baron Kilmaine, has been chosen - by . 8 majority or votes to be the Peer to it in thelfouse of Lords of the United Kingdom, in the room of Archibeld * Earl of...

Ebt Vrobintes.

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The Hants Independent has "good reason to believe," notwithstanding the contradiction given to the rumour, that Mr. Compton is about to retire from the representation of South...

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cell aneous.

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The Times announces that it is Queen Victoria's intention to visit Ire- land in the approaching recess- " It is well known that this intention is of long standing, and that in...

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At the monthly organization of the Bureaux in the French

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Assembly, yester- day, all the l'residents chosen were of the Peace party; including General Ca- . vaigtutc and General Bedeau. 'The Bureaux authorized the Law-officers ....

A county meeting, oalled_by the Sheriff of Somersetshinson requisition, was

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held at Bridgewater yesterday, to tapsicler. the d9ressed condition of the agricaltuial interest, and means of teEef: TheaSheriiff presided '; - Mr. Miles, M.P.aSir .A4x-...

Mr. Jonathan Heniy Price, a Dissenting minister at Woodham Ferris,

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and Mi. Priscilla Ruffle, daughter of a widow occupying a farm at High Roothing, were charged at the Colchester Police Court, on Wednesday, with casting away a male infant,...


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, In the House of Linde, yesterday evening, a diaonsaleil on the ceasiell of Vanctaivitas island to the HutIstaas Bay'Coraparty took place, on 'the, nm- tion that the...


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STOCK EXCSIANGT. FRIDAY ATM 8188 *. The English Funds have been in an improving state, and the price of Ciesmla for Account was for soma thus at 921: bat today drather large...

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Mr. Peake's Amateurs and Actors has been revived at the

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Lyceum; and is just so far interesting, that the present race of playgoers may see What their fathers and mothers laughed at thirty years since, with the same Harley in the...


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The cessation of what may be called the Serial Concerts of the Metro- polis is now giving sign of the approaching close of the season. Of the concerts of this description, "the...


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The war between the rival Operas, which has- lasted for nearly. three Maims, ban been - distinguished by some amusing- poinesof generalship since the production of Afeyerbeer's...

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BUDGET-MAKING. ONE of the most ridiculous spectacles is the 'Chancellor of the Exchequer making his financial statement to the listening Com- mons ; all that passes from that...


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TO THE ED/TOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Miteside, Cumberland, 25th June 1$49. Six—Will you allow me through your columns to ask -Mr. Cobden-a plain ques- tion? He writes thus to...

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Nor to be frightened at a word, is advice as old as the hills, and as much needed as ever. More than once in our history " Po- pery " has been the cant term of reproach cast...


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PROFESSING to answer our late "Query respecting.Credit," the Globe this week repeats some complaints against the existing system, and betrays a desire for a more stringent...

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SEA .* MR. LiNC108 an officer of the United States Navy, who cembines great professional energy and the "go r ahead " habits of his countrymen with fervent religious feelings....

CLAIRVOYANCE AND . . ITS TESTS„ Agt,he.easuitantly witieniagboundary. of :human knowledge ever

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stand objects which, in the distance areincredible though true,— incredible to our ignoranee, but tested truth to our experience. The railroad is a fable familiarized; the...

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many years since the "Natural Manny of Enthusiasm" appeared before the world, as one of a series of six works on the subject of reli- t aus error. At intervals an attempt was...

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EUGRNE SUE'S PROTESTANT LEADER. * Tao subject of this historical romance

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is the religious war waged by the orders of Louis the Fourteenth against the Protestants or " Camisards" of the Cevennes in the very beginning of the last century, which was...


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BOOKS. The Conquest of Canada. By the Author of "Ilochelaga." In two vo- lumes. The Liberty of Rome; .a History. With an Historical Account of the Li- berty of Ancient...

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WAR-OFFICE, June 29.-3d Light Draga.-H. F. G.Coleman, Gent to be Cornet by Perchase, vice Townend, who retiree. ;a Foot-Gent. Cadet W. IL Grimaton,.from. the•Royal Military...


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Registrar-General's return of mortality in the Metropolis for the week endincon Saturday last- ... • - Number of Spilt% • .. Deaths. - Average, • • Timcifie...


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On the 29th of May, at Barbados, the Wife of Captain Cavendish Boyle, A.D.C., ot a eon. „...On the 5Th Jane, at St. Bees, the Wife of Seymour Walpole, Esq., of a son,...

COMMERCIAL - GAZETTE • Tuesdagolune - 26.

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E. and B. Latchford, 4.inner St. Martin's Lane‘ - brldle-maters-Moolley andEeown, • Menchester, chemistk-Bretfit and Johnson, Slleby, Leteestershire,fancy - -hosicry,manu-...

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BRITISH FUNDS. Moan Prices.) &glued. lifeeteing. Telealog.,71 1 6Mite s. shut }Dicta 912 911 991 911 SI 913 911 921 • 991 9 111 at Si 119i 194...