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Instead of showing some dawn of brighter days in Germany,

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the progress of time only thickens the obscurity and confusion. It is true that the Ministerial crisis both at Frankfort and Ber- lin is technically terminated by the...

There is every appearance that.the removal of Lord George Bentinck

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from the scene of worldly strife has accomplished the shelving of the residuary " Tory " party. In spite of his de- fects as a political leader, it is not easy to think of a...


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BOTH in Ireland and England, Justice is engaged in dealing with political offenders. In London, the law runs its usual course of decorous smooth- ness. An attempt was made,...

Prince Louis Napoleon Bonaparte has made his appearance in the

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National Assembly of France, with a speech decorous in lan- guage and rather of the royal stamp in its brevity; so that he has at once conciliated and alarmed. Individually, no...

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To have the island of Ceylon in a state of

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rebellion, is a ludi- crous distress which this country incurs by tolerating the Down- ing Street methods of colonial government. Ceylon is a section of India, which our...

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The adjourned meeting of Bank of England Proprietors was held on Wednesday, to vote on the question of the dividend. The Directors hay-. ing last week proposed a dividend of 3i...

With such a state of affairs throughout Germany, the course

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'which popular report imputes to Austria in the Lombardo-Vene- tian question assumes an aspect of silliness. It is said that Aus- tria stands upon her title to Lombardy and...

The Jamaica Assembly has responded to Lord Grey's beaming prognostications

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of prosperity, and Sir Charles Grey's promises of " mountain-reservoirs," &c., with a tone of the most austere de- spondency. In an address to the Governor, the Colonial Repre-...

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ZbE Ilirobintts.

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The annual meeting of the Waltham Agricultural Association was held at Waltham-le-Wolds on Monday. The show of stock was rather small, but very good; the ploughing was skilfully...

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The Dublin Evening Herald announces that Lord John Russell will not be present at the State trials— "It has just been discovered that Mr. Smith O'Brien's advisers were mistaken,...

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gortign ant Colonial.

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FILANCE.—The event of the week had been the appearance of Louis Napoleon Bonaparte in the National Assembly, on Tuesday. During several preceding days, Paris was in a...


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The announcements of Lord John Russell's movements have been not a little contradictory. Lord John left Balmoral on the 21st, with the re- ported intention of proceeding to...

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The Queen has conferred the Deanery of Carlisle upon the Reverend Dr. Hinds, an eminent clergymen of the English Church, although for some time past he has been engaged in the...


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"My dear Sturge—I regret my inability to accept the invitation to the Con- gress at Brussels; but I beg you to be the bearer in my best wishes for the suc- cess of your peaceful...

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Mr. Cobden has replied to a letter from Mr. Taylor

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detailing the opera- tions of the Freehold Land Society in Birmingham, with a letter of encou- rag ement. He says- ' It was not until after the League had been for nearly five...

It is stated that M. 'Vivien, who was Minister of

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Justice under M. Thiers, has been appointed representative of France at the Congress relative to the affairs of Italy, which is to be held either at Innspruck or Geneva. A...

Last night's Gazette contains an order in Council, dated the

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28th instant, on the subject of the cholera, which we subjoin, with some curtailment- Last night's Gazette contains an order in Council, dated the 28th instant, on the subject...

Yesterday being Michaelmas Day, a Common Hall was held for

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the elec- tion of the Lord Mayor of London. The choice of the Livery fell upon Sir James Duke, Knight, Alderman and spectacle-maker, and Alderman Thomas Farncombe. The Court of...

The Chartist trials at the Central Criminal Court proceed. More

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wit- nesses for the defence were called yesterday; and the Attorney-General re- plied. He seemed to feel the serious damage done to his witness Powell; but pointed out the...


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SATURDAY. The last few days of the Queen's visit to Scotland have been spent in trips to the pleasant places near Balmoral. On Tuesday, Loch Muck, a beautiful lake about six...

The Regent of Germany has issued to the Governments of

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all the Ger- man states a circular manifesto, officially recounting the facts of the rising in Frankfort on the 18th and its prompt suppression by his Government; and seizing...

The Dublin correspondent of the Morning Cfronicle announces the in-

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tended departure of an emigrant body of superior class for Texas— "A little colony—consisting of some persona in the rank of gentry, one gen- tleman who bad been the...

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Mr. W. Lassell, the astronomer of Liverpool, announces to the

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Times the discovery of "an eighth satellite of the planet Saturn." He concludes the description of his observations thus— "After the scrutiny to which the Saturnine system has...


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Sive' Excuanov., FELDAY Arm:Noon. The Bank proprietary seems to have been dismayed at its own audacity: the ballot of Wednesday has rescinded the vote of the previous week, and...

ORIGINAL CORRESPONDENCE FROM FRANCE_ Paris, September 28. " Nascitur ridiculns

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mus!"—and so, after all, has ended the expected Bonapartist crisis. All Paris was on tiptoe. When and how was the Em- peror to arrive? Where was he to land? Was he to come, like...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Camberwell, 28th September 1848. Sue—However Utopian the scheme, it must be admitted that the efforts of certain amiable philanthropists for...


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The Adelphi has reopened, with its old company, and—be it added— with old pieces. At present the manager relies, not on the novelty of her dramas, but on the new decoration of...


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RATIONALE OF THE EUROPEAN ANARCHY. WE observe jeremiades over the flagrant failure of "Democratic principles," which are presumed to be in the ascendant through- out Europe :...

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IT is odd, that while all the wise men of Europe are anxiously casting about for devices to secure or restore peace, that should be precisely the easiest task in the world : at...


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THOSE engaged in the practice of the law do not yet seem to have determined the moral position of spies and approvers. The law uses them ; and, with the natural tendency to...

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Dn. FRANCIS RABELAIS may be no great authority upon the law of Bankruptcy; but he has shown us, in his famous chapter on Debtors and Creditors, how universal that relation is,...

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Miscsuatirzons LITEakruns, Fields Sports in the 'United States and the British PrOVillOeS of America. By Frank Forester. In two volumes. HISTORY, A History of the Hebrew...

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A Insronr of any chronological division of the Jewish people from the Exodus until the Babylonish Captivity, would not seem so laborious as most other historical undertakings,...

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AMONG the ancient sophists or rhetoricians were men so ready in speech, so full of matter, and so versed in general knowledge and the common- places of particular subjects, that...

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On the 19th September, at Edmonton, the Lady of the Rev. John Campbell, Chaplahl of Bermuda, of a son. On the 20th, at Peterley House, hassenden, the Wife of LientenantColonel...


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Homo. Ruins of Many Lands; a Descriptive Poem. By Nicholas Michell, Author of " The Traduced," &c. Part L [Everything in connexion with Ruins of Many Lands is a remarkable...

MILITARY GAZETTE. WAR-OFFICE, Sept. 26.—Ist Drag. Guards—Capt. F. Hammersley to

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be Paymaster, vice Greene, deceased. 6th Regt. Foot—Brevet Lieut.-Col. J. Stuart, from 57th FoOt, to be Major, vice Powell, who exchanges. 23d Foot- - T. H. Edwardes, Gent, to...

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BRITISH Prices.) Tuesday. Wednes Thurs. Friday. UNDS. Saturd. (Closing Monday. Spec Cent Consols 861 861 861 86 -- T5 -" i 6.5 , - Ditto for Account S083 861 861...


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Tuesday, September 26. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. West and Bailey, Great Queen Street, Westminster, land-agents—I. and T. Danko, Nottingham, Ironmongers—Newton and Chandler,...