31 MARCH 1849

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COLONIAL affairs have been foremost in Parliament this week. Apropos to a persbnal grievance sustained by a gentleman in Nova Scotia, Lord Stanley raised the whole question of...

Mr. Maeaulay's set farewell to public life, at Glasgow, reminds

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tts of the strikingly- unliterary character of the English Parliament. The pro= feased authors in Parliament have been few ; they have not shone, an their tenure has been...

The county ineetiug at Lewes, called to petition for repeal

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of the Malt- tax, only served to expose the distracted councils of the agriculturists. Major Curteis inveighed against the delusions practised upon farmers by their town leaders...

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As we apprehended, Charles Albert has dashed himself to pieces

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against the power of Austria. Inverting the Napoleonic strategy, he advanced to encounter Radetzky as Hindu hunters advance to catch an elephant, in a vastly extended line :...

Debates anti Vroczoings in Varlianunt.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Roust Or LOADS. Monday, March 26. Petition of Mr. Fahhanks, and Administra- tion of the North American Colonies debated—Adjourned at 8 h. 20 m....

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Ett itletropolfs.

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A very numerous meetin g of g entlemen interested in the maintenance of the Navi g ation-laws was held on Wednesday, in the Town-hall at Pop- lar ; Mr. Richard Green, "an...

be enutt.

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Tan Queen held the first drawin g room of this season on Thursday, at St. James's Palace; previously receivin g in the throne room the annual depu- tation from Christ's...

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gbe Vrobiacts.

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A. great county meeting, to consider the question of Malt-tax repeal, was held at Lewes on Tuesday. A meeting on the subject was held at Battle on the 13th February, under the...

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Mr. Twisleton's resignation of his Poor-law Commissionership is now known as a fact. :Accordnigier the' HublirreOrreeponalent of the Morning Chronicle, it is correctly stated...

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ffortign anti Colonial.

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FitaNCE.—The discussion of the law for suppressing the Clubs termi- nated on Saturday. By the amended bill, clubs are interdicted; but pub- lie meetings for the discussion of...


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We hear that the Austrian Cabinet has proposed to the English and French Governments to convoke a Congress of the Powers which signed the treaties of 1815, for the discussion of...


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The freedom of the city of Glasgow was conferred upon Mr. Macaulay, the Lord Rector, on Thursday week, in the presence of a "large and bril- liant assemblage of the wealth and...

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Mr. Ward, M.P. for Sheffield, and Secretary to the Admiralty,

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is about to receive the appointment of Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands ; and Mr. Tufnell, I.P. for Devonport, one of the Secretaries to the Treasury, is to succeed...


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The House of Commgns spent tne west,. a. s ,r laet oveniugits the adjourned debate on the second reading of the Irish Rate-in-aid Bill. The bill was opposed by Mr. NAPIER Mr....

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At Her Majesty's Theatre, on Saturday last, the two new performers we mentioned last week appeared in Verdi's Ernani. Madame Giuliani, as we said, is Madame Julian van Gelder,...

The Dee arrived at Southampton, yesterday, with the West India

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mails. The only news of interest is from Jamaica. The Retrenchment Bill passed by the House of Assembly, which reduced salaries by a total of 40,000/, had been rejected by the...

The trial of Rush proceeds. More than five hours were

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occupied yesterday by the examination of Miss Emily Sandford. She entered the box with tottering steps, emaciated and pale ; but she gave evidence clearly and distinctly,...

The French Government received, yesterday morning, despatches from Turin, s t a ting

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that Marshal Radetzky had agreed to an armistice. Turin is not to be entered by him; but Alesaandria is to be occupied by a joint garrison of Aus- trian and Sardinian troops:...

The first feeling that arises when we bear of a

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sudden destruction of property, is of course unmitigated commiseration for the immediate suf- ferers. Even supposing that an insurance causes the destruction of the Olympic...

At the Adelplii, a new piece, called " Who lives

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at No. 97" has been produced, for the purpose of placing Mr. Wright in an unusually conspicu- ous position, where be may display those oddities which give such delight to the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AYTERNOON. The Stock Market, though subject to some fluctuations, has improved nearly 1 per cent upon our last quotations. The price of Consols had at...

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The second concert of the Philharmonic Society took place on

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Monday; and was graced by the presence of the Queen. PART I. Overture, Anacreon Cherubini. Aria, "II mio tesoro," Signor Mario (Don (Jloranni) Itiozart. Sinfonla In B flat,...

Mendelssohn's Athalis was performed yesterday evening by the Sacred HarOnie

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Society, in Exeter Hall; where, from the vastness of the place and ate immense vocal end instrumental strength brought into action, the grantbsuir "of the work was at length...

The Musical Union, an establishment which gives proof of the

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progress of gonad and solid taste in fashionable society, had its first meeting of the gessoes' at Willis's Rooms on Tuesday. The performance, directed as usual by Mr. Ella,...


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Paris, 26th March 1819. A word or two, now, upon the occurrences of the day as they arise, which it is next to impossible to interpret at a distance. You will hear criticisms...

The venerable Concert of Ancient Music is no morel The

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Directors have announced that "the number of subscriptions for the present year, for which applications have been made, being insufficient for the mainte- nance of the concerts...

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THE CANADA QUESTION MADE EASY. THE mail from Canada now approaching our shores will bring intelligence that can hardly fail to revive the public interest and curiosity about...

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THE state of the Continent defies the most far-seeing politician to guess at the upshot. Scarcely a single state shows anything like a determined or defined purpose ; but from...


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OUR great contemporary, who likes to deal trenchantly with the subjects of a day as they float by on the surface of the stream of time, contrasts the verdicts in two recent...

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IT is a remarkable fact, that every corn-cutter of any eminence who appears above the horizon can display testimonials from a number of Peers and other persons of distinction....

The polyglot Roman correspondent of the Daily News announces the

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death of the celebrated Cardinal Mezzofanti; who departed this life on the 16th instant, aged nearly eighty. "A native of Bologna, he was azhooled in the University of that...

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DR. GILES'S Lire or ALFRED. * ALTHOUGH there are extant a contemporary biography of Alfred, his own works, and more than all his last will, yet in popular opinion, and till...

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Mn. CURZON is a bibliographer of the choicest class, who directs his at- tention to unique manuscripts, venerable for their antiquity, their illuminations, or the peculiarity of...

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editor or writer are ostensibly engaged on this book, but the true author of it appears to be a medical man, with rather " fast " and slangish tastes ; who, baying melted his...

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THE matter of this book is a sort of repetition of Mr. Herbert's "Field Sports in the United States," thrown into a dramatic form, and varied by the introduction of characters...


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BOOKS. The Church of our Fathers, as seen in St. Osmund's Rite for the Cathedral of Salisbury; with Dissertations on the Belief and Ritual in England before and after the...

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MR. GEORGE PATTEN'S C0111. Mn. PATTEN has anticipated ,the May exhibition, by displaying his large historical picture to visiters at his own house. The subject is the impulse...


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Wee:ernes, March 30.-51h Drag. Guards-Cornet C. W. Goad to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Sandford, who retires; C. A. D. Halford, Gent, to be Comet, by par. chase, vice Goad. 7th...


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On the 6th February, at Calcutta, the With of Henry Houghton, Esq., of Bold Hall, Lancashire, of a son and heir. On the 230 March, at Wallfield Lodge, Herb, Mrs. Hadsley...


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Tuesday, March 27. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Riley and Stott, Manchester, bookbinders-Whitaker and Sons, Halifax, Ironfounders -Cannon and Browne, Cambridge, soliciters-DPGeorge...

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BRITISH F trN D S Sawa. (Closing Prices.) Monday. , Tassday. Wedaes. Thurs. Friday. 3 per Cent Consols 911 91 91 9Ik 91i 525 Ditto for Account 911 91 915 91I 92 3 per...