31 MARCH 1860

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The Opposition have met the Reform Bill by an indirect

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but not less effectual hostility. Mr. Disraeli's new move is to defeat the bill by delay, or at least to throw the second reading over the Easter recess. It is evident from the...


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THE Parliamentary incident of the week has been a rather lurid conversation on the annexation of Savoy and Mee to tire Fr.sr.ch THE Parliamentary incident of the week has been a...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. House OF LORDS. Monday, March 26. Mutiny Bills committed. Tuesday, March 27. Spam and Morocco ; Lord Carnarvon's Question—Mutiny Bills read a...

The Bank of England has thought it expedient to raise

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the rate of discount from 4 to 4 per cent. That the genuine de- mand for money, not certainly confined to the home market, has sent up the rate, is beyond question. The usual...

Mr. Horsman's constituents, provoked by his illiberal course, and embittered

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antagonism to a Government he was elected to support, have taken the unusual step of publicly censuring his conduct; his very proposer at the last election now moving the...

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THE QUEEN held the first diawing-room of the season at St. James's Palace, on Saturday. On Monday, her Majesty held a Court and Privy Council at Buckingham Palace. At the Court,...

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A deputation from the Corporation of the City of London, attended at the Home Office on Saturday, to explain their plans for a new metro- politan meat and p oultry market in...


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Mr. Horsman's constituents at Stroud have thought fit to repudiate his course in Parliament. A large meeting was held there on Tuesday, to consider his conduct. Mr. Horsman was...

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The O'Connor Don has been elected Member for Roscommon without opposition. He is fresh from the Court of Rome, where he recently ap- peared clad in the garb of Chamberlain to...


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The Scotsman has the following just remarks on the exclusion of Scotland from Mr. Gladstone's Refreshment Houses and Wine Licences Bill :— " Of all the Three Kingdoms, it is...

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frautz.—The formal act which practically transfers Savoy and Nice to France found a place in the Moniteur of Sunday. "The treaty by which the King of Sardinia...

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A company has been formed to obtain cotton-flax, hemp, and jute from India, and also to make use of certain fibres which it is expected, will produce materials of great value to...

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Our Paris correspondent reports the effect of the debates in

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Parliament on the Savoy question. "Path, Thursday _Evening. "The recent discussions in the House of Commons have created intense excitement here. No wonder at that, as the...

A brief report on the state of feeling in Turin

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is furnished by a well- informed correspondent. "Turin, March 27. "The municipal deputation of Nice had yesterday the final interview with M. Cavour. They were given to...


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SA'IIIRDAY MORNING. The House of Lords was occupied last night in debating the Chinese question. Earl GREY moved than an estimate should be laid before Par- liament of the...

The Madrid official Gazette publishes the preliminaries of peace with

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Morocco. Spain gets additional territory in front of Ceuta, and at Santa Cruz. She exacts an indemnity of 20,000,000 of piastres, and holds Tetuan until it is paid. She is to be...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Yesterday the Bank Directors raised the rate of discount from 4 to per cent, a measure which had been anticipated for a day or two, owing to...

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MR. WILSON'S INDIAN FINANCE MEASURES. WE have now an authentic explanation of Mr. Wilson's plan for the redemption of Indian finance, in the shape of a pamphlet con- taining...


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On the 23d instant, Mr. N. S. Maskelyne delivered a lecture "On Diamonds." Among the characters of the diamond, hardness and lustre were conspicuous, the former rendering it...

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Or all the articles on the long lists of Customs and Excise, there is not one which has so often, and to such a degree, been experi- mented upon, as the single item of wine....

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THE British nation prides itself upon being equestrian. Britons have a natural aptitude for the saddle. Everybody rides from his youth up, if he can get a horse. Your Briton...


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MATTER of some little importance connected with the great question of how to obtain remunerative work for women of the middle classes has lately been brought to our notice....

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THE anomalies and injustice of the present system of "limited

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competi- tion" have already been exposed in the columns of the Spectator. To "open competition," as generally understood, there are several objec- tions. If each vacancy in each...

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THE POLICY OF FICA/ME. SHI — I read my Times daily, and pore over the weekly journals at my club ; but I never have been able to discover what the cause of all this ex-...

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1TLTLMATE CPTILIZATION. * " ULTIMATE Civilization" is the title of one of seven essays, five of which have never before appeared in print, constituting a vo- lume by a veteran...


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legnano Thursday, March 23d, 1860. i Sra—Havg heard in Germany and subsequently read in the Gazzetta Gffiziak di Venezia, of December the 19th, that the Bernardino Luini, in...

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MRS. BROWNING'S SONGS BEFORE CONGRESS. * HERE we have sixty-five pages

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that never should have been printed. In most cases of such verses, we: should say in one line of verse- " Non ragioniam di lor, ma guarda e pease." But the very respect which...

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Too much Alone is an exceedingly suggestive phrase, and what it portends is admirably realized in the novel of which it is the title. It is a thoroughly good novel, both in...

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Seldom have we had to chronicle a more interesting event in historical literature than the publication of General Sir Robert Wilson's NARRA- TINE OF EVENTS DURING THE INVASION...

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George Eliot's new novel, "The Mill on the Floss," will be published on the 5th of April. Mr. Bentley announces his intention to print a superb edition of the "Letters of...

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The performance on Thursday night, for the benefit of the Dramatic College, gave an entirely novel aspect to the stage of Covent Garden Theatre. Principal actors from every part...


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The nine extra performances of Lurline, after the regular close of the English Opera season, terminated on Wednesday last, when Miss Louisa Pyne had an overflowing benefit. The...

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Put arts.

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SIR CHARLES EASTLAKE'S LATE PURCHASE. In the number for Saturday last, our well-informed contemporary, the Critic, notices the recent purchase said to have been made by Sir...


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BRITISH PURRS. (oth, Pekes.) Exchequer Bills, 101. per diem Exchequer Bonds, 3001. India Bonds 4 per Cent FOREIGN FUNDS. (IAA OMcial Quotation daring the Week ending Friday...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, MARCH 27. BC1711441.4piS.-THOMAS AUGUSTUS FRESH!, Edward Street, Hampstead Road, piano- forte-manufacturer-ROBERT TANNER, Stratford, Essex,...


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On the 16th of February, at Meen Gins, county of Donegal, the Viscountess Lif- ford. of a daughter. On the 22d of March, the Wife of Charles Pennell Measor, Esq.,...