31 MAY 1980

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What a choice!

The Spectator

What a; choice! It now looks as if the American presidential electi~onwi.Kbecontested, barring natural calamity or an opportune and felicitous act of God, between President...

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Waiting for Old Nick

The Spectator

Political commentary Waiting for Old Nick Ferdinand Mount In this care-filled life there is, notoriously, little time to stand and stare. Mr Charles Richardson, the retired...

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The Spectator

Notebook A correspondent has returned from Brasilia in a state of shock. While there he was shown the ground plans for the new British Embassy. 'My feeling of slight sickness...

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Appeasing the French

The Spectator

Another voice Appeasing the French Auberon Waugh Friday of this week - 30 May - marks the anniversary of the execution of St Joan of Arc in Rouen. It is celebrated in France,...

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The riots in Miami

The Spectator

The riots in Miami ?E Nicholas von Hoffman Washington Last April the Internal Revenue Service seized and padlocked the exhibits and sole assets of a non-profit museum devoted...

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Giscard's humiliation

The Spectator

Giscard's humiliation Sam White Paris The worst has happened! President Giscard has been accused of being as big a fool as President Carter. This opinion comes from Franqoise...

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Russia stumbles in Africa

The Spectator

Russia stumbles in Africa Richard West The Soviet journalist and spy. Ilya Dzhirkvelov, who has defected to Great Britain, gave an interesting series of interviews in The...

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Looking left and right

The Spectator

An interview with Sir Peter Parker Looking left and right Wilfred De'Ath Sir Peter Parker has always enjoyed good relations with the Spectator. He was a close friend of the...

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Ancient Mariners

The Spectator

Ancient Mariners Jack Waterman Grimsby In at least one place here the north-easterly wind carries with it a tang of confidence and excitement about the future: Blundell Park,...

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Pentecost in Butlin's

The Spectator

Pentecost in Butlin's Roy Kerridge All the best Spectator writers live in Somerset, so I decided to visit that county itself one day, to find out what was so special about it....

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Irish answers

The Spectator

Irish answers Sir: You appear to be urging Mrs Thatcher (24 May) to expel Northern Ireland fro"' the United Kingdom, thereby giving Mr Haughey what he is asking for but does...

The Yalta appeal

The Spectator

Letters The Yalta appeal Sir: My Committee would like to thank the Spectaior for having published, in 1976, the original suggestion for a Memorial to the victims of the...

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Mrs Fleming and Mr Maugham

The Spectator

Mrs Fleming and Mr Maugham Sir: Mrs Ian Fleming (with whom I have been out in all sorts of weather since she first 'cropped up' nearly four decades ago as my neighbour at the...

Clegg and comparability

The Spectator

Clegg and comparability ._;t_ Sir: Your recent editorial on comParablltY and the Clegg report contained severe larv curacies which indicate a lack of observa tion curious in a...

Pure writing

The Spectator

Pure writing Sir: It seems churlish to reply to Francis King's very generous review of my novel, The Healing Art. I should, however, point out, lest squeamish readers are...

Fantastic Africa

The Spectator

Fantastic Africa Sir: I feel compelled to comment on your extract from Mr Patrick Marnham's new book, Fantastic Invasion: Dispatches fromn Contemporary Africa (17 May). In...

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Portrait of a Progressive: The Political Career of Christopher, Viscount Addison Kenneth O. Morgan and Jane Morgan Lloyd George's Secretariat John Turner

The Spectator

Books Practitioner in politics Stephen Koss Portrait of a Progressive: The Political Career of Christopher, Viscount Addison Kenneth 0. Morgan and Jane Mor,__ ,- - gan I...

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Adultery in the Novel Tony Tanner

The Spectator

Pain remains Bel Mooney Adultery in the Novel Tony Tanner (Johns Hopkins £9.50) In Don Juan, Lord Byron (an expert in such matters) pinpointed the dangerous, sliding...

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The Fed: A History of the South Wales Miners in the Twentieth Century Hywel Francis and David Smith

The Spectator

Welsh miners John Morgan The Fed: A History of the South Wales Miners in the Twentieth Century Hywel Francis and David Smith PcILL1Iy . I7 VVw (Lawrence & -visnart £12.95)...

Dai Greatcoat: A Self-portrait of David Jones in his Letters Ed. Rene Hague

The Spectator

Maker Michael Wharton Dai Greatcoat: A Self-portrait of David Jones in his Letters Ed. Ren6 Hague (Faber £1 2.50) For quite a lot of people the title of this book, with its...

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Earls and Girls Madeleine Bingham

The Spectator

Yohe-ho-ho Benny Green Earls and Girls Madeleine Bingham (Harn- ish Hamilton £8.95) It was the Hon Galahad Threepwood's considered opinion that if he had only possessed the...

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The Flight to Lucifer Harold Bloom

The Spectator

Fancy flight Paul Ableman The Flight to Lucifer Harold Bloom (Farrar, Straus & Giroux with Faber £4.95) 'To do justice to . . Gnosticism, one must plunge into thousands of...

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The old-fashioned virtues

The Spectator

Re-evaluations The old-fashioned virtues Richard West The news of a revival of strict, warlike Islam, first in Libya, then in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran, stirred up...

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Die Aegyptisch Helena Die Liebe der Danae

The Spectator

Arts Growing old Rodney Milnes Die Aegyptisch Helena (Decca Di 76D3) Die Liebe der Danae (BBC Radio 3) Maybe composers mindful of their reputations should take care to...

Julius Caesar (Riverside Studios) Quantrill in Lawrence (ICA) Barnardo (Royalty Theatre)

The Spectator

Theatre Heroics Poly Toynbee Julius Caesar (Riverside Studios) Quantrill in Lawrence (ICA) Barnardo (Royalty Theatre) Riverside Studios, that great barn of a building, makes...

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The Spectator

Television Uninspired Richard Ingrams Any big or little screen version of Hamlet is bound to recall Laurence Olivier's black and white version of 1948. Olivier took many...

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Grass widows

The Spectator

Postscript Grass widows Patrick Marnham When he was in Parliament Brian Sedgemore was the sort of Labour MP who attracted ritual abuse from journalists in the right-wing...


The Spectator

High life Body-snatching Taki New York The winter of 1960 was a bad time for me. My father had decreed that I go to work or else, and I had chosen else. I was stuck in New...