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ALTHOUGH curiosity had preserved rather a sober tone, some disclosures were anticipated from the opening of Parliament; but they have come to little. The Ministerial Speech is...

Paris may be said to have gone through another revolution

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un- der the auspices of its Government : for the elements of revo- lution were actively at work, they were openly met by a display of resistance, and though there was no actual...

The Anti-Corn-law League has met in the Free-trade Hall of

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Manchester, like "a phoenix couched upon her funeral nest," to bury the Corn-laws and cradle Financial Reform. The gathering was numerous, comprising the oldest veterans of Free...

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Debates anti tirocetbings in iparliament.

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OPENING OF THE SESSION. THE Queen opened the session of Parliament at Westminster on Thursday, with the usual splendour of procession and state ceremony. A few hours of the...

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ZEbt el ourt. THE Queen and Prince Albert returned from

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Windsor to Buckingham Palace in the morning of Wednesday; and in the afternoon of the same day her Majesty held a Court and a Privy Council, at which the Speech for the opening...

]be ilttetropolis.

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A few Members of Parliament and a large number of wealthy and in. fluential citizens of London assembled at the London Tavern on Wednee, day, to meet Baron Rothschild, and hear...

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int 113robinces.

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Mr. Phillimore finally abandoned the contest for Leominster on Thurs- day; issuing an address declaring that his late appearance now made it certain he could not succeed. Mr....

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The inauguration of Mr. Macaulay as Lord Rector of Glasgow Uni- versity has been postponed by the authorities, till the Parliamentary recess in April; the prevalence of cholera...


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A new weekly journal, The Province of Munster, has started at Cork, on the extreme Popular interest: one of its proprietors was confined under the Habeas Corpus Suspension Act....

_foreign an eolonfal.

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FRANCE—The first step of the new movement in Paris was taken by the Ministers. In the Assembly, on Friday, M. Leon Faucher presented a project of a decree against the Clubs. The...

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Lord Bloomfield, the British Minister at the Court of St. Petersburg, has arrived in London from Russia, on leave. Mr. Wise is forthwith to be appointed British Minister at the...

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The Paris Moniteur of Thursday announces that the Government had

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received reports from the provinces proving that the conspiracy defeated in Paris had extensive ramifications throughout France. Tumultuous demonstrations were made at Limoges,...

A painful scene occurred in the Exchequer Court yesterday. In

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the course of examining one of his own witnesses in a revenue case, Mr. Martin, Q.C., [son- in-law to the Chief Baron,] put many questions which Sir Frederick Thesiger, his...


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SATURDAY. The Commons resumed, last evening, the adjourned debate on the Ad- dress and Mr. Disraeli's amendment; and it proceeded to a close, for the most part with very...

The Adjutant-General has, under command, issued an order making re-

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ductions in that portion of the Infantry which is employed in the home service, and fixing the establishment of regiments, at home and abroad, at a reduced strength. The home...


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STOCK Exegeses, FAWAT AFTERNOON. The English Stock Market has experienced some heavy fluctuations; Consols on two occasions having fallen suddenly 1 per cent. The first was on...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. 25th January 1849. Sin—Among the several useful remarks contained in the article in your last number called " The Confusion of the Poor-law,"...


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Mr. Mitchell is keeping his promise to the public, that he would produce the best pieces of the repertoire of the Opera Comique. Such a piece, cer- tainly, is La Dame Blanche,...

Balfe has been a lucky man, in having been employed

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as the musical assistant of one by whom obligations and services are so generously ac- knowledged and so richly rewarded. Jenny Lind, at the end of the Opera season, gave a...

King John, fairly acted and creditably got up, is the

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last Shaksperian re- vival at Sadler's Wells. At the Olympic, the Duke Aranza, in The Honeymoon, has been re- spectably played by a young actor, of good stage figure, yclept...

The production of Mr. Jerrold's Housekeeper at the Haymarket, with

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its present excellent cast, awakens a regret for a very pleasant period of the modern drama, when there was less of the cant of five acts than there is now, and the best writers...

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BY many, not without a show of probability, the Times is re- garded, for the present, as the regular Ministerial organ,—volun- tarily and independently, of course, but still...


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PARIS FASHIONS FOR FEBRUARY. WITETHIR denouncing the French Government for " reaction" or praising it for " firmness," whether admiring its " precautions " or disliking its "...

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IN the abstract we gave last week of Mr. Rigby Wason's "Bud- get," we pointed out an arithmetical error of great magnitude, which affects the very basis of his plan for paying...


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A SATIRICAL contemporary enumerates the political dinners that are to assist in collecting the forces for the Parliamentary cam- paign ; including the official dinners, the...

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ECONOMY will now enforce those arguments that prove the utterly useless and mischievous character of the West African blockade, and signs are not wanting of the next turn which...


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WITH a praiseworthy pertinacity, the Reverend Thadeus O'Malley keeps before the public a plan which he suggested two years ago for the amendment of the Irish Poor-law, and which...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. London, 1st February 1849. Sm—I was much pleased at your quiet mode of indicating . the error I con- mitted in "The Budget for the Million";...

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DENNIS'S CITIES AND CEMETERIES. OF ETRURIA. * Tire primary object of Mr. Dennis in this elaborate work, is to call the attention of the traveller in Italy to the antiquities of...

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of those nautical novels which the success of Cooper and Marryat has produced in such abundance during the last fifteen or twenty years. Peregrine Scramble, however, differs...

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MR. HUNT'S POETRY OF SCIENCE. * IT may be doubted whether

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there is any poetry in nature apart from the associations of the human mind, just as there is no such thing as colour except by the separation of the rays of light. Nature, in...

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Professor Ansted's Gold - Seeker's Manual is not only a •work for

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the time, but for all times ; for when has the day dawned upon civilized society that gold was not considered a precious metal ? In a certain sense the book may be considered a...

Mr. Wilde's Closing Years of Dean Swift's Life is less

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a sketch of his latter days than a medical review of his bodily symptoms from the boyish period when he indulged himself in eating " a hundred golden pippins " at once, and, as...

Bibliontania in the Middle Ages is a useful and agreeable

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collection of antiquarian gossip. The author's object is to vindicate the monks from the charges of ignorance and sloth that have been so often brought against them by modern...

A Book for a Corner is a selection of short

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pieces, or of passages that bear transplanting, with brief introductions in which criticism pre- dominates. Some of the authors are eminent—as Pope, Gray, Goldsmith ; man y are...

The early poems of Mr. Reade were distinguished by poetical

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tempera. ment and a remarkable fluency both of words and verse; but they h a d so strong an imitative character of Byron, that it often took the shape of an echo. In his...


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BooKs. Four Months among the Gold-Finders of Alta California ; being the Diary of an Expedition from San Francisco to the Gold Districts. By J. Tyrwhitt Brooks, M.D. The...

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WAR-OFFICE, Feb. 2.-5th Drag. Guards-Lieut. G. R. Hamilton to be Capt. by pur- chase, vice Blackburne, who retires ; Comet G. Duckworth to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Hamilton ;...


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Tuesday, January 30. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Sheppard and Goodge, High Street, Notting Hill, poulterers-Brown and Son, White Horse Lane, Stepney, drapers-Cyples and Ball,...


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On the 25th January, at Ankerwycke House, Bucks, Mrs. Harcourt, of a son. On the 25th, at Herttngfordbury Rectory, Berta, the Lady of the Hon and Rev. Godol- phin Hastings, of...

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(Last Official Quotation Austrian 5p. Ct. Belgian 4} - Ditto 2 } - Brazilian S - Buenos Ayres 6 - Chili. 6 - Dani.,11 S Dutch (Ex. 12 Guilders) 21 - Ditto 4 - French 3 -...