3 MARCH 1849

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Credulous persons are possessed with an idea that there is

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a " movement" of some sort or other, in some part of the United Kingdom. One journal, eminently conscious of the footsteps that resound in the approaches of its own office,...


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Mr. Cobden introduced one point on which he was not so clear as it is his wont to be : he included the local taxation, to show how it swells our annual outlay to nearly...

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Dazzles anb Wrottebings in Varliament.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. HOUSE or Loans. Monday, Feb. 26. Irish Habeas Corpus Suspension Act, read a third time and passed—Adjourned at 5 h. 30 ro. Tuesday, Feb. 27....

Abroad the journals represent a good deal of stir, but

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at present it has assumed no more substantial shape than rumours, without any tangible result. Thus, a Russian army—fifty thousand of the Imperial Guard—is said to be marching...

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Zbe Gourt.

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THE Queen held an investiture of the Order of the Bath on Saturday afternoon, at Buckingham Palace. The Duke of Cambridge, the Duke of Wellington Senior Knight Grand Cross,...

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gbt iprobincts.

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The Malt-tax repeal question is producing some movement in the Agri- cultural Societies and Farmers Clubs. At meetings of the Leicestershire Agricultural Society, and the...

'be jiiletropolis.

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The Common Council have so far advanced on the question of abolish- ing Smithfield Market, as to debate it for two days and examine witnesses upon it. On Tuesday, Mr. J. T....


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The Directors of the Edinburgh Apprentice Schools have sent us an in- teresting report of the annual meeting of their classes, lately held in the Music Hall of Edinburgh; Mr....


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The whole of Ulster is aroused against Lord John Russell's "rate in aid" resolutions; and meetings of Boards of Guardians are summoned in every direction for early coming days....

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Iortign anb (Solonial.

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FEANCE.—The celebration of the anniversary of the Revolution of February 1848 passed off in Paris, on Saturday, with decorum, but without empressement. Troops were posted in...


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An inquiry, by a Royal Commission, into the management - of the British Museum, is now in progress, and it is rumoured that some curious evidence has been taken. Meanwhile, one...

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SATURDAY. The Bombay mail of February the 3d brings from the Punjaub intelli- gence disastrous to the British arms. The source from which our account is taken are newspaper...

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At a visitation of Bristol Cathedral, on Thursday, the

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passed a judgment annulling a decree by the Dean ordering 1111144.111ir the service hitherto chanted - should be read " • the judgment in other respects go- ing to uphold the...

The Moniteur enumerates further disturbances, on the 24th ultimo, at

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Cho- caint, Furant, Villefranche, and twenty other towns in the departments. The Moniteur enumerates further disturbances, on the 24th ultimo, at Cho- caint, Furant,...

The House of Commons was occupied last night in Committee

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on the Irish Poor-law; Lord Jome RUSSELL beginning the renewed discussion with an explanation of the course which Government meant to pursue " with respect to this most...

The Shipowners Society held an open meeting in the London

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Tavern, yesterday, to petition against repeal of the Navigation-laws. The Ulster movement against the rate-in-aid is spreading Southwards. The Grand Jury of Wicklow have agreed...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, TatDAT AFTERNOON. The pressure of Stock upon the market, occasioned by the continued sales of the public, gave importance to some sinister intelligence from the...

deaths, 13. Provinces—cases, 20; deaths, 16. Scotland—cases, 261; deaths, 180.

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The cholera returns for the week give these results. London—cases, 68; Results of the Registrar-General's return of mortality in the Metropolis for the week ending on Saturday...

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IIL—THE NATIONAL PARTY. Btk February 1849. That which we call in Italy the National Party is composed in the great ma- jority, let us frankly confess it, of Republicans: of...

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BOUNCING BEN. DR. Joarrsorr tells us, on the authority of Lowth and Shakspere, that " bouncing" signifies boldness in boasting. Such is Mr. Rawes's method of defending his...

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"H.," a correspondent of the Times, forwarded to that paper a few days since an analysis of a Return ordered by the House of Lords of the sums of money annually levied on the...


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THE commencement of what seems to be another revolutionary movement in Italy, prompts the question, What is the actual situation of that country ? what are the real...

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"Max loves the Unforeseen," said a well-known Revolutionist, who himself had dealt largely in " l'imprevu." But Englishmen exemplify the aphorism no less than the men of Paris....


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THE fame enjoyed by Beaumont and Fletcher in this country is some- thing very peculiar. To say that the mass of plays ticketed with their names is read by the majority of...

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Cocknies in California, a farce lately produced at the Adelphi,

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is an at- tempt to represent dramatically the inconveniences which are said to occur in the new Eldorado. The never-failing expedient of transplanting a Cockney family to a...

The pereeneance of Richard Coeur de Lion, the most celebrated

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of Gretry's operas, is the most interesting entertainment hitherto given by the excellent French company as the St. James's Theatre. It furnishes one of the proofs frequent on...

The Iago of Mr. Kean and the Emilia of Mrs.

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Kean give something of a new aspect to Othello, by the former being less of an obvious villain, and the latter less of a virago than usual. Mr Wallack delineates the Moor in...


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GROTE'S HISTORY OF GREECE. * IN his former volumes Mr. Grote brought down the Grecian history on l y to the battle of Marathon and the repulse of the first Persian invasion. He...

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of this work are threefold. A tour in Sutherlandshire, made not so much with sporting objects, as to enjoy the scenery and study the fern natura which are still found in...

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was the late Colonel Tidy; a cadet, who worked his way up to the rank he attained by good conduct, long and bard service, and resolute determination to carry his point. He must...


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Boors. An Historical, Political, and Statistical Account of Ceylon and its Depend- encies. By Charles Pridham, Esq., BA., F.R.G.S.; Author of " History of the Mauritius," &c....

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Tuesday, February 27. PARTNESSHIPS DISSOLVED. H. and M. Coombs, South Street, Peckham, coopers-Craddocks and Balls, Nuneaton, cheesefactors-C. and H. J. Edlin, Liverpool,...


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On the 22d February, at Eatington Vicarage, Warwickshire, the Wife of the Rev. Robert Wedgwood, of a daughter. On the 23d, in Upper Grosvenor Street, the Hon. Mrs. Robert Peel...


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WAR-osancr., March 2.-Coldstream Guards- Lieut. and Capt. F. W. Newdigate to be AdJt. vice Somerset, who resigns the AdJtcy. only. 2d Foot-Lieut. A. Gillespie to be Capt. by...

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FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the 'Week ending Friday Evening.) Austrian 6 t p. Ct. — Massachusetts (Sterling)...5 p.Ce Belgian 4 - 4 Ditto 2 Michigan 4 -...