3 MAY 1935

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In such circumstances the Cabinets of the countries represented at

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Stress have an immense responsibility on their shoulders. One thing is certain. A new attempt to secure an agreed limitation of armaments is imperative. In some ways the outlook...


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D EVELOPMENTS in Germany in the past week have been such as to tempt the average Englishman to despair of any understanding between the two countries. It is not primarily the...

That, of course, is in one sense an ,internal question,

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an affair of Germany's citizens and their leaders. So is t he new regulation by which birth no longer confers German citizenship, but only service to the State—in particular...

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Cheaper Telegrams—More Telephones There have been so many improvements in

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Post Office services recently that the Postmaster-General is entitled to double congratulations in following the 1897 Jubilee precedent, and offering yet further reductions in...

The proposal that over 14,000,000 acres be set apart for

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native settlement again suggests progress in itself, but there is no indication that the difficulties which have hitherto prevented the acquisition of such reserves have...

South Africa and Its Natives The long-delayed report of the

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Joint Select Committee of the two Houses of the South African Parliament on General Hertzog's Native Bills raises large questions, to which it will be necessary to recur at an...

Britain in the Steel Cartel The use of the tariff

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for bargaining purposes is a danger- ous two-edged weapon which may be used against the country that applies it ; but it is fair to admit that Mr. Runciman's threat against the...

An International Air Service Air transport for quick long distance

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travel is of so great a value in annihilating the distance between countries that there was a strong case for some kind of subsidy to its development in its earliest phases. But...

America's Unguarded Frontier The indiscreet publication of evidence given behind

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closed doors by American Army officers to the Military Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives has been deprived of its sting by the vehement disclaimer of President...

India's Tariffs The Government was right to resist resolutely the

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proposal sponsored this week by Lancashire Members for the creation of an Indian Tariff Board whose members should be nominated by the Governor-General after con- sultation with...

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Better Employment Figures A highly satisfactory feature of the pronounced

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improvement in the unemployment figures for April 15th is that reduction is recorded in all important industries, and not least in the great basic industries. Coal-mining,...

Lay Evangelists

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It was no doubt by an undesigned coincidence that the column in Thesday's Times which contained a report of the Presidential address to the Baptist Union, urging that the...

Members in all parties are thoroughly roused to the dangers

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of German rearmament in the air. Feeling that they have been grossly misled as to the size of the German Air Force they are not prepared to accept the statement that only...

The Week in Parliament Our Parliamentary Correspondent writes : No

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news in this Parliament has had a more disturbing effect on members than the announcement of the building by Germany of the twelve submarines. Sir John Simon is known to have...

Most members who feel they are reasonably safe in their

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constituencies have begun to press upon Ministers the Advisability of an early General Election. They think that the foreign news is an increasingly important factor in...

The next issue of The Spectator will be a special

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jubilee Week number and will include many special articles bearing on aspects of the King and his reign, among them " King and Country," by Lord Eustace Percy ; " The King and...

The rapid worsening of the international situation has produced one

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valuable result : with one or two un- important exceptions there are no isolationists now in the House of Commons. It is realized that such are the militant temper and...

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F OR that is the essential fact about the Silver Jubilee. King George V is alike the single cause of the celebra- tion and its central figure. He has for twenty-five years been...

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A MONGST the many brands of Socialism which force themselves upon our attention today—that of the Communists, the I.L.P., the Socialist League, and the official Labour Party—we...

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A SPECTATOR'S NOTEBOOK T HE TIMES may be .right in suggesting

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that the note jotted down by General Botha on the card that marked his place at the signing of the Treaty of Versailles (not at the Versailles Peace Conference ; there was no...

The Minister of Transport on Tuesday, at a dinner to

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Sir Malcolm Campbell, asserted that in. his feats at Daytona Beach " Sir Malcolm risked his life in a great cause." No one can have anything but admiration for Sir Malcolm's...

Mr. J. H. Thomas used a curious phrase on Monday-in

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denouncing in the House of Commons what he alleged to be—and no doubt were—totally misleading reports published by a London paper of conditions prevailing in Newfoundland. " It...

It is a pity that the Prime Minister has had

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to cancel his engagement to speak in Westminster Abbey on Tuesday after all. What has happened, I understand, is that Mr. MacDonald has found that the strain of his immediate...

Once more the Royal Academy is being made to appear

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in a reactionary light. But not perhaps wholly fairly. There is no doubt that legally the Council was entirely within its rights in refusing two out of the five canvases....

The Jubilee has taught London once more that in the

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matter of street decorations art—apart from flood- lighting—cannot hold a candle to Nature. For a demon- stration of that it is only necessary to drive for a mile south of...

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By GENERAL SMUTS I HAVE . been greatly privileged in the kings I have known. There are three of them to whom I may briefly refer in this connexion. I came to know the King of...

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A NYONE who should attempt a portrait of King George V will have to begin with his upbringing in the Navy. When he and his elder brother were boys,- their father, then Prince of...

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p EOPLE are very apt to feel that the highest praise they can give to the wives of men in high places is to say " she has been a great help to her husband." One does not quarrel...

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By E. F. BENSON O NCE, in Victorian days, there was a very dignified body of - people called " Society " ; another name for it was " the upper ten," signifying ten thousand. It...

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By the HON. MRS. ALFRED LYTTELTON S TARTLING though the decision to hold the twelfth Congress of the International Alliance for the Suffrage and the Civil and Political...

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By MAJOR B. T. REYNOLDS I N the first of these articles, I showed that nowadays, in the course of the year, something like half the working population of this country have...

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By E. L. WOODWARD A WET afternoon, and one's walking clothes slowly drying after a wet morning ; a room with one book, and, happily, no crossword puzzles to vex my plodding...

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By ROSE MACAULAY V ERY natural, proper and filial it is that the children of earth should feel a peculiar response to the word Geo, so that at every geographical scripture or...

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" Tovarich." By Jacques Deval. At the Lyric—" io66 and All That." By Reginald Arkell. At the Strand. Tax .average Russian exists. Less palpable and distinct perhaps than the...

The Cinema

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"Les Miserables." At the Tivoli RECENTLY an excellent French version of part of Les Miserables was shown in this country. Anyone who remembers .that film will find this new...

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Covent Garden Opera THE season of opera at Covent Garden began on Monday night with a performance of Lohengrin in its complete form without cuts, a procedure which has rarely...


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Georgian Painting GERMAN visitors on arriving in England from their own country have to put their watches back by an hour, but those of them who dislike exaggeration often...

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The Symbolic Onion To thousands of gardeners, small-holders and allotment

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holders in this ecu dry the onion is the symbol of spring. The preparation of that smooth bed on bright March days, the light raking over and over of the frost-powdered soil,...


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A Blackbird Triangle All through the winter three blackbirds have played an odd g ame of courtship in and about my garden. I used to disturb them in the green lupin trees in...

Rare Tulips

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For every scare of rock-gardeners who struggle with difficult rariCes which die unflowered or flower. as dowdily as dead- nettles, only one seems to pay any attention to the...

A Fine Plant A plant which blooms continually for six

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months and is beautiful both in seed and in flower is something for which every gardener searches. Verbena renosa does all this. It makes a modest and graceful bush covered with...

Potato Frauds Like the sweet pea, the potato has for

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many years suffered from being the object of over-zealous hybridizers, with the inevitable result that many varieties, sold under new names at new prices, are in reality...

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[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—In your editorial article in the April 19th issue you say that the essence of the Locamo Treaty is that, in the event of an attack by...


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[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] your footnote to Mr. Impy's letter, you state that " so far about 110,000,000 has been spent on the beet subsidy " and that " the subsidy is...


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[Correspondents are requested to keep their letters as brief as is reasonably possible. The most suitable length is that of one of our "News of the Week" paragraphs. Signed...

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[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—Since your last issue. in which Signor Villari wrote to represent the Italian measures of reinforcement in Abyssinia as purely defensive,...


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[To the Editor of Tim SPECTATOR.] SI 12,-1 have read with interest your leader of April 26th, on " The False Freedom of the Press." With most of its con- clusions I am in...


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[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—In your issue of April 19th Mr. E. F. Benson states that the British Government withdrew their offer of an asylum hi this country for the...

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[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,---I have no wish to pursue this correspondence further than to say, in answer to Mr. Kennard Davis' point about Article 37, that I cannot...


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[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—In last week's " Notebook " Janus remarks that His Majesty "becomes a Presbyterian" when he crosses the Tweed. What is the authority for...


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[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—The peace of Europe waits upon the readiness to face squarely the stark realities of the embroiled situation. The veriest vicious circle...

[To the Editor of TIIE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—If, as Mr. P.

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Kennard Davis suggests, the Rev. P. M. Gedge is going contrary to one of the 39 Articles by advocating the doctrine of non-resistance in war, it by no means follows that he is...


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[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,---AS I was reading Mr. A. T. Sheppard's The King's Goose, which I have borrowed from the Cambridge Borough Library, an idea occurred to...

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[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] - SIR,—In his article on Spiritual Healing appearing in your issue of April 28th, the Rev. E. N. Porter Goff has made the unreserved statement...


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[To the Editor of TnE SPECTATOR.] SIR, —When I began to subscribe to The Spectator, some years ago, I hoped I was subscribing to an English journal for English readers. Now I...

Wehrpflicht nach Mass

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[Von einem Deutschen Korrespondenten] DIE Wiedereinfiihrung der Wehrpflicht in Deutschland hat die Meinung der Welt stark beschaftigt. Es ist viel dariiber konferiert und...


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[To the Editor of TnE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—In reply to Mr. Haynes may I say that accidie is an Anglicized form of the mediaeval latin accidia, itself a Latinized form of the Greek...


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• [To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] Sin,—An International Congress of Writers will open in Paris on June 3rd. Its purpose is to discuss and initiate measures for the maintenance...

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Japan through Russian Eyes

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By SIR FREDERICK WHYTE Tuts pertinent book* opens with an essay by Karl Radek on " Japanese and International Fascism " and closes with a Manifesto by General Araki on " Japan...

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An Impassioned Reporter-

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TEE title, presumably chosen by the English publisher, is a quite inadequate label for this astonishing book. But so too was the title (Personal History) under which its...

Christ and Communism

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A LITTLE more than a year ago I heard Dr. Stanley Jones, as last speaker in a crowded public meeting, hold the attention of a tired audience for nearly an hour, while he spoke...

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Mr. Benson's Victoria

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Queen Victoria. By E. F. Benson. (Longman. las.) Ma. E. F. BENSON may not have written the last book, but he has anyhow written the best, about a Sovereign who still excites...

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Lola Montez

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I* is not remarkable that Lola Montez should have been the quarry of so many popular biographers, since every generation finds it agreeable to refresh its memory about such a...

Messrs. Coleridge

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Coleridge and S. T. C; By Stephen-Potter. (Cape. 8s, ftdr) - COLERIDGE is in - the - air," - said a friend watching a reviewer - at work (a moving sight) ; wherever he is, he...

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The Delights of Etheria

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The Unfolding Universe. By J. Arthur Findlay. (Rider. 7s. 6d.) THAT there is another life, that death is the door through which we enter it, that the human spirit is immortal,...

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The Rothschild Family

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Lady de Rothschild and her Daughters, 1821-1931. By Lucy Cohen. (John Murray. 12e.) THOSE who arc so readily deluded by the facile misdemeanours and odd American gabble of the...

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By SEAN O'FAOLAIN I'll Change the Colour. By Meavo Kenny. (Peter Davies. 7s. 6d.) • • I SHOULD not like to be the publisher of Three Men in the Snow. I should, in my...

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. Investment by Insurance A NOTABLE development arising out of the fall in interest rates, with its concomitant of high - security values, has been seen in the evident...

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Mr. F. A. Johnston, Chairman of the Atlas Assurance Company, by no means overstated the case when, speaking at the annual court of proprietors, he described the company's latest...

Financial Notes

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. THE STRENGTH OF WIDE discussion of the proposals of the Imperial Chemical Industries Board for converting the deferred capital into ordinary shares should not be allowed to...

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At the present time, when satisfactory opportunities for the employment of investment funds are difficult to come by, even in the field of industrial prior charges, this week's...


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Although the meeting of the World Auxiliary Insurance Corporation was the sixteenth annual gathering, the company must still be counted among the relatively new entrants in the...


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The General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corporation increased its total distribution to shareholders from 14s. to 16s. last year, but Mr. F. Norie-Miller, M.P., the...


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In view of the new blocks of flats and similar properties recently erected in almost all quarters of London, it is easy to understand that the London County Freehold and Lease-...

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The group of insurance undertakings of which the Royal Exchange Assurance is the centre is largely interested in motor car insurance, and for this reason the remarks of the...


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Dealing with the accounts of the Eagle, Star and British Dominions Insurance Company at the meeting on Tuesday last, Sir Edward- Mountain, - the Chairman, discussed the...

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li oi u i ITI ACILIDlis MI IIINiirrHa, - TrAyil . ) EIRIUININ El Lrgi RIGRIIII RI Al BIE - rA usiiIAINIR vITI El R ISJIISIr ____T 1 . 1' 1 AI OI RI S I 1 zsrgilMWS T1 Ri ()Ili!...

"The Spectxtor'? Crossword No. 1 36

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By ZENO [A prize of one guinea is given each week to the sender of the first correct solution of the crossword puzzle to be opened. Envelopes should be marked " Crossword...