4 AUGUST 1849

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BOTH Houses of Parliament have finished the session with a scramble; each having detected the other in furtive attempts to pass favourite enactments in the confusion. The...

Continental affairs still tantalize those who watch the appear- ance

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of changes ever coming and ever deferred. In France, the President is making a tour of the provinces, in a manner that re- news the whispers of a coup d'etat. An intention is...

The recess has come, with its sea-breezes, its moors, and

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its highlands. Queen Victoria and her husband are off to Ireland ; which is to make itself happy at their approach, in order that the Royal eyes may not be vexed by a glance at...

Among the more interesting contributions of rather a dull Indian

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mail, is a copy of the Straits Times, a Singapore journal, which throws out a challenge of Governor Brooke's proceedings at Sarawak, that ought to be effectively answered....

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Debates anb Veneta:It - up in tiarttament.

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PRINCIPAL B,ISINESS OF THE WEEK. Hones or Loans. Saturday, July 28 ; extra noon sitting. Wan Diemen's Land : Conversation and presentation of Petition—Royal...

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I. THE TIME The time occupied in the actual sittings of the Commons from the opening on the 1st February to the close on the 1st of August amounts to 117 ordinary* sittings...

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TIER Queen held a Privy Council and Court at Osborne House on Moe_ day afternoon; which most of the Ministers attended. At the Council the Royal Speech on closing the session of...

gbe IfIttropolis.

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At a special Court of Common Council, held on Monday for the purpose of considering the Lords' amendments on the London Corporation Bill, it was stated by Mr. Harrison, who...

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ffortign anb Colonial.

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FRANCE.—The President of the Republic left Paris on Sunday, upon a journey which has given rise to as much speculation and discussion as was provoked by his speech at Ham....

Zbe tirobincts.

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The nomination of candidates for Boston took place on Wednesday. Captain Pelham and Mr. David Williams Wire were proposed. The po- pular demonstrations were in favour of Mr....

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lilUsteL1aneous. --- Charles Albert has not long survived his abdication of

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the throne of Sardinia: he died at-Lisbon on the 28th July,.after intense au-timing. .16 body was embalmed; and placed in the cathedral, to Omit the arrival of a steamer...


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The company at Goodwood this year was unusually numerous and dis - tinguished; the weather was very beautiful; and there was excellent racing sport: so the races were more than...

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SATURDAY. The last mail from Canada has put us in possession of a private letter, which will rather startle some of our readers, although to others, and cer- tainly to...


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On the 18th March, at Government House, Adelaide, South Australia, Lady Young, ofa son. On the 10th June, at Bombay, Lady Yardley, of a son. On the 25th July, at Alva. House,...

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The gallery of antique sculptures and other remains from Nineveh,

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in the new part of the British Museum, was opened to the public yesterday. It lies imme- diately under the Syrian gallery. The Portland Vase has been restored, and is in its...


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The Opera season is drawing to a close, and no novelty can now be ex- pected at either house. Mr. Lumley, however, produced the variety of a morning concert on Wednesday, in the...

The President of the French Republic returned to Paris on

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Thursday afternoon—sooner than was expected; and the assertions are repeated that his reception was not unanimously cordial: he had last stopped at Blois. The Civil Tribunal...

We understand that the Honourable H. Dudley Ward, brother of

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Lord Ward, will be a candidate for the representation of Kidderminster, vacant by the death of Mr. Godson.—Morning Chronicle.

The Berlin papers add to the reported successes of the

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Magyars in the South, that they have crossed the Danube and seized on the city of Mo- hacs; and that they have forced the passage of the Theiss and occupied Semlin. If the...

The Grand Duke of Tuscany has returned to his dominions.

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He land- ed at Viareggio on the 25th of July; on the following day he went to Lucca, where he was to remain for two days; on the 27th he was to make his solemn entrance into...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The transactions in the English Funds have been trifling, and the business, like the prices, has been on a descending scale. The decline in...

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RESULTS OF THE SESSION JUS1' 'CLOSED. Nov in the annals of the British Parliament will the history of 1849 be sought; for in positive political :results, no less than in...

In the domestic dramas of Mr. Mark Lemon, who does

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not very fre- quently come before the public now, there is this important qualification— geniality. To produce his pathos, he does not devise any very intricate perp lexity of...


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The sudden death of this popular vocalist, on the shores of the St. Law- rence—cut off by the fatal epidemic of the time, in the vigour of his age (for he had not completed...

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-, .- - • CONDUCT OF BILL .

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To know on e 's fiultis half viity to amendment, butonly halfway, 'and there is ' not much use in.one half of a way to any object Without the _other. The two Houses of...

"FAILURE OF JUSTICE." - - . -' -- THE second

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abortive trial of Mercy Newton, the reputed matn- cide, appears to illustrate a very' decided process of change is public opinion respecting the treatment. of criminal offences,...

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In cases where science is concerned, the British Government resembles Goldsmith's Principal of the University of Louvain in his opinion upon Greek I have ten thousand florins a...

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THE Preston Pilot discovers a good joke against a Liberal Mem- ber, in his stickling for his proper style and title. "A ludicrous instance of this craving for flattery, so...


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Intelligent Pupil — What curious-looking pnwderl It is highly granulated, has a Banish taste, and is sold, I perceive, at the chandler's shop; whence I infer that it is useful...

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Tons gigantic volume of nearly 1,400 double-columned pages gives an outline of the biography of every naval officer, down to Lieutenants, who stood in Hart's Navy List for 1846....


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ROWE'S DARTMOOR. * Ir the reader take up a map of England, he will see Plymouth occupy- ing the South-western corner of Devonshire; Tavistock will be descried some twelve miles...

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result of mach reading, a wide range of thoughtful inquiry, and no mean agricultural observation of an extended and liberal kind. The author also possesses what Mr. Thomson in...

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OWEN GLENDOWER. * " THE idea,". says the preface, "of making the

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character of Owen Glen- dower the subject of a romance waa'first suggested by the late Sir James Mackintosh." TO biamell-stored and 'fertile mind the capabilities would be...

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AN enormous number of flowers is necessary for the production of a small quantity of otter of roses; but even when the essence is diluted the "scent of the roses will hang round...


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Boors. Four Years in the Pacific, in her Majesty's ship Coltingweod, front 1844 to 184& By Lieutenant the Honourable Fred. Walpole, E.N. In two volumes. Memoirs of the House...

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PANORAMA OF THE NILE. AT the Egyptian Hall in Piccadilly a moving panorama of the Nile is ex- hibited. The spectator begins his sedentary voyage at Cairo; ascends to the second...


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Tuesday, July 31. PARTNERSHIP& DideoLVED. Wade and Co. Over, Cheshire, salt-proprietors—Bischoff and Co. Leeds, wool-mer- chants—Bradshaw and Co. Sheffield,...


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Will-OFFICE, Aug. 3.-1st Regt. of Drag. G aards —Cornet G. H. W. Carew to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Foster, who retires. 3d Light Drags.--Cornet F. Chaplin to be LicuL...

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BULLION. Per os.1 METALS. . Per ton. Foreign Gold in Bars, Standard ... 8.3 17 9 Copper,British Cafes L79 10 0.. 5 0 0 Foreign GoldinCoin,PortugalPieces 0 0 0 .Iron, British...