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RISING IN THE I ..BERLANDS. THE darkening of the horizon i. France, though now happily cleared away, led weatherwise pete le to look out for squalls in other 'fen:teen. The...

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For the first time for several weeks, the transactions of

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the French monarchy hold a subordinate place in our columns. This is perhaps the most satisfactory announcement we could make concerning them, and describes as forcibly as any...

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seem to have entertained any feelings of hostility towards him.

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A as they returned, and none of their train had au umbrella ; but the correspondent of the Times attributes his suicide to their perpetual King marched on with the Queen under...

s tandard on this subject: — sand, were to be feasted by

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the inhabitants on the Steyne ; and their ." There is no external consequence of the French revolution that will Majesties were to honour the banquet by their pretence. arms. A...

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REPRESENTATION OF SOUTHWAIIK.—Some movements have been made by the Dissenters

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in favour of Lord John Russell's canvass for the representation of this borough. Lord John had certainly the good luck of introducing the motion which led to the abolition of...

Dts_tamixo THE Iassit.—The neighbonr1Lood of Carrickmacross was thrown into much

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excitement lass week, by a search being made for arms by Mr. Evatt, a magistrate, attended by a party of police. In the course of their march, they entered the shops of the...

Compress Commits—This venerable body met yesterday. A me- snorial was

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presented to it complaining of the refusal of the Lord Mayor to summon a special Court to express the opinion of the City on the late Changes in France. It was agreed to discuss...

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Mr. Austin said, that of Mr. Brand's once ample property,

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not more than three or four hundred a year remained ; and it would be absurd to suppose that Mr. Fitzbrand, the nearest of kin, in this proceeding, was actuated by the...

BURGLARY.—A plan was laid last week to rob the shop

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of Mr. Cle- land, shawl-merchant, Ludgate Hill. On Friday week, Mr. Cleland was informed, by a person who waited on him for that purpose, that a burglary was to be committed...

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One of the loco-motive engines at work on the railway near Liverpool, was proceeding on Wednesday along the embankment to the eastward of Broad Green, where there is a temporary...

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Eonam Raers,—These races now maintain a fair reputation, not only

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on account of the company which frequent them, and which at this dull season of the year any spectacle may be supposed capable of attract- ing, but on account of the excellence...

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REPUBLICAN TRANQUILLITY.-An American paper, on the autho- rity of ship

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arrivals, mentions that in Mexico, General Guerrero, the Revolutio-tary leader, had gained a victory over the Government troops, near Acapulco, of whom foar hundred were killed...

THE Ex-Kisru or PRANCE.-A German paper, under the date of

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Dresden, August 28, says-" It is now confidently reported that Charles the Tenth and his family will take up their abode in Saxony. The fine castle of Wcesenstein, in a most...

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WAR-01+1 , 1es, Aug. 31.-7th Regt. of Dragoon Guards : Lieut. T. Atkin son to be Capt. by purchase, vice Hodges, who retires : Cornet Sir J. L. Dun tze, Bart. to be Lieut. by...


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BIRTHS. On the 26th nit, atDover, the lady of the Hon. CsAttz.Es EwAN LAW, of atom On the 26th ult. at Hrecknock Crescent, Camden Town, the wife of Dr. FRANCIS CAMPBELL of a...

CAPTAINS SMITH AND MAREHAM.—BillS were presented to the Grand Jury

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of Dublin against these gentlemen, the principal and se- cond in the duel in which Mr. O'Grady lost his life in March last, for manslanghter and for murder. The Grand Jury...

QUANTITY OF SEDIMENT IN RIVER WarEn.—Very few satis- factory experiments

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have as yet been made to enable us to determine, with any degree of accuracy, the mean quantity of earthy matter dis- charged annually into the sea by some one of the principal...

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MORNING HERALD—It will be recollected that the Duke of Wel- lington and Sir Robert Peel seceded from Mr. Canning's Administra- tion on the ground of an attachment to the Church...


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THE Traits—The Dutch, being a quiet busy people, little disposed to political wrangling, and, from long experience of integrity in their courts, inclined to place implicit faith...


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THE MINISTRY AND THE HUSKISSONIANS. MORNING CHRONICLE —Mr. Charles Grant has been returned for the County of Inverness, notwithstanding the canvassing letters of Mr. 11I'Leod,...

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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY EVENING.—A very considerable change has oc- curred here in the value of all public securities, English as well as foreign, since our last report; and were...


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On the subject of the Netherlands, the following important communication appears in a second edition of the Times. There are no later accounts. We said, in another place, that...


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In our late Edition of last week we announced the safety of the long missing Bridgwater. She was dismasted in a dreadful hurricane which she encountered on the 4th, 5th, and...

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ORIGINAL CORRESPONDENCE—THE RISING IN BELGIUM. DEAR SPECTATOR, Pays Bas, 1st September 1830. Tins country has long been a complainant, and the working classes have taken...


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THE disturbanCes in Brussels and other towns in the Netherlands, following hard on the expulsion of CHARLES the Tenth from France, give occasion to a question of some...

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fifty who enter St. Stephen's with this most antiquated notion

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" It may be said that there would then be no provision made for the or fi of their duty; , but the rest are misled by no such raise views. I clay. The House at present sits...

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"Notre credulite fait toute leur science." VOLTAIRE. WE do not proceed to the examination of the case of Mr. Sr. JOHN LONG, and his numerous noble, worshipful, and respectable...


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WE have no right to quarrel with people for amusing themselves in the way that seems agreeable to them; but we have a right to amuse ourselves in turn with their amusements, if...

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THEATRICALS are certainly a dreadful bore in these times ; and the present has been the least successful season of the English opera. Nevertheless, we have contrived to bestow a...


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CONSIDERED IN CONNEXION WITH THE APPROACHING MUSICAL FESTIVALS. WE have always been inclined to attach more importance than most of our contemporaries to the Musical Festivals...

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THE NETHERLANDS.* THE Netherlands, under which name is now included Holland, is an interesting country, both for the deeds that its inhabitants have achieved and for the...

Bums or THE PRESS.—A fashionable weekly paper, published this morning,

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states, in an apologetieal explanation, that the whole of the his- tory of the events in the Netherlands had been left out by a mistake of the printer. As a compensation, he...

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The Devil's Progress ; a Poem. Embellished with Wood Cuts. The Devil, notorious personage as he is, has of late been shown up to an extent which argues him to be in general...

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This work is a desideratum, which more expensive publications have

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not supplied to persons of moderate income. The strangely wild and beautiful scenery of Eastern countries, and the picturesque and splendid Specimens of Indian architecture...

Bombastes Furioso. With Designs by GEORGE CumtisHANx.

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This laughable and popular burlesque has scarcely been known to be in print till now ; and it comes upon us with fresh humour and a d9uble welcome. LISTON has done his part on...


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Instructions for the Pianoforte ; in which the Rudiments of Music are simplified and adapted to the capacities of the youngest Pupils. By JAMES CLARKE. Pupils. By JAMES CLARKE....

Landscape Illustrations of the Waverley Novels. Part V.

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The Fifth Part of this pretty and interesting work contains the Monastery of St. Mary's, by Pnour ; Holy Loch, by HAnniNe ; Bothwell Castle, by RAMSAY REINAGLE; and Peel Castle,...

Views of the Lakes of Scotland, from Paintings by JoInt

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FLEMING. Engraved by JOSEPH SWAN; with Descriptions by JOHN M. LEIGHTON, Esq. Part I. The first part of this picturesque work consists of four views of Loch Lomond, the...

The National Portrait Gallery. Part XVII.

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This part contabas portraits of Sir Abraham Hume, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the 'late Sir Thomas Picton. The engravings are not remarkable for beauty or spirit in the...

Tam O'Shanter, Souter Johnny, the Landlord and Landlady.

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A very respectable lithograph print has lately appeared of these four statues of Mr. THOM ' drawn on stone by Mr. SHARP from a drawing by Miss L. ADAMS. We cannot speak very...

Michael Boai, the Chin-chopping Musician, his Wife, and M. Engels,

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who accompany his performances. A lithographic sketch of these worthies will be more in demand, now that the Chin-chopper is seen on a wider stage. •


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Tuts is a large tart for us small-hand writers to engross the attention of our readers withal : but a whole-length portrait of CHARLES the Tenth in his robes, forming a specimen...

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ESCAPE or GuoTrus FROM PRISON.—Grotius was freely allowed, during his close imprisonment, all the relaxations of study.—His friends supplied him with quantities of books, which...

Absent Thoughts ; a Ballad, sung by Madame MALIBRAN. By

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G. A. OsuonNE. Where we do not know that a falsehood is either expressed or implied in the titlepage of a song, we are loth to suspect one : yet we cannot help expressing our...

"Awake thee, love !" a Serenade. By J. F. REDDIE.

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This song is very creditable to Mr. REDDIE'S talents, and has several points about it which give an earnest of better things to come.

"Strike, strike the lyre !" a Patriotic Song and Chorus.

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By J. GREEN. We wish the poetry of this song bad been more worthy the noble achievements it attempts to celebrate. The music, too, is worthy some- thing better than such verses...

"Dash from thy lips the treacherous glass." By J. F.

The Spectator

REDDIE. If the author had shown this and the preceding song to any judicious friend, he would have said, " Publish the 'first, but not the second." The structure and melody of...

The Pride of the Village ; a Bolero Ballad. By

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J. GREEN. An attempt, not altogether unsuccessful, to adapt the measure of the Spanish bolero to English words. Mr. GREEN appears to be poet as well as musician, but he will do...

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PUBLIC FUNDS. BRITISH. 3 per Cent. Reduced 3 per Cent. Consols Ditto for Account 33 per Cent. Old 33 per Cent. New . . 4 per Cent... .... . ..... Bank Stock .. • Ditto L....


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The Lord Chancellor has presented the Rev. John Griffith, B.D. Fellow and Tutor Of Emmanuel College, and Prebendary of Rochester, to the rectory of Llangynhafel, In the county...


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Tuesday, August 31. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. LORD and Co. Manchester, packers—PI NCOTT and Co. Oxford Street, linen- drapers ; as far as regards Rows—J. and W. JENRINsON and Bo...

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