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O N the third anniversary of the invasion of Poland General Sikorski, Prime Minister of the first country to suffer the devas- tation of this war, gave some conservative...

A Welcome Vindication The report of the Committee that has

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been sitting for some months under the competent chairmanship of Miss Violet Markham, to investigate conditions in the _Women's Auxiliary Services, is an able, convincing and...

Why Togo Resigned The suggestions put forward in Tokyo that

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there is no special significance in the resignation of Togo, the Japanese Foreign Minister, are quite unconvincing. Togo is a personal admirer of the Germans, but it was he who,...

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The Soldier's Pay

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The publication of a White Paper on " Pay and Allowances of the Armed Forces " is an attempt to give an analysis of the real earnings of men in the Army so that Members of...

Rich and Poor Tax-payers

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The case for the taxation of the smaller incomes in war-time is pretty generally understood, but the figures quoted by the Chan- cellor of the Exchequer last Sunday showed...

Publicising Britain

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At last there appears to be mote willingness in official messages and in Press reports to give their due to British Forces engaged on active service instead of singling out for...

Accidents in Factories

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There are heavy casualties in industry, as well as in war, and during this war there has been a considerable increase in industrial accidents. If unnecessary risks - should...

A Bonus for Miners

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Yet another expedient is to be tried to induce the miners to produce more coal. An earlier attempt to reduce absenteeism by a bonus on attendance proved a failure. No greater...

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T HE fourth year of the war opens with no victory in sight for either side. There may be, and is, complete confidence throughout the United Nations that Hitler will ultimately...

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F ROM time to time someone tells us authoritatively what it is that the men in the army are most concerned about—their pay, their billets, their food, a second front. Higher...

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By STRATEGICUS F IGHTING has broken out in -Egypt, and with this the most critical phase of the Axis campaign opens. The more favourable campaigning season in Egypt lies ahead,...

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By GEORGE SCOTT I was able to book a seat in a rickety Benz car run by an Armenian. I was glad it was a Benz, as they are short in body, and so, better equipped to negotiate...

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By LT.-GEN. SIR WILLIAM BOBBIE T HE successful prosecution of a war depends on many factors, material, personal, intellectual, economic, &c. The importance of these things is...


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By A PAYMASTER T HE White Paper on Service Pay claims only to set out " some of the factors which should be borne in mind in any attempt to measure the real value of the...

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By OUR MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT Each way of entrance has had its advocates and successes ; astonishingly few doctors seem to have failed to obtain some sort of a living ; and...

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THERE is a line of cottages in a village not thirty miles from London which have been without any modern conveniences. A year or two ago water and electricity were made...

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By HAROLD NICOLSON I WAS lecturing on Monday night to the Jugoslav Club in London. When they asked me some months ago to accept this engagement, I had foreseen that it would be...

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- Magic." At the Arts Theatre Club. Ar the Arts Theatre Club, near Leicester Square, Mr. Alec Clunes has revived G. K. Chesterton's fantastic comedy Magic. I did riot see this...


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A QUEER charm and touch for the ear, Sweet interlinking words and moving harmony, The singers' voices blending like soft silk, Finely and 'cleanly. Purity as of milk, A queer...


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" The Palm Beach Story." At the Plaza.—" The Goose Steps Out." At the Odeon.—" Wings for the Eagle." At the Regal. MR. PRESTON STURGES has become the very special pet of the...

" The Harvest Shall Come." For Special Showing.

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Teas Realist Film Production tells the story of the farm-worker in England during the past forty years, and is an excellent piece of work, notable for its effective and truthful...

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Snt,—A disquieting symptom of growing bitterness is the way men

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insulate their minds (and this goes for more than India) from any Snt,—A disquieting symptom of growing bitterness is the way men insulate their minds (and this goes for more...


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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR SIR, —The statement made by Sir Stafford Cripps to the New York Times should remove doubt from all minds, both as to full and free partnership in the...

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SIR,—The Congress Party led by Mr. Gandhi is again "

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in open rebel- lion," to use the Mahatma's own words. Like Hitler, in his desperate offensive in Russia, it is now or never. From the Mahatma's recent statements and writings...

PARLIAMENT AND PLANNING SIR,—In spite of an almost hourly increasing

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literature on matters related to economic planning and its manifold aspects, comparatively little attention has been paid so far to the essential point how to adjust a system of...

POST-WAR PLANNING SIR,—In your editorial notes of August 28th you

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represent a large body of intelligent opinion in the United States as anxiously awaiting from Great Britain a statement of her post-war reconstruction policy and as being in...

SIR,—As I agree more nearly with Mr. Carl Heath and

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the Rev. G. E. Hickman Johnson than with Dr. Lofthouse and others in their estimate of Mahatma Gandhi, may I explain why I cannot support the appeal to the Government of India...

SIR,—Mr. A. R. Barbour repeats your remark as to Mr.

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Gandhi not being the " uncrowned king of India." I never suggested that he was. But he is the leader of a political party that was recently in control of two out of every three...

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Sin,—It would be an enormous help to those of your readers who are interested in this particular correspondence if Canon England and Sir Philip Colfox would let us know exactly...


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SIR,—Sir Harry Stephen's comments on agents-provocateurs are most timely. It has always been a mystery to me why people who provoke others to crime—whether felony, misdemeanour...

4 , THE PRICE OF SURVIVAL" SIR,—There is a serious omission

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from Mr. R. F. Harrod's article in your issue of August 28th. He writes: " If we think only of poverty we may be inclined to favour the proposal of a weekly allowance of 5s. for...


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Stit,—As one who is having an uncomfortable and somewhat dangerous war in one of His Majesty's ships, I am amazed to find dozens of youths in N.F.S. uniform wandering round the...


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Sra,—" Janus" in " A Spectator's Notebook " last week produces the astonishing suggestion that there is no future for the Liberal Party because " the country as a whole is so...

STR,—When I mentioned this article to my wife she said:

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" You solve the problem of decent reliable domestic help for steady middle-class folk and you'll do more to increase population than by any money payments." —Yours faithfully,...

SIR,—It would clarify this discussion if Sir Philip Colfox would

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say what he means by " the pure religion actually taught by Christ Himself," which he contrasts with " the many creeds and dogmas." Both the Gospels as they may be read by all...

SIR,--.The experience of the Devonshire village shopkeeper seems in- credible,

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and, indeed, would be held as such if the tale of his misfortune were not sponsored by Mr. Harold Nicolson. If methods as described are deemed necessary for running the war we...


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Sta,—A friend and former student of mine, at present serving as private in the Army, was recently being interviewed to ascertain his educational qualifications. The senior of...

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Our Greek Ally

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Venizelos. By Doros Alastos. (Lund Humphries. 123. 6d. ) The Greek Miracle. By "Athenian," translated by David Walker. (Chapman and Hall. 6s.) WHEN I last saw Venizelos, just...


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A Guide to Modern Poets uden and After. By Francis Scarfe. (Routled g e. 8s. 6d.) it Sc.ARFE has many excellent q ualifications as a g uide to con- emporary poets and poetry....

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A Challenge to Scientists

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The Scientific Life. By John R. Baker. (Allen and Unwin. 7s. 6d . " IT is," writes Dr. Baker, " precisely because the whole purPo of science is to discover that which is not...

Vital Conclusions

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Girls Growing Up. By A. P. Jephcott. (Faber. 6s.) Tins is a very good but very depressing book. The author, who has been a club leader and organiser in various parts of the...

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Return Journey. By Beatrice Kean Seymour. (Heinemann. 9s. 6d .) Enter Three Witches. By D. L. Murray. (Hodder and Stoughton 9s. 6d.) I Live Again. By Warwick Deeping. (Cassell....

The Menace of Nazi Planning People Under Hitler. By Wallace

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Deuel. (Lindsay Drummond. 12S. 6d.) ALTHOUGH Mr. Deuel was the Berlin correspondent of the Chicago Daily News from 1934 until January, 1941, his book is not—like several recent...

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Coucou. Written and Illustrated by Helene Terre. (Chatto and Windus.

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35. 6d.) Tins brief and charming story of a little black French girl who escapes from France and succeeds in joining the Free French in England is particularly suitable as a...

Shorter Notices

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English Women. By Edith Sitwell (Collins. as. 6d.) THE get-up of the " Britain in Pictures " series would be an achieve- ment in book production at any time, but under war...

Architecture in Cambridge. By Theodore Fyfe. (Cambridge University Press. 8s.

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6d.) This little book illustrates the styles of English architecture by reference to various buildings in Cambridge : it makes no pretence to be a guide to the whole...

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IA Book Token for one guinea will be awarded to the sender of the first correct solution of this week's crossword to be opened after noon on Tuesday week. Envelopes should be...


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The Winner of the Crossword No. 18o is R. HERBERT, ESQ., Sawmill, Llanbedr, Ruthin.

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By CUSTOS WHEN gilt-edged and equity share indices both move up together, it is no longer possible to doubt that the main influences on markets are weight of money and high...