6 OCTOBER 1849

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Before the importance of the foreign intelligence this week, our

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domestic news dwindles to gossip, not of the largest calibre even in that order. The cholera is losing its terrors, except for controversialists. Agricultural meetings are...

Tired of Republican simplicities, Hayti has promoted its Pre- sident,

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M. Faustin Soulouque, to be a Monarch ; but, not content with calling him "King," it at once elevates him to the dignity of "Emperor" ! Probably Monarchical institutions will...

The dissolution of the House of Assembly in Jamaica has

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not at all served the Government, but has strengthened the Country party very materially ; and the new House uses language pre- cisely like that of the former House. On the...


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RUSSIA. and Turkey—the Wolf and the Lamb—these few words almost suffice to describe the spectacle which is before the world this week ; for the mere pretext or occasion...

The greit quarrel iii the East is burlesqued by a

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paltry diplo- matic quarrel in the West—between the United States and France. The origin of the affair is variously ascribed to the manner in which M. Guillaume Tell Poussin...

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Zbe iftetropolit. A Common Hall was - held on Saturday last, 11 Slichaelmal Day,

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to elect a Mayor of London for the ensuing year. At noon, the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs, with nearly - all the Aldermen who-have not yet served the office of Mayor, assembled at...

be eourt.

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A COURT is rastablished at the Queen's residence in the Isle of Wight; to which place her Majesty returned, with Prince Albert and their children, on Saturday evening. Leaving...

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tt be 1Probintes.

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The deputation of hop-growers who waited on Sir Charles Wood on Friday, and were to receive the Government reply on Saturday, obtained their answer this week. On Monday, Sir...

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An autograph letter from her Majesty to the Dutchess of Leinster records in striking terms the favourable impression left on the Queen's mind by what she beheld of Ireland and...

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Jortign attb etttonfal. •

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FRANCE.—The National Assembly resumed its sittings on Monday afternoon. Out of 750 members only about 483 were present, and of these 53 demanded immediate leave of absence. From...


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Among various other symptoms that the public mind of Scotland is now awaking to a sense of the evils of the present system of education, and of the necessity of prompt and...

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A Cabinet Council was held at the Foreign Office on Tuesday afternoon, at which nearly all the Ministers were present, and which sat throe hours. The Turkish Ambassador...

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The Haymarket has brought forward no absolute novelty; but, in

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the first place, the appearance of Mr. Macready, on Monday next, is to be re- garded as the real commencement of the enterprise; and in the second place, Mrs. Nisbett, who has...


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• THE TURKISH WAR. Is there to be war in Turkey, or not ? That is the question of the day, and much may be said on both sides of it : the unknown event, however, is marching on...

The management of the Lyceum, generally characterized by its spirit

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and elegance, bits on this occasion made be most featureless opening of all. Two piece's, not acted since the Vestris management of the Olympic, have indeed been revived, but...


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The Princess's Theatre—swept and garnished—opened on Monday, ' with a performance of Don Giovanni greatly superior to anything that the previous proceedings of that house had...


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— The English Feeds - are finn at, the closing quotations of yesterday; consols for Money treing 92 i 8, Aire there are - sada at 921 for Account the trans- aotien.s of the...

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REACTION of a formidable kind is provoked by the last reform in the Post-office. The proposal to improve the arrangements re- specting the mails which arrive for transmission...


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Act and the Act for Ex- tending the Municipal Franchise in the City of London are on the eve of commencement. The latter measure, it is thought, will be " impracticable," from a...

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How much water London needs for public and private uses, and in what manner the requisite quantity ought to be distributed, are questions to he determined solely with reference...

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" LAWLESSNESS of Belgravia" would more aptly designate the sad state of abandonment which has recently overtaken this choice portion of her Majesty's Metropolitan dominions. It...


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THOUGH the following tale, current this week in the newspapers, is a striking one of its kind, it is not unprecedented- " Mr. Brooks, a fruiterer, residing in the Edgevvare...


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TO THE EDITOR OF TI1E SPECTATOR. Monday, 1st October 1849. SIR—An article on the "New Bishop," in your last number, contains some statements of which Churchmen, I think, have...

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TO TLIE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. 3d October 1849. Sut—Acknowledging your courtesy in the notice of my principle for the extinction of the cholera, allow me to observe, that...


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IIIIMBOLDT'S ASPECTS OF NATURE,. A PORTION of this work appeared nearly half a century ago, soon aft er Humboldt returned from America, when the grandeur, the magnificence, and...

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t• • FOXTON'S porunan CHRISTIANITY. * " THE time has, I

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believe, arrived, when the popular religion througholit the Christian world is about to undergo a purification similar to that effected for natural science by the genius of...

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BAILLIE COCHRANE'S ERNEST VANE. * THERE is no great novelty of

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matter in Ernest Vane—in the fictimist sense there is none ; neither is mach artistic skill displayed in work- ing up common materials. A reader well acquainted with novel...

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THE Nestorian Christians inhabit the mountainous parts of the valley of the Tigris, which border on the districts of the Koords and the frontiers of Persia; the city of Mosul,...

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On the 23d September, in Dominick Street, Dublin, the Lady Jane Repton, of a daughter. On the 26th, at Ham Parsonage, Surrey, the Lady of the Rev. T. G. 1'. Hough, of a son....


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Wea.oreice, Oct. 2.-4th Regt. of Drag. Guards—Cornet J. M‘Donnell Webb tote Lieut. by purchase, vice Richardson, who retires. 11th Drag. Guards—Cornet F. ll. Hawker to be Lieut....


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BooRs. Personal Recollections of the Life and Times, with Extracts front the Cor- respondence, of Valentine Lord Cloncurry. The Caxtons; a Family Picture. By Sir E. Bulwer...

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BRITISH FUND 8. (Closing Prices.) Seined. Monday. Tanday. Edon. Than. 255 41 60 1021 ex d. 263 60 971 9Sb 79 62 ex d. 83 104 151 39 23 AVERAGE PRICES OF CORN. DUTY ON FOREIGN...


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Tuesday, October 2. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Vaughan and Wilcoxon. Liverpool, tea-dealers -A. and T. Crossley, Rochdale, cop- peras-manufacturers - Phileox and Hawkins,...