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Darrynane Abbey has been the theatre of a sale under

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a sherifes authority! The furniture of that mansion in which -- the great Liberator of Ireland kept open house has gone for the benefit of the creditors who contributed to his...


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yllE Anti-Papal agitation - goes on without change of character : there is the same spontaneous indignation, the same general Unanimity of sentiment, and the same want of...

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Mr. George Thompson, M.P. for the Tower Hamlets, has crossed

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the Atlantic to promote a better understanding, in some way, be- tween the T . :neigh Radicals and the United States Republicans. His first reception in Boston appears to have...

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Tug Queen gave a very gracious audience to the Sheriffs of London and Middlesex on Tuesday, and intimated her pleasure as to the day for the reception of the Protestant address...

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The "unhappy disputes " which have prevailed among the members of the Artillery Company of London since the reconstruction of the body by a Royal warrant taking . away the...

The bearing of France upon German affairs has created much

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speculation ; but the report of the Committee on the extraordinary credit to pay for the Rhine levies shows that French policy turns just now almost entirely upon France...

It is said that the German affairs have been settled

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; but the terms of the settlement are wholly concealed,—for diplomatic hints at disclosure, "on authority," only throw a veil of mysti- fication over the still hidden truth; and...

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Three more counties—Dorset, Flint, and Essex—have made their lay demonstrations against the Pope. In Dorsetshire, a Burnish priest moved an amendment ; and warned his hearers...

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The new Corpoielicaraf Dubtlit Lee Geinness the, hrwitirr tebe'ltikeme

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the new regime: , Ili tlettaitai has such as were or scarcely 1i voq ' iS6ti r iee hti. James ercd 1?fa'bind of his house, dragyfed him zikIns bed, 'IA1140101 4 I „pieffes, ,...


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The annual meeting of the Edinburgh Bible Society, on Tuesday, was illustrated by a speech from the argumentative Duke of Argyll on the agitation which pervades the country. The...

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nib-NCB. —The preparation of the report of the Committee in favour of the credit of 8,460,000 francs for the expenses of calling out the 40,000 troops additional was intrusted...

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31tiortIla nt no.

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M. Drouyn de Lhuys, the French Ambassador, arrived at the Embassy, in Belgrave Square, on Friday evening, from Paris, after a temporary ab- sence occasioned by the lamented...

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The Prebendal Stall of Holborn, in the Cathedral of St.

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Paul's has become vacant by the death of the Reverend H. Handley Norris, Rector of South Hackney. It is in the gift of the Bishop of London. The Reverend W. C. F. Webber,...


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SATURDAY. "1. The pacification of Holstein by Austrian troops will not take place. A Prussian and an Austrian commissioner will meet two commissioners ap- pointed respectively...

The Privy Council which was to have been held on

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Tuesday next has been postponed until Thursday the 12th instant. Parliament will then probably be prorogued till the beginning of February.—Times. Mr. Alderman and Sheriff...

The demonstration against Romanism by the county of Wilts, yester-

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day, joined by seven Members of Parliament, was marked by a declara- tion from Mr. Sidney Herbert of a very distinctively tolerant character. A letter from the Marquis of...

The petition addressed by the Bishop of Exeter to the

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Queen, in refuta- tion of the address signed by the other Bishops, has been returned to the Bishop by Sir George Grey, without presentation to her Majesty ; on the ground that...

Cardinal Wiseman was enthroned, at the Roman Catholic " Cathedral

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" of St. George's, Southwark, yesterday, the festival-day of St. Nicolas. Externally, everything in the neighbourhood was quiet, and even sombre ; a thick fog enveloping all....


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The unexpected pacific news from Germany produced a considerable im- provement in the prices of the Government Securities. The opening price...

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.L'Enfinet de Paris, the French " drame" from which the new

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Lyceum piece, A Day opteekoning, is taken, is one of the dramatic results of M. Eugene Sue's Hysti-res de Paris. We are brought into the company of the same sort of thieves, who...

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In the present state of our theatres, every attempt to give an efficient representation of Shakspere ' s Richard the Second as a whole must prove a comparative failure. Though...


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On the 27th November, at Burston Rectory, Norfolk, the Wife of the Rev. Thomas Bell, of a son. On the 27th, at The Nath, near Worcester, the Wife of Richard Temple, Esq., of a...

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Ix every country, at any given time, there is a public opinion which rules. It may be that of a very small minority, as in Rus- sia ; or of the majority, as in the United States...


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THE PRPMIER'S ANTI-POPISH MEASURE. Loan Jour RUSSELL'S letter to the Bishop of Durham, especially after the universal response which it has elicited, pledges him to some...

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THE efforts to place the rights of inventors in a recognized posi- • ties, and to obtain legal protection for the prodnctauf inventive industry, are perseveringly continued, and...


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Tax country may be considered to" be fast losing sight of the Pro- tectivesystem, and to be now fairly out on the open. sea of Free Trade. From the first vigorous effort to...

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!ditto to 4t suitor.

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PROPOSED EXTENSION OF THE UNIVERSITY SYSTEM • • OF ED17CATION. London, 30th November 1850. Sin—In common with every one who desires to see an extension of the benefits of...

Gattoss Tower, 3d December 1850.

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but in no small measure the intellectual character, and therefore also the destinies of the country. I shrewdly , opine, that if, when I left Oxford nearly a quarter of a...

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Sot--How long will the cry of indignation be kept up ? Like a fretful child smarting . under real or fancied injury, the nation seems roused by the Pope's aggression to nothing...


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Cambridge, 2d December 1850. Six--In your review of Cardinal Wiseman's explanatory letter, you say that he has not done much towards advancing his cause. Certainly on the aeon...


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Cambridge, 3d December 1850. E" An Under-graduate of Trinity College" commits several mistakes,—first, in sup- posing that we inserted "an attack on the Under-graduates of...


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Oxford, 4th December 1850. SIR —It may not be uninteresting to your readers, in reference to the ques- tion of admitting within the walls of the Universities a number of...

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_Dublin, 22d November 1860. Stu—I have just read in the

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Spectator Of the 16th instant the article headed "Titles to Land" ; and, cordially agreeing in the suggestions:there made, I venture to offer you one further suggestion that...


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There are two kinds of registration ; one of deeds—such as is now in use in Ireland, Middlesex, and Yorkshire. This is the plan which, with some modifications and improvements,...


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Aberdeen, 28th November 1860. Elre.--sTou refer in your last paper to the late abolition in the State of New York of the Court of Chancery, and to the conferring of its Equity...

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LILLY'S SHIPWRECKS OF THE ROYAL NAVY. * WHETHER it be from something more loyal and chivalrous in the nature of "Jack," or from the necessities of his position " with but...

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ANITA GEORGE'S QUEENS OF SPAIN. * This volume is devoted to

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Isabella the Catholic ; and, from being occupied with the life of a single person, and that a queen of much renown, it has more unity and interest than its predecessor. The new...

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are almost extinct, the genial feelings that gave them their extraordinary popularity in days of yore require a supply of gift-books for the season; and indications are abroad...


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THE author of this work is known for various publications of a. didactic character, and for Sir Edward Graham, a novel in three volumes. She belongs to the older school of...

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Nit. GRUNDY'S WINTER mainiTION. Air ag reeably diversified collection of " water-colour drawings and sketc hes in oils " — several of them much more than sketches—is brought...


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Among the publications before ns, two are of a class that is rarely adapted for a popular journal. Controversial speculations into the origin of the globe, and an attempt to...

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eiranings front t4r Thu %nn k

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PUBLIC LIBRARIES. The witnesses examined before Mr. Ewart's Committee expressed little difference of opinion as to the desirableness of establishing a number of additional...

''•= 11 FalittiltrON OF 310DEILV BRITISH ART.

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:Lcosi, Norio.; i ttedgrave's " (12.5) is not Shaksperea - n,—the face in- exp're'ssive, and the g eneral tone of colour disagreeably dark : the hands arc well drawn and...


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In the report of the Parliamentary Committee appointed to consider the- present accommodation afforded by the National Gallery, and the best means for the future conservation of...

MILITARY GAZETTE. WAR - OFFICE, Dee. 6, 1850.-10th Regt. of Drags.—Lieut. Charles

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H. S. G. Lord Garvagb to be Capt. by purchase, vice Webb, who retires ; Cornet H. Alexander to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Lord Garragh. 3d Foot—Lieut. W. Pownall to be Capt. by...

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BRITISH FUND S. (Closing Prices.) Saturd. Monday. Tuesday Wednes. 3 per Cent Consuls 961 971 971 971 961 974 971 971 Ditto for Account 1 3 per Cents Reduced 96 96 31 per Cents...


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Tuesday, December 3. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. - The Harrington Carrying Company, Liverpool; as far as regards T. Rimmer sen.-W. and J. March, Bishop's Stortford, pawnbrokers-...