7 JUNE 1879

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From the speech of the Conservative Whip, Sir W. Hart-

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Dyke, in opening a new Conservative Club this day week at Ardwick, Manchester, we should gather that—though he knows nothing as yet—he thinks an autumn Dissolution by no means...

Very great importance is attached in Germany to the state-

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meat that on the :Ind inst. the Emperor slipped upon an oak floor, and injured his knee somewhat severely. It is believed that this accident, which has occurred twice, is due to...


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T HE papers explaining the changes in the control of affairs in South Africa have been presented to Parliament. They show that differences had arisen in Natal, discussed...

And yet it is certain that one reason for concentrating

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all power in the bands of Sir Garnet Wolseley was the reply re- ceived from Sir Bartle Frere to the despatch directing him not to annex. It is a literary curiosity, the sort of...

Mr. Chamberlain on Tuesday made a speech at Gloucester to

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the National Liberal Federation, in which he severely attacked the Ministry. " Home policy," he said, " they have none, and their foreign policy is detestable." For "the past...

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A great meeting of Lancashire Liberal Clubs was held last

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Saturday at Rawtenstall, to celebrate the definite selection of Lord Hartington as one of the candidates for North-East Lancashire at the next General Election. Eight thousand...

Lord Derby made a remarkable confession, in presiding yester- day

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week at the dinner given after the opening of the National Horticultural Exhibition at Manchester. He said that his experi- ence of public-dinner speaking had been derived from...

A report has been circulated in the papers that Sadyk

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Pasha said at Livadia that the Sultan would be willing to sell his rights over East Roumelia for an adequate sum of money. The assertion has been denied by the Porte, but it may...

M. Blanqui's election for Bordeaux was annulled in the French

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Chamber on Tuesday as illegal by a majority of 372 against 33,—most of the Right abstaining from the division. Of the thirty-three who voted for confirming M. Blanqui's...

Yesterday week the Lords Justices Bramwell, Baggallay, and Thesiger reversed

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the decision of the Queen's Bench in the Clewer case,—the case of the " Queen v. the Bishop of Oxford." The Lords Justices all concurred that the weight of Judicial authority in...

M. Paul de Cassagnac had another struggle with the President

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of the Chamber of Deputies, on Tuesday, during the discus- sion on the election of Blanqui for Bordeaux. M. le Royer,. the Minister of Justice, had spoken of the origin of the...

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The accounts of the famine in Cashmere are most deplorable.

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It is stated on good authority that when the Government of India sent its officers into the State to inquire and -provide food, the Maharajah, who is the grand regrater of...

The captain of her Majesty's ship Turquoise' reports to the

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Admiralty, by telegram on May 29th, that the naval engage- ment between Chili and Peru occurred off Iquique on May 21st, and that " the Chilian wooden war-ship Esmeralda ' was...

A somewhat novel and significant experiment is about to be

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tried by the University of Cambridge. It has been resolved to institute a special examination in the art and theory of Teach- ing, with a view to encourage the masters and...

Sir Richard Strachey is angry because the Government of India

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is accused of breaking faith by absorbing the Indian Famine Fund, and writes to the Times to declare the imputa- tion not only unfounded, but absurd. " No such Fund," he says, "...

The death, on Tuesday, of Baron Lionel Nathan Rothschild, the

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last of the four sons of the founder of the firm, and the ultimate head of the House—which is believed to be governed, like an Eastern family, by a family council, with a veto...

It is very doubtful whether a General Order directing the

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Government of India to substitute native for European officials would be a wise one. The competent natives must be ready first, and even then there will be a difficult political...

A successor is to be appointed to Bishop Gobat, the

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reformed Bishop of Jerusalem ; and surely he ought to be a man learned in the Jewish lore, a real Hebraist, and thoroughly familiar with the teaching of the great Jewish schools...

Consols were on Friday 974 to 971 ex. div.

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THE MINISTRY AND LORD CHELMSFORD. T HE Ministry have published their reasons for despatching Sir Garnet Wolseley to South Africa, and we are bound to acknowledge that the...

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L ORD CRANBROOK told his great audience at Sheffield on Thursday night, that he was not there to apologise for anything the Government had done, but that he was there to address...

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T HE Tories are displaying the defect of the strong-minded women, who can bear anything better than sharp criti- cism, more especially if the criticism is flavoured with a touch...

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A N apparently semi-official defence, by Mr. Wemyss Reid, of Lord Derby's foreign policy during the years 1876- 1878 appears in the current number of Macmillan's Magazine. De...

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T HAT gradual loosening and decline of dogmatic aus- terity in Scotland, about which various correspondents have written to us, receives a signal illustration from the fact that...

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T HE Daily News published on Tuesday an excessively long and detailed letter upon the next election, which will, we trust, attract the attention of Liberals throughout the...

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O NE of the most valuable of the scientific tendencies of the present day is the very useful study which is devoted by our naturalists to the habits of the more sociable of the...

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1AT E wonder if any Commissariat or Transport officer has ever studied professionally the feeding of London. It must appear to Min such a miracle. Here is a nation of four...

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W HEN, in 1876, L'EtranOre was produced in Paris, with extraordinary eclat, when every one was talking of the costumes designed by Carolus Duran, for his sister-in-law, Mdlle....

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THE IRISH CATHOLICS AND THE UNIVERSITY QUESTION. cro THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR."] SIR,-" Facts," it is often said, are our best teachers. An inci- dent which not long since...

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[TO THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR."] SIR, —Down south here, in sunshine and silence, there is full leisure to read and enjoy a remarkable number of the Spectator, such as that...


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[TO THE EDITOR. OF THE " SPECTATOR.") SIR, In your notice of the late Mr. Samuel Charles Whitbread, in last Saturday's Spectator, you refer to Mr. Canning's well- known lines....


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[TO THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR.") SIR, —It may be of interest to point out the origin of Mr. Browning's story of " Halbert and Hob "—quoted in your last number—in the "...

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WALL-FLOWERS. WHERE the Wall-flowers grow, Many come and go; Rich and poor men pass, Lover, too, and lass ; Children at their play, Heads careworn and gray. Nought of all that...


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• Caina was an abyss in Hell, to which Cain had been consigned. WE have had frequent occasion to remark on the unsatisfactory manner of the management of the Royal Academy, and...


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[FROM DANTE'S "INFERNO.") AFTER that I had heard my Teacher name The Ladies and the Knights of days gone by, 'Wildered I stood,—so pity o'er me came. " Fain," I began, " oh,...

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GEORGE ELIOT'S NEW BOOK.* WE conclude that the " Impressions of Theophrastus Such" are,. in general, meant to represent the impressions of George Eliot,. with such slight...

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FREYTAG'S LAST NOVEL.* GUSTAV FRETTAG'S novelistic cycle of Die Ahnen,

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of which Die Geschwister is the fifth instalment, may be defined as a patriotic prose epic, that is to shadow out the doughty deeds of the German people, from the days of...

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DAVOS-PLATZ AS A HEALTH-RESORT.* OF all winter places for weak

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people, Davos is perhaps the safest, if not the pleasantest and most attractive. This distinction it owes to the remarkable dryness of its air, to the comparative absence of...

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AMONG THE WELSH HILLS.* Tus author of this story knows

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well what she is capable of, and keeps to it. There is a great deal of subdued naturalness in the portraits of the characters, and there is also a very fair plot, on which the...

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THE publishers of Fraser's Magazine announce that in July their periodical will pass under the editorship of Principal Tulloch, of St. Andrew's, and that various improvements...

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Among magazines and serials for June, we have received the follow- ing :—The Gentleman's Magazine, in which Mr. Arthur Arnold discusses the claims of Greece, and comes to the...


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SNITH — On Sunday, the let inet., in the Rue St. Honord, Paris, in his 43rd year, William Henry Smith, D.C.L., of her Majesty's Bengal Civil Service, until April last a Fellow...


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Alexander (Mrs.), Maid, Wife, or Widow ? or 8vo (Chatto A Windus) 10/6 Appleton's Handbook of the United States, new edition, 12mo (Black) 8/6 Buckton (0. H.). Town and Window...