8 AUGUST 1981

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T he Test matches are becoming a bit ridiculous. England have done it again — Mike Brearley has once more worked his Houdini act, as several cricket correspondents have put it —...

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Portrait of the Week

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Britain finally furled its flags after the Wedding, as the Prince and Princess of Wales began their honeymoon at Broadlands, home of the late Lord Mountbatten, from where the...

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No compromise in Israel

The Spectator

Christopher Walker Jerusalem While shares on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange enjoyed an unseasonal boom following news that Menachem Begin had succeeded in forming his second...

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Sweden's law of silence

The Spectator

Andrew Brown Gothenburg 'Fascism with a human face' is how an American lawyer described Sweden after spending two years in this country. While this is unwarranted — who are the...

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Who condemns the IRA?

The Spectator

Richard West Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh The whole of Ireland, South and North, is Still in a state of excitement about the IRA hunger strikers; but now they are more of a worry...

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An uninhabited empire

The Spectator

John Stewart Collis There are two routes by which we should approach the Grand Canyon: from the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest; or from Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Sedona....

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In the footsteps of Heseltine

The Spectator

Roy Kerndge A terrible one for remembering street names, I never realised until now that I had ever been to Upper Parliament Street, Toxteth, before the riots broke out. I read...

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Will the Pope come here?

The Spectator

Wilfred De'Ath High summer doldrums in Archbishop's House, Westminster. Waiting in the cavernous entrance chamber, furnished with that curious absence of good taste so...

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Jobs for the taking

The Spectator

George Gale The 19-year-old daughter of a friend of mine was complaining about how difficult it was for young people like her to get jobs. She had been expensively and...

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Church and conscience

The Spectator

C.H. Sisson Conscience is a very sophisticated conception, but it can also be a very simple one. A casuist may think condescendingly of a conscience not instructed by himself;...

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A problem on Flight 700

The Spectator

Alistair Home The cruel and unnatural punishment of air travel is not always the fault of the muchabused air traffic controllers. Having been a Guest Fellow at the Wilson...

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The making of a martyr Paul Johnson Since the Reagan victory the pacifist Left, with strong support from official Communism, have been making well-coordinated efforts to get...

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In the City

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The Thirteenth District To Rudd The reality of the present situation in London's markets is that practically everything is determined by what is happening in America. In...

One hundred years ago

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James McGrath and James McKevitt were tried on Tuesday at Liverpool for their attempt to blow up the Liverpool Town Hall, were found guilty, and were sentenced to penal...

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Raid and reprisal

The Spectator

Sir: Excessive retaliation is a legitimate target for criticism as is, indeed, any form of extreme immoderation. I would not bother to quarrel with Nicholas von Hoffman for...

Simple people

The Spectator

Sir: Taki is perhaps a little harsh on the newspaper reporter whom he accuses (25 July) of oversimplifying his comparison between the ancient Romans and the modern Russians....

Theft and bribery

The Spectator

Sir: The announced rate increase for GLC ratepayers demonstrates the underlying irrationality of Western political systems. The fact is that the political set-up has...

Painterly images

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Sir: As one who has never comprehended Picasso's non-representative work, I would like to thank Mr John McEwen for the clarity and intuition of his article (25 July). I did,...

Wrong scoutmaster

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Sir: Having sat through that awful commen tary on the Royal Fireworks with mY teenage daughter picking up and enlarging on every fatuity when she wasn't in hysterics at the...

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The Spectator

Sibyl,Muse and Delphic oracle Harold Acton Edith Sitwell: A Unicorn Among Lions Victoria Glendinning (Weidenfeld & Nicolson pp. 393 , £9 . 95) The adjective 'unique' is so...

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The lovable masochist

The Spectator

Duncan Fallo well Itte Opium-Eater: A Life of Thomas De Quincey Grevel Lindop (Dent pp. 433, £12). De Quincey (1785-1859) was the first writer to turn himself into a...

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Arguments for suffering

The Spectator

Edward Norman God Alive: Priorities in Pastoral Theology Graham Leonard (Darton, Longman & Todd pp. 88, £2.50) Dr Graham Leonard is perhaps best known to those outside Church...

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Fitzroy Maclean The Story of the Lovat Scouts 1900-1980 Michael Leslie Melville (The Saint Andrew Press pp. 132,£6.75) The story is told of an old lady in Skye who remarked...

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Reign of terror

The Spectator

John Jolhffe The Cheka: Lenin's Political Police George Leggett (Clarendon Press pp. 514, £22.50) Between its formation by Lenin in December 1917 and the transfer of its major...

Settling in

The Spectator

Paul Ableman On The Yankee Station William Boyd (Hamish Hamilton pp. 184, £7.95). Here is a collection of short stories which • are, with one exception, formidably...

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Recent paperbacks

The Spectator

The Duchess of Windsor Diana Mosley (Sidgwick & Jackson pp. 174, £1.75). A sympathetic biography by someone who knew the Duke and Duchess well in Paris. If their controversial...

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Cautionary tale Rodney Manes Orange, Aix and Buxton Festivals The designation 'Festival' is, heaven knows, no guarantee of excellence, and occasional forays abroad suggest...


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Boys' own Peter Ackroyd Raiders of the Lost Ark ('A', selected cinemas) Dr Indiana Jones is trying to rescue the Lost Ark of the Covenant from a contingent of Nazis. 'I'm...

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Fox hunting Mark Amory Quartermaine's Terms (Queen's) If I were you I would not read this. Far more enjoyable to go to Quartermaine's Terms in complete ignorance and have only...


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Dry eyes Richard In grams

After all last week's brouhaha the BBC seemed reluctant to

The Spectator

say goodbye to the Royal Wedding. Successive news bulletins were used to advertise a special BBC video of the ceremony and also to tell us that far more people watched it on the...

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High life

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Uninvited Tala After ten weeks in England I am about to take a holiday in the birthplace of presidential bruised egos and non-operative deodorants. It is very warm in Greece...

Low life

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Not so good Jeffrey Bernard The quality of life is plummeting at such a rate that I confidently predict piped music in the London Library and Space Invader machines in the...